A Nausicaan Walks Out of a Bar... (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
06 Feb 2014

The door leading to Habitat Ring slides open.
Shintu arrives from Inner Corridor - Section A.
The door leading to Habitat Ring slides closed.

The habitat rings circular door spins open, allowing foot traffic from the Habitat section. Stepping out of of the corridor is Shintu, who walks into Promenade Section A. Glancing around a little he begins to head for his favorite bar - Morns.

Slipping out of the temple after the last of the worshippers leave, Roana bids them a fair if enthusiastic farewell, waving happily to a young Bajoran woman. She tucks her auburn hair beneath a spotted ear and sets her sights on Morn's, even if there's a bit of a traffic jam in the way, as usual. The Prylar could use an ale and hasperat before she has to prep for evening prayer. "Scuse me, thirsty Prylar, coming through," she says, weaving in between the Bajoran and Starfleet officers and the civilians.

Kainon lifts a brow as the unusually crowded corridor starts getting more and more packed by the minute. After hearing the young Prylar, he leans a bit towards Talbot, "Thirsty Prylar." He looks over at the man and asks, "You've been on this station for a long time. Ever heard those two words used together before?" He spots Shintu wandering past as well and just watches as he moves for Morn's, not saying anything.

Talbot shakes his head in response to Kainon as he stands next to him with his arms folded, watching the comings and goings. "No, did you?"

The Shintu-senses tingle as he feels someone watching him. He slowly begins to turn in a circle as he attempts to locate the person watching him. His eyes finally settle on the Commodore and a slow, steady nod is given to him. A warm smile curls across his lips as he walks silently over to him

"What, a person can't get a drink just because she's serving the Prophets?" Forced to weave closer to Kainon and Talbot thanks to a sudden surge of foot traffic, Roana looks at the man and smiles, verging on a smirk. "Besides, more likely to run into people - oww! That was my foot! - in the bar then at temple. I'm just being theologically pragmatic." The girl is young - she barely looks her 18 years, but she seems friendly enough, if rather casual.

Kainon stays back to the bulkhead and keeps his coffee just enough out of traffic's way to not allow it to spill all over the place. "Drink away, Prylar. We all get thirsty, sometimes," he says with a cockeyed smile. Offering a nod to Shintu, he remarks, "Mister Onimusha, I trust you've been enjoying time out of the system. Feel good?" Without looking at him, the Commodore says to Talbot, "Must be new. She doesn't understand the busy patterns, yet. Should we start the pool?"

"Yes, I spent five days back on Earth and Spacedock, actually." Shintu says calmly, folding his arms across his chest as he ducks up against the bulkhead; just in time too a two heavy Orions walk straight past him, unable to move around him in the tightness of crowds. "Uhm, Prylar.." He calls out as the two Orions head directly towards her.

"What's the starting bid?" Talbot asks in reply though doesn't look at Kainon, his attention directed towards the two Orions heading for the young woman as his hand instinctively falls to the tactical thigh holster at his side. "Contact." He says quietly to Kainon, but loudly enough to be heard over the buzz of the crowd and nudges him in the side.

Roana whirls around, and sees the Orions heading her way. "Bet you something shiny I can get to Morn's," she says to Kainon with a jaunty wink. She doesn't try and dash out of the way, or do something as awkward as crawl under them. She squeezes her way through the crowds towards the Orions, and gives them a bright smile. "Gentlemen," she says in a clear, audible, yet respectful voice. "Care to help a woman of the cloth get through this crowd?" She nods over to Kainon. "And show this guy up in the process?"

"No worries, Ben. They're in suits." Kainon nods to the two Orions as the wander the corridor, "Bareth, Jonek," and they give a nod in return, "Commodore." Managing to raise his cup, the Bajoran take a sip, "See? Not bad at all. Oh, and starting at twenty-K. Good?" Looking on to Shintu, he nods a couple times and offers, "Good. Not been in that area in quite some time. Everything still in one piece I take it?" The man's eyes follow along with the Prylar, and her ducking and dodging. "Um. My young Prylar, the pot isn't you getting into Morn's. But have fun once you get there." He motions to the two Orion to go around... and they oblige.

... They oblige until the Bajoran asks a question and the two Orions come to a halt infront of Bajoran, staring down at her slightly. The congestion gets an added block as two Bajoran males, talking between each other don't even notice the two tall, heavy set Orions coming to stop. They both slam into them, stumbling backwards and hitting the ground. In doing so, the sea of people part as the two men fall to the ground. "What the hell!"

