A Matter of Pride - Part 3 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
03 Feb 2014

Sirac is at the security desk, again. A mug of hot something was on the desk as he worked, typing quickly

A young crewman walks in to the security office, and gives a nod to his commander. He's a Bajoran officer that works in the security division named Tol. He walks over to the desk and settles down a PADD "Sir, this is my review of the incident regarding one Shintu Onimusha. Pretty cut and dry really. Captured, detained and tortured by the Cardassians. Nothing really stands out."

Sirac glances up as the Crewman enters and nods. He pauses the program he was working on and takes the padd "Thank you very much." he noted, his lips thinning at the news ever so slightly "Is he recovering well, do you know?" he inquires.

"I saw him on the Promenade a few days ago. He was looking better and not using that cane anymore." Tol tells him off handedly. "But I think, that may be a question for him personally. Cardassians.. are well.." He stops, thinking on a proper word before continuning "Harsh. Cruel. But that could be me being biased." He adds.

Sirac remarks "Statistics would back up your 'bias' and validate it in this case. I will seek him out if only to offer riendship. Thank you very much. I will add this to the database." he promises.

Tol nods lightly "If nothing else sir, I will head out."

"There is nothing else." Vulcans were like that. STrict and to the business and little else... sometimes.

Tol nods, turns and exits.

Silence engulfs the security as you go about to do your addition to the database. It's only when you begin to add the Glinn charged with detaining Shintu, that the computer throws up a red flag alert.

Sirac blinks at this and pauses the transfer instantly to bring up the alert "HRm. Interesting." he remarks and turns to read it.

Glinn MarSek: Noted as Gil MarSek who was part of the detainment crew of Kanion Essa. Cardassian logs show him as the official officer in charge of the detainment of Kanion Essa, and after his "release", MarSek was stripped of rank to Glen. Only recently has he been promoted to Glinn. Wanted for questioning by Starfleet and Bajoran Defense Force. Last known location - Cardassia.

Sirac stirrs a little bit, not liking this. But he does flag the entry and cross-references it to bring to the commanders' attention. "I do not think the Commodore is going to like this news." he remarks to himself, sipping his tea.

Other notes of interests: Starfleet Intelligence and Bajoran Intelligence has flagged him as an agent 9th order and believes he is in charge of "unique" interrogation and confession practices. SFI believes he works heavily with scientists, but at this time for unknown reasons.

[Commplant] Incoming communique from Commodore Kainon.
[Commplant] Opening channel...
[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Commodore Kainon.

You say, "Constable - LIeutenant Commander Sirac."

[Commplant] Kainon says, "Constable, this is Commodore Kainon. Do you still have Mister Shintu with you?"

You say, "Mister Shintu did not deliver the information sir, it was done by a Bajoran Aide"

[Commplant] Kainon says, "That wasn't noted in your report. But do you have Mister Shintu with you?"

You say, "My apologies. I did not know I had to include who was delivering the information. No, he is not with me."

You say, "I can however, find him for you"

[Commplant] Kainon says, "Very well. Don't bring him in, but I want eyes on him. There's no telling what the Cardassians have done to him."

You say, "Confirmed, sir."

You say, "as a note, the Crewman who delivered the information is named 'Tol'"

[Commplant] Kainon says, "Good stuff, Kain... Tol? How the crap is a Crewman getting his hands on this kind of information?"

You say, "He... delivered it via datapadd."

Sirac turns to bring up the information and continue "His words were it was his review of the incident involving Shintu."

[Commplant] Kainon says, "Datapadd or not, I'll be in touch with people about appropriate ranks and secure information. I wouldn't trust that with my son, let alone some random Crewman.""

You say, "Understood sir.”

[Commplant] Kainon says, "Good stuff. Do let me know what happens with Mister Shintu. Kainon out."

[Commplant] Communication was terminated by Commodore Kainon.

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