A Little White Lie (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
10 Feb 2014
Holosuite 1 [Deep Space 9]
A simple, mathematical grid of holoemitters lines the walls.

Remi arrives from Holosuite Corridor.

[Commplant] Incoming communique from Vrillak.
Remi sighs and touches behind her ear gently, 'One second I have a commplant call coming through.'
[Commplant] Opening channel...

Los walks quietly in to the holosuit system, hmmig gently. retrieving an Isolinear chip from his pocket, he walks over to the control console and slips it inside. "Computer, activate camping grounds Bajor, Hills Provinces." The area shimmers away and is soon replaced with a beautiful scene. Remi and Los are now settled in a small open area surrounded by lush foilage and trees. The area is roughly 30 meters in diameter of clearance. It is made up of low grass that comes up to the ankles. A tent is perched in the middle with a small campfire pit nearby with a log next to it. Above the tree clearance one can see the mountain chains that make up the HIlls Provinces.

[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Vrillak.

Remi moves away slightly, "Hello, sorry I had to head back up to the Station." She says glancing around.

[Commplant] Vrillak says, “It was no trouble, my dear. I toured the bizarre and examined the local wears. ... Did I comm at a bad time?”“

Remi shakes her head gently, "No, no I was just being introduced to the concept of camping, I can catch up with you a little later if you have time?" She glances back to the Roian and smiles as she takes in the new surroundings.

[Commplant] Vrillak says, “... Certainly. I didn't mean to disrupt. I'll be working in my shop, I'm sure.”“

Remi nods gently and smiles alittle wider at his response, "Of course. See you then."

[Commplant] Vrillak says, “Good. Until then.”
[Commplant] Communication was terminated by Vrillak.

The Betazoid glances to her curiousily as he asks 'Boyfriend?' he smiles warmly though as he leads her down to the tent.

Remi exhales softly and raises her brows, 'I left someone on Bajor ...' She admits wetting her lips and sighs, 'Boyfriend? I don't know we've dated a couple of times but he lies and he's covering up something ... I don't know what.' She shrugs and follows him down to the tent.

[Commplant] Incoming communique from Lieutenant Niian.

Remi sighs, "By the dieties! Can't you all just leave me alone!!" She cries before composing herself and answering her comm.

[Commplant] Opening channel...
[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Lieutenant Niian.

Remi says, "Yes Inara?"

Los nods quietly as he listens to her. The quiet noises of the forest can be heard as insects buzz, birds caw. 'Sorry to hear that. A person should always be open and honest in a relationship.' a pause is given as he looks at her amused.

[Commplant] Inara steps into Morn's and stops, pressing a finger against her ear. “If you're busy, I can call back later.”

Remi takes off her shoes out of frustration and curls her toes under the simulated grass. "Is it important?" She asks calmly, "Sorry if I sound short, I'm a woman in demand."

[Commplant] The Bajoran woman smirks slightly. “As important as friends are, want me to call you back later?”

Telepathy (Remi): I'm so sorry about this.

Telepathy (Los): It's of no problem. You are a shop keeper after all.. And I think it's sort of cute the way you react to the commplants

Remi looks to Los and smiles softly, 'Mind if someone joins us? I've not seen her in a while and I feel awfully guilty.' She sends telepathically to him.

Telepathy (Los): Sure, I don't see why not. I have about 40 minutes worth of time though.

Remi grins, "We're in Holosuite one, come join us."

[Commplant] “I'll be right there.” And with that, Inara turns and heads to the holosuites.
[Commplant] Communication was terminated by Lieutenant Niian.

Niian arrives from Holosuite Corridor.

Los looks quietly at Remi, browses raised

Telepathy (Los): anyone I should be on guard with ?

Telepathy (Remi): I apologise for all the flirting, she's been warned officially. I'm just not interested.

Telepathy (Los): well, I will have to just correct that

As Niian would enter into the holosuite, she would be seperated from Los and Remi. She would enter an area where trees surround her in all directions, light pouring in fron the afternoon sunlight. A simple path leads Northward.

Los slows as he nears the tent and log, quietly he speaks a loud as he attempts to get use to talking again "At night in this simulation, you can see most of the constellations making it rather nice." He says softly as he sits down on the log and offers to help her down. "During the day it's just beautiful to see the mountain region.

'I'm not used to hearing so many voices in my head like that. From a distance anyway.' She follows him with her shoes in hand and nods, "The starfields are beautiful, that's the best bit about being here." She allows him to help and sits down beside him putting down her shoes.