Bajoran A shouts as he sits up, hand settling on his knees, the other pressed against the floor. Bajoran B growls, as he stands, dusting himself off "Jael, hush. I don't want a fight with Orions." He calls out quickly. The tallest Orion (only by mere inches) says "And what would that be, Ma'am."

"Ah you know them, alright." Ben replies as he still watches the two Orions, switching his coffee mug between his hands. "Fine, twenty." He says and moves the mug up to his lips but has no more than taken a sip before he nearly spills the black liquid in laughter as he watches two Bajoran men bounce straight off the stationary Orions to land on the floor. "That, is why I miss this place." Ben says, trying to suppress his amusement.

'Well, you're going to have to have fun without teasing the shiny new Prylar," Roana says to Kainon, half-tempted to stick her tongue out. "Gentlemen, I was heading to Morn's. Would you mind walking with me? I'm small and easily squished." The Orions look at her like she's mad, and she might be, but what's the harm? They shrug politely to Kainon and motion the Prylar to follow them. She waves after Shintu. "C'mon, I want to hear about your trip!" She looks to Kainon and Talbot with a laugh. "And Commodore and Lt. Commander Mock-The-Newbie can come too, if they want."

"Make that fifty," Kainon says with a flat, non-plussed voice just before taking another sip of the coffee. He would normally turn his head to see what's coming down the other end of the corridor, but as he sees the doors to Morn's slide open, they eject a pair of drunken, flared up Nausicaans. And guess who their stumbling trajectory slammed them into... the Orions. "Oh... shit," the Commodore manages to blurt out.

"Watch where you walk, filthy Orion, slug," the larger of the two Nausicaans barfs out, fresh with the smell of harsh Romulan ale.

The second looks down at the Bajoran Prylar and beams a crooked-tooth... check that... "toothed" smile. "And keep your Bajoran Prylar toy closer. Don't want her smushed like a Ferengi grub worm. Yeaaaaaah."

The fallen Bajoran stands up and growls angerly. "No, I'm sick and tired of this pathetic Orions thinking they can just come on to our station and take what they want, Kar." Jael says sharply as he stands fully up and walks over to the shorter Orion. Kar bites his lip, placing his hand on Jaels shoulder, pulling him back. Jael however shrugs it off and continues forward. The Orions nod "I'm Urgh" Says the taller Orion as he points to the shorter one "This is Bob." Bob gives a wave to the Prylar. Urgh gives her a slight smile "And we be happy to help." Bob nods in aggreeance. Jael Takes a swing towards the back of Bob's head. Bob however bends down to tie his shot, and fist slams into the first Nausicaan who was talking to the Orion. Jael's face goes pale white as his fist connects with the wrong person. Kar just turns and bolts half way down the Promenade, pushing upstream and against the crowd. The Nausicaan's eyes narrow "Bad move stupid Hu-man." They say, both pulling knives..

Talbot raises his eyebrow in mock surprise at Roana's words and looks at Kainon, mouthing I-Didn't-Say-Anything at him before sipping his coffee. "Fine. Fifty, just don't tell the wife." He says as he watches the young Bajoran woman and two Orions begin to walk down the concourse towards Morn's and into the Nausicaan's path. "Back in a minute." He says, glancing at Kainon and pushes himself away from the railing and walks casually towards the Orions just as one of the Bajorans punches one of the drunken Nausicans, missing the Orion bending down to tie his shoe. A shrill, ear piercing whistle is heard, followed by a calm, but firm, "I don't think so." Ben is stood no more than a few feet away between the Bajorans and Nausicans, the combat fatigues and armament clearly on display.

Kainon leans further back against the railing and finds a table situated next to him for his elbow. The Bajoran seems a bit more relaxed than most would be witnessing the situation and manages to reach out and grab the Bajoran making a run for it by the collar. "Oh no. He's your friend, you're digging him out of this shit hole, old son." As the Prylar finds herself in a bit of trouble and that everyone is not, indeed, going to be kung-fu fighting, he flashes a charming smile. "Having fun yet, young Prylar? It is the dinner rush, after all."

Gods and Prophets, her family is going to kill her. Roana doesn't flinch, or run, or go screaming for help. She's not going to back down from a bully, but she knows enough now not to just go plunging into a fight. She hears Talbot's whistle and sees what he's packing. She looks between the Nausicaans, Orions, who she feels bad for dragging into this mess, and the restless crowd. "Hey, smiley," she says to the Nausicaans. "Put those away before you hurt somebody. And before that nice man has to do something besides whistle." She turns to the Bajoran who egged the other one on and gives him a withering stare. "And you are going to apologize once everyone puts away all the pointy things, do you hear me?" She sighs, shaking her head, and looks back to the Nauisicaans, hands on hips, then to Kainon with a jaunty grin. "Just fine so far. And it's Roana Kyle. 'Young Prylar' sounds like something in a bad holonovel."

