A History Lesson (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
17 Feb 2014
Holosuite 2: Antique Romulan Warship.
You find yourself on a small and cramped ship's bridge. Around you, crewmen clad in grey and black battle dress sit with their backs to you, black steel helmets covering their heads. Each crewman carries a bulky-looking disruptor-type weapon. A stylized crest of the Romulan Star Empire adorns the forward viewscreen. A block of text, which you can read or ignore, unobtrusively locates itself in the periphery of your vision and informs you that this vessel is a Romulan patrol ship dating to roughly two centuries ago. As you glance at each station the text changes, providing you additional information. The vaguely bird-shaped craft is capable of only sublight velocities and boasts armaments consisting of wing mounted plasma cannons and deployable plasma torpedoes. Romulan battle doctrine called for a string of these smallish craft, known as a swarm, to patrol a sector of space within a day's sublight travel of one another. They communicate on a coded swarm frequency and can summon their warp-capable mother ship in the event of a catastrophe. Standing on a command platform at the rear of the bridge is a tall man wearing a stylized military coat with fur trim on the sleeves. He holds the rank of field primus, today extinct, and commands the swarm. Beside him, wearing the then version of a Riov's insignia, stands the ship's actual commander.

Senka stands near the weapons station, hands folded behind his back.

Giellun walks in and glances around with a frown crossing his features. He eyes the entirety of the bridge then moves to the vulcan by the weapons console. "Fvadt, where in the areinnye did you find this, Lieutenant?"

Senka replies. "Much of the historical material came to hand during the period when the Star Empire joined with the galactic alliance. Since my interest in Rihannsu culture is historical rather than contemporary, ship information from the past is much more obtainable.

Giellun shakes his head slightly. "I....see, and what exactly, were you hoping to learn from this....Recreation?"

Senka turns to you. "I am curious as to whether you can tell me if you think it an authentic recreation, assuming you are familiar with older Rihannsu battle doctrine and starship design."

Giellun takes a look around. "History was not my strong suit, but I did study older starship designs in my engineering training at the Pha'lasasam, these things were a real beauty, we had a few back in our starship museum we studied."

Senka nods. "This simulation has an active component, if you would care to participate?

Giellun sighs slightly, his eyes looking over it once more. "Dhat, at the moment I can't, I have work to finish, but save this, I will review it later."

Senka nods. "Very well. It is program 16. The simulation I programmed was a combat scenario between this ship and a Class D3 Klingon cruiser. The outcome is variable and dependent on the participant's actions."

Giellun grins just slightly. "Excellent, excellent." He looks over the consoles for a moment. "I look forward to giving this a test, and I'll let you know how it goes, if you're not around at the time."

Senka nods. "Very well."

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