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Yesterday, on Stardate 77722.7, Starfleet forces located and captured a cloaked starship carrying the Tzelnira, the ruling council of the Tzenkethi government. The individual known to us as their Autarch, Zir, committed suicide last week when Starfleet forces blockaded the capital moon of Ab-Tzenketh, although genetic analysis indicates he was a body double. Tzelnir Zelkon, on behalf of the other Tzelnira signed an act of complete and unconditional surrender of all Tzenkethi military forces.

Minister Lorian Darin has already set to work preparing a provisional government for the Tzenkethi people, who will never again be ruled again by an autocracy or an oligarchy such as the Tzelnira.

To the Tzenkethi people, we wish you a brighter future free of oppression and warmongering despotism.

And lastly, to the brave members of Starfleet, we thank you deeply for the sacrifices you have made to restore peace. They will never be forgotten.

Trent L'vralus Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance

(Stardate: 77727.64 - Thu Sep 23 14:11:30 2399 Alliance Standard Time)

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