Kar blinks at the Commodore. "Hey, I told him don't think about it." The Bajoran tells Kainon "He's on his own. Ain't no way I'm taking on Nausiccaans.." Meanwhile, Jael sees the knives coming out and backs up quickly. Urgh blocks the Nausicaans way, barking "No." as he folds his arms across his chest. Bob stands looking at the situation in a confused look; he even brings his hand up to scratch his head. The pair of Nausicaans stare at the Orion before glancing to Jael and begin laughing. Jael, who is terrified beyond belief, had pissed himself. The laughing Nausicaans slide their weapons back into their holsters, continuing to laugh. A glance to Talbot "Won't kill pathetic hu-man. Hu-man gave us a laugh." With that, the pair of Nausicaan's begin to walk toward Promenade B drunkly.

Talbot takes a step back as the Nausicans drunkenly walk past him, watching them both as they walk towards 'B' section of the Promenade. "What do you want to do with this one sir?" He asks Kainon, glancing at Jael.

Kainon finishes his coffee and lets the Bajoran go. "Just get him out of here. Don't need stains on the deck." Standing tall, the man straightens out his jacket and nods to Roana, stuck in the middle of the tall, sweaty fray. "Well met, Prylar Roana. I'm certain that between my family or myself, you'll see a Kainon wander into that Temple of yours at some point." He thumbs his way out toward the rings, "Send him with his friend here. I have a briefing to attend, for now." He gives one more nod to Shintu on his way out. "Mister Onimusha."

The door leading to Habitat Ring slides open.
Kainon leaves for Inner Corridor - Section A.
The door leading to Habitat Ring slides closed.

Roana stands there, jaw open, and though she doesn't say it out loud, she clearly mouths the words 'holy shit' as the Commodore leaves. "So that was....wow. He's different from what I expected." She shakes her head and looks at Talbot and Jael. "You, I'd better see you in Temple this week. We're going to have a talk." She sighs and looks to Shintu. "Good thing I had lots of stories about this place. Gotta say, it lives up to its reputation."

Kar frowns as he walks over to Jael, the crowd now dissappaiting. "Come on.." He mumbles grabbing the man as they walk back to the habitat ring. As the walk away, you can hear Kar saying "I can't believe you pissed yourself.." The Orions wave bye to Roana as the wander off. Shintu smiles, pushing off the wall and walks over to Roana and Talbot "This place never gets old.."

Talbot smirks as he watches the 'Old Man' walk off and takes a sip from his now luke-warm coffee, ironicly still calmly held in his hand despite what might have just happened. "Welcome to Deep Space Nine." He says to Roana as he folds his arms, turning the mug in his hand to slip the handle over his fingers and hold the mug in his palm.

Roana waves cheerfully to the Orions. "Feel free to come to Temple," she calls cheerfully, and a few Bajorans around her look confused, if not a little alarmed. She laughs and shakes her head. "I grew up on Bajor and my grandparents were both fleeters. Well, one still is. So they....don't really need to know about what happened right now," she says slowly, amusedly. She looks at Talbot. "Roana Kyle," she says. "Thanks for the whistle back there. ANd, you know, being a one-man armory."

The door leading to Morn's Place slides open.
Williams arrives from Morn's Place.
The door leading to Morn's Place slides closed.

Shintu grins at the pair as he turns to look at them, walking backwards to Morns.

Emily exits Morns, a slight wobble in her step as she collides with Shintu, "Oh..." She covers her mouth, "I am...very ..sorry." A laugh escapes, "Mostly.."

Talbot offers his hand to Roana. "Ben Talbot. It's what I do."

Roana shakes his hand, her Trill heritage making her grip cool, as well as firm. "What ship are you on, if you don't mind me asking?"

Shintu stumbles a little but manages to regain his balance. His hands gently grab either arm as he tries to keep her from falling "Been drinking?" He asks concerned, eyes on her now.

Emily straightens up at the sight of the others, "Nope." Her lip curves upward in the corner, "You know me better than that."

Shintu gives a soft smile to Emily as he lowers his hands "How are you?" He asks off handedly.

"Waiting on Starfleet," Emily shrugs, "Entertaining myself."

Shintu ahhs, nodding "Hopefully you'll hear something within the next week or so." His brow raises though "How have you been entertaining yourself?" He asks off handedly.

"Excalibur, until lately." Ben replies as he shakes the hand once.

A cheshire grin crosses her Vulcