A Matter of Pride - Part 2 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
  • Nia (NPC)
03 Feb 2014

Third Shift seemed dull and boring compared to lastnight's fasico. For the most part, it's been a quiet simple night for the Operations crew who are in the process of wrapping up the last minute details of reports to be handed over to the soon to be arriving first shift crew.

Earlier than Alpha shift would even start, Captain Adam Cross steps off the turbolift and heads directly for his office to finish and file his own set of paperwork. The paperwork process never seems to end on DS9.

Chief Petty Office Nia turns to look at the lift as it arrives, a brow raising as she realizes the Captain is rather early. She shifts just slightly, glancing between her PADD and console, communications, and the Captain. The Bajoran sighs, muttering something under her breath (stop being so nervous, it's legit.. just go.). She turns and fumbles a little as she walks down the steps and follows behind the Captain. She raises her voice, which comes out nervous, high pitched and squeeky "CaPt.." She coughs and takes in a deep breath, sighing "Captain, I thought I'd give you this report now." She says, moving her hand out with the PADD.

Cross stops as he's address, turning to face the Chief Petty Officer and extending his hand for the PADD. If there was something to be nervous about, it hasn't seemed to emerge from the Captain as of yet. "Summarize," he requests. "What am I looking at?"

"Frequency logs that, I.. well I found intriguing." She squeeks aloud. Her eyes seem to dart away from the Captain and towards the ground as she talks. "I know.. That it may be odd, but this frequency has been detected over the last month.. From several different sections of the ship. .. " She stops and takes in another deep long breath before releasing it. "It's a narrow band frequency and it's never from the same origin... Very peculiar." She finishes.

As you glance it over, she is right. The origin seems to bounce from six different locations, but in a rotation pattern. They all seem to go to the same thing on the station, which appears mobile. to top it off, there are whole sections where the frequency is just gone. As if the target or receiver was not on the station.

Cross says, "Can we narrow down if this is some kind of transmission or a reception of an outside transmissin?"

Shaking her head, Nia says "No sir. It's to narrow. However,.. I .. Think Science .. might be able break it." She says somewhat unsure of herself.

Cross nods and takes the PADD. "I'll send this to the Chief Science Officer for further analysis then." He starts to turn back for his office, but pauses before adding, "Nice work." Another pause. "Was there anything else?"

Nia nods "Three of the markers appear to be located on the Cardassian/Bajoran border and three appear to be on the Bajoran/Galactic Alliance.. But that's all I was able to get, sir." She seems to beam with pride at the mention of nice work.

"Continue to track the signal. Try to narrow the location down in a more timely manner if you can see it happening again. In the meantime, I'll get Sublieutant working on this data to see what she makes of it," Cross replies.

Nia nods "Yes sir." she replies, a smile on her face now as she feels a bit more confident "Thank-you sir." She adds.

Cross returns to his previous destination: his office. He steps up the stairs into the commander's office and the doors close behind him.

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