A Matter of Pride - Part 4 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
  • Nia (NPC)
03 Feb 2014

Chief Petty Officer Nia, a communications officer in Operations, walks smoothly into Niian's office, coming to a halt just before her desk. "Ma'am, I have the log for the frequency that Captain Cross spoke about."

The rainbow topped Bajoran woman is sitting at her desk, she flashes a smile at the CPO that walks into her office. "Ah, thank you Chief. Please, have a seat, would you like some tea?" She says, pointing toward the replicator.

The Bajoran female gives a skittish look as she looks suddenly down and away. "uhm. well.." She says, biting her lip slightly "I mean, I uh.. was just.." Nia stops talking as she takes in a deep breath before releasing it and nods slowly. "Yes ma'am, and tea is fine ma'am." She says, settling into the chair and fumbles with the padd a little before placing it on the office table.

Inara stands and walks over to the replicator. "Two Tea, Hot." Picking both up by the saucer as they materialise, she places them on the desk and sits herself back down. "So, can you start from the beginning?"

"Well, ma'am. I work third shift normally. It's a pretty boring and all, and we see a lot of comm traffic that comes through Operations. Night time is generally more dead and all, but still we get some intriguing chatter from the various ships that are docked here at Deep Space Nine. I mean one time, this Bolian was-" Nia stops with a squeak, blushing just slightly as she looks down to the cup. "Sorry." She mutters before sighing heavily. "The frequency I found was ignored by most communication officers. It's really nothing when you look at it. A normal com line or something very similar." She tells her, picking up the tea and drinking it slowly. A soft sigh is given before continuing "This is good tea... As for the frequency I just had a hunch to look further into it. I mean, it was almost constant sync. Only a five to ten minute gap before it just came back up again. Closer to the nigh hours, it'd drop off completely and of course it'd disappear for weeks at a time as well."

Inara looks almost intrigued by the Bolian but doesn't press the matter. "So...what exactly did you find?"

"Nothing." Nia says with a sigh "I can pinpoint source perfectly fine. six bouys, three on the Cardassian and Bajoran border, three on the Galactic Alliance and Bajoran border. Destination is scrambled. Best I can do is narrow it to the Promenade at times and other times narrow it to Docking ring." Lifting the tea, she takes another sip before continuing "And it's not live. It's one way feed. I've tried to isolate it, but it's heavily encrypted."

"So...there are bouys on our borders, transmitting a signal to the station?" Inara sighs slightly, "Never a boring day, eh?"

Nia nods slowly "Doesn't seem like it." She says calmly "I.. wish I was of better help, ma'am. Maybe you'll have better luck in deciphering it." She adds, glancing to the tea.

Inara shakes her head, hesitating before placing her hand on the young woman's hand. "It's not your fault, dear. Is there anything I can do for you?" She says, softly.

Nia flushes at the touching. She shakes her head "No.. No, ma'am." she says as she jitterly places the cup and saucer on the table and stands "If nothing else." She squeaks before moving quickly for the door.

"Chief. Would you like to pop by my quarters later? I'm pretty good at gving massages." Inara say with a kind wink.

Nia glances back to look at Inara before blushing fully. She nearly runs into the door before the sensor could open and walks out of the labs quickly.

Inara smirks to herself as she watches the girl leave, picking up the PADD she left and studying it.

As you look over the data on the PADD, it's impressive that the CPO was able to find the pattern at all amongst the litteral thousands of communications that came through Deep Space Nine on a daily basis. Nevertheless, her markings, showing up in yellow, confirm that the pattern is there. Amongst the thousands of log information, the one-way communication transmissions are noted. Each one is transmitted every ten minutes, not five however. There appears to be no actual pattern each day as frequency begin and end at various times in the morning and evening. One could deduce that it's possible that the times are based on a sleep pattern.

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