Inara, stopping to breathe in the outside air, strips her uniform off. Obviously, no one actually sees this. Computer, I think Inara-Epsillon-Five is right for this occasion, don't you?" Within an instant, her nude body is covered with a simple red blouse and matching skirt. Giggling softly, she skips down the path barefooted. As she approaches Remi and Los, she calls out. "Oh Reeeeeeemi~ Where aaaaaare yoooou?"

Telepathy (Los): just follow my lead

Los gently places a hand ontop of Remi's as he looks at her. As Inara calls out, he glances towards the path. It'd take Inara a few minutes to come across the pair close together on the log at the tent. A slight smile shifts across his face as he spots the Bajoran woman.

Remi looks at Los and raises a brow before catching sight of Inara skipping down the path in a skirt and blouse like something out of a children's book. "Hello Inara." She calls.

Telepathy (Los): If you trust me, I will help as best as I can with your situation with Inara. It may be white lying but I am sure it may work..

Telepathy (Remi): I trust you. (resolutely)

Telepathy (Los): Are you apart of a house?

Telepathy (Remi): The house of perseverance.

Inara is most definitely not out of a children's book, she is nowhere near tame enough. She grins broadly and runs up to Remi, embracing her tightly. "Hello beautiful, and how have you been?"

"Ah, so you are a friend of my fiancee." Los says in a rather firm tone to Niian as he is finally introduced to her. A hand extends outwards to her "Lieutenant Roian Los of the Bajoran Defense Force. How do you do?"

Inara tilts her head. "Fiance?" She asks, looking between Remi and Los. "And what the hell happened to Vrillak, if I might ask?"

Telepathy (Remi): What happened to Vrillak?

Telepathy (Los): My mother is a diplomat of Bajor for Betazed. At the behest of your house and my mothers diplomatic services the two came together mutually to arrange marriage between the two.

Telepathy (Los): happens all the time

Remi gives Inara a gentle squeeze, "He doesn't know. As my bond mate has married my mother has taken it upon herself to make other arrangements." She answers quietly, "And this my fiance, Roian."

Remi pages: Telepathically - I can't believe I just said that.

"Ah...an arranged marriage..." Inara frowns slightly. "You know how much I hate those...surely you could just elope with me and things would be so much easier?" She says, teasingly.

Los nods quietly as Remi talks to Inara, standing upwards as he looks to her. "We've spent today getting to know one another." The male Betazoid shakes his head firmly "If either one of us would do such a thing, it would shame our families and my mother would lose her status as would her house lose their status." He says sympathically.

Telepathy (Los): We can let Vrillak know afterwards that it's a white lie.

Remi swallows softly and nods gently, "It's not such a bad thing, he's not so bad once you get to know him." She replies with a smile to Inara.

Inara nods softly and shrugs. I suppose...just know that I really don't care for it." "Actually, ma'am, we will be working together on the station. I've been assigned as engineering officer to Deep Space Nine. I'm part of the Bajoran Defense Force Militia branch." Los tells her kindly.

"Yes, I saw the announcement. I suppose it is alright to meet you." The Bajoran says, quietly.

The woman shrugs her shoulders. "Fine, mostly. Heartbroken and somewhat melancholy, but I'm getting better."

Remi furrows her brow slightly, "Heartbroken? Why?"

Los quietly listens to the two women talk.

Inara shrugs. "Men, as usual." She grins, darkly. "I've been working myself hard the past months, though. Haven't had much time to think about it."

Remi nods gently and continues to frown, "I'm sorry, is it something you want to talk about?"

"Maybe later, over coffee? It's not something your fiance needs to hear about, is it?"

Los glances to Remi, hmming "Sweety, I should go. Lieutenant Giellun is going to have my head if I don't report in." He says kissing her cheek gently "Maybe we can take up camping again later?"

Remi smiles at Los and stands a moment, returning the kiss gently and embracing him gently, "Don't get into too much trouble."

Los smiles, nodding as he embraces her. Taking a step back, he turns "Computer, exit." The exit shows up and he heads out.

Remi returns to her perch on the log and presses her knees together. “So? Men eh?”

Los leaves for Holosuite Corridor.

As the program ends, Inara's clothes disappear instantly. She doesn't notice for a few seconds, looking down and blushing bright red. “Yeah, men.” She says, continuing on regardless. “Just trying to find someone nice to spend my time with.”

Remi squints her eyes and shakes her head, “Inara, I've spent the last few weeks with men who have shown interest in me and Roian has been able to sense me in ways I've not had done in months or even years.”

“I know, I know. I sort of am dating someone right now, I suppose.” She says, smiling softly and taking Remi's hand.

“Oh?” Remi replies, “Is it anyone I know?” She asks quietly giving the woman’s hand a gentle squeeze.

“Giellun, he's the chief engineer. Think he used to be assigned to the Excalibur.”

Remi smiles a little and nods, “That's good isn't it?”

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