A Matter of Pride - Part 1 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
03 Feb 2014

Shintu walks quietly in to the infirmary of ds9.

Hearing the soft footsteps, Senka looks up from the scanner he's calibrating. His expression is reserved as he says politely, "May I help you, Mr. Shintu?"

Shintu smiles slightly as he looks to Senka "Here for my final checkup exam. I think everything is fixed up and healed now"

"Indeed," Senka says,. "If you will step into the general ward, I will assess your condition more thoroughly." He points to the appropriate door.

Shintu arrives from Station Infirmary.

Shintu follows Senka quietly into the ward, eyes glancing about as he takes it in. Nodding, he settles down on the bed hmming "How've you been, Senka?"

Senka activates the overhead scanners. "I am well."

As the scan begins to go over Shintu, it reports data back that Senka can read. His bones have mended well along with the cuts and abrasions. Upon scanning his head however, the computer beeps as it detects something unusual - highly increased electrical activity in the brain.

"Glad to hear it" Shintu says calmly

Senka examines a certain subset of readings, his gaze sharper. "Physically, your bones and muscular system have mended well. I am detecting unusual electrical activity in the brain, however. I am going to begin a neural scan. Please lay back on the bed."

Shintu nods just slightly and lays back on the bed. A frown is on his face but he remains silent. Entering a series of commands, Senka activates the neural imager and the submolecular scanner.

The scans take several minutes to process through the brain activity and submolecular information. The system takes several detailed and lengthy pictures, storing them on the drive to be reviewed later on. However, the computer system is unable to determine any reasoning for the increase activity.

The faintest frown line creases Senka's eyebrow. It's gone a moment later. "I am still having difficulty localizing the increased electrical activity. Have you been experiencing any unusual mental aberrations, or physical symptoms, Mr. Shintu?"

Shintu quirks a brow but shakes his slowly "Nothing like that, no."

"No headaches, hallucinations, dizziness or loss of motor control," Senka pursues?

Shaking his head slowly, Shintu says "No nothing like that." He reaffirms.

After another moment spent reviewing the readings, Senka says, "I will need to review these readings with the Chief Medical Officer. In the meantime, I am going to ask that you wear a neural monitor and remain aboard the station over the next several days."

Shintu nods "Uhm, is everything okay? I mean, it's nothing dangerous, right?" He asks with some concern, however adds "And the device is fine."

Retrieving a neural monitor from the nearby storage unit, Senka calibrates it and attaches it to you. As he does so, he replies, "Until I have had opportunity to review your readings in detail, I cannot answer your question with any degree of certainty. You appear to be in good health physically. These anomalous readings require explanation, however."

Shintu nods, sighing slightly as he watches Senka attach the device "Right. Well, please let me know the minute you find out."

Shintu shakes his head slowly "No. Thank-you though."

Senka nods in acceptance. "In that case, you are free to go. Either Lieutenant Commander

Kame or myself will contact you when we have determined the cause of your anomalous brain activity."

"Thank-you." Shintu says calmly, standing as he begins to walk out

Senka nods. "Farewell, Mr. Shintu.""

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