A Matter of Pride - Part 5 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
03 Feb 2014
Promenade - Section A [Deep Space 9]
<< Yellow Alert >>
The main concourse on the large promenade surges with motion as military personnel and civilians flow in and out of shops and through the wide walk-way. Shops line the sides of the Promenade and solicitors stand against the walls, attempting to peddle their wares. Morn's Place dominates a large section of the main concourse with a large entrance. Station security is also located in this part of the Promenade, so to give the security personnel close access to the most problematic area of the station.

Shintu walks quietly around the circular Promenade, heading into Section A. He appears to be into something on his PADD.

Senka speaks up, "Mr. Onimusha, a moment, if you please."

Shintu quirks abrow upward as he looks up from the padd "Afternoon Senka and sure." He says as he brings the PADD down to his side.

Senka nods. "Good afternoon. I need you to step with me into the infirmary for a moment."

Senka heads that way.

Senka leaves for Promenade - Section B.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
<< Yellow Alert >>
Being the sole medical facility on the station, the Infirmary was designed to accomodate a great many patients. Spacious and at least three compartments wides, the infirmary has a laboratory, examination and recovery room, and a surgery room. The lab is what most people see when they enter, and where the medical officer on duty is most likely to be perched, ready for any medical emergency.

Shintu stops several feet from the Infirmary entrance, a frown on his face "Okay. Before I decide to casually walk on in, why don't you tell me what's going on, Senka." He says as he rubs the device with his right hand idly.

Senka looks up from a monitor. "Certainly, Mr. Onimusha. Thank you for coming. I've received some information that concerns me in so far as I wonder whether it relates to your increased neural activity. I would like to ask you about it."

Shintu stops at the doors, however doesn't step into the infirmary. He folds his arms across his chest as he stares at Senka. "Like what?" He says quickly

Senka says, "Please come in, Mr. Shintu.""

"Senka, not trying to be hard headed, but I rather you explain what's going on." Shintu says calmly, arms still folded over his chest.

Senka's expression remains impassive. "Emily told me that when you parted company, she heard something when she touched you. SHe mentioned the word 'kill.' An imperative. It was not clear to me whether she believes that you were vocalizing it or whether it was something you were also hearing. I must ask for further information about this aspect of the encounter."

The Terran seems to go silent and still for a full minute. Suddenly, he seems to shift attitude as he shrugs "Yeah, well I don't know what Ms. Williams is talking about." His hands moves up and removes the device quickly "And to be frank, I'm tired of being a guinea pig. It's been days and nothing has come back from this little device." He adds, tossing the device towards Senka.

Senka says, "You have no recollection of this episode?""

Another passive shrug is given "She left and seemed worried about something. She didn't say what." Shintu says offhandedly before adding in a more even toned "Are we done?"

Senka considers you. "Following Emily's account, I considered it needful to speak with you. She was, in fact, concerned. I obtained permission from her to speak to you concerning what she sensed or heard."

The Terran pauses for a minute. A slow, steady nod is given "Well, Senka, It's legitimately reasonable to assume that her senses probably detected residual memory from my captured." A shrug "It was traumatic and I have had some nightmares." It's rather hard to tell if the Terran is lying, there is literally no emotional expression, or micro expressions showing as he talks. "Again, are we done?"

Senka takes in your statement. His expression gives nothing away. "For now, Mr. Onimusha. Were you still in Starfleet, I could order certain evaluations to take place, but you are not. You may go."

There is a slightest hint of a smirk on his face, but it's gone in less then a fraction of a second. Shintu nods and mutters "Finally." Before turning to leave.

Senka returns to examining the monitor before him.

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