A Matter of Pride - Part 6 (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
03 Feb 2014
Duty Office - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
<< Yellow Alert >>
This is a small office as offices go. The space is layed out to afford the most space for everything that needs to be in here, which admitedly is not much. A medium sized mahogany colored desk set aginst one wall. Behind the desk sits a black leather wheeled chair and in front are two stationary chairs in the same black leather. Three wall shelves sit behind the desk in a staggred pattern. They are filled with leather bound books and holographic pictures. Sitting on one shelf are two diplomas, one for Medince and one for Psychology, both in mahogany wood frames.

Kame looks at the readout and studies it for a minute. "Did something unusual occur to make it do that? I mean, everything else seems to be normal activity."

Senka folds his hands behind his back. "I believe so, Commander." Senka reports in a dispassionate tone of voice. "Emily Williams is a Betazoid-Vulcan fusion. SHe is a mutual friend of ours. She was leaving his quarters during the timeframe in question, and she reported that when she made physical contact with him prior to departing, she heard a voice of some kind speaking the word, "kill." Shintu seemed to be unaware of this, according to what she told me."

Kame frowns and then asks, "What sort of physical contact was made?" And then she adds, "Telepathic link of some sort maybe?"

Senka says, "She told me that she bestowed a platonic kiss in the Terran fashion. That may have initiated an inadvertent mental link. If so, it leads me to a disturbing hypothesis."

Kame looks at the readouts again, "Which is?"

Senka reports dispassionately, "I believe that Mr. Onimusha may be subject to telepathic influence. Whether suggestion, coersion or direct control is unknown at this time. The theory would require verification."

Kame nods, "What do you recommend Doctor?"

Senka looks at you. "The only logical solution that occurs to me is telepathic investigation. I could meld with Onimusha and determine the extent, if any, of the influence."

Kame nods slowly, "Is there another way to test this without doing a full meld? I would not be opposed to it, as long as the patient was ok with it of course."

Senka says, "I do not believe so, Commander."

Kame frowns, "What if we got another telepath to initiate physical contact with him to see if the same thing happened again?"

"Ethically, we would still require his permission. Emily acted unknowingly. We would be acting in full knowledge. I submit that that makes a significant ethical difference."

Kame shakes her head, "I am not saying we do this without his permission. He would know everything we are doing and why. I'm just thinking that before we try a full blown meld we should try something else first."

Senka pauses as though to consider. "Only one other officer would be capable of assisting us. Captain Astor-Cross."

Kame nods, "As long as the patient understand what we are doing and why, I would like to see if the Captain will assist us, as well with the full understanding of what we are doing and why."

Senka says, "Shall I request her presence here now?"

Kame turns back to Senka, "Sorry about that." She shakes her head, "I don't see that we need to bother her now. I can contact her and ask her, or you can, later."

Senka says, "Very well."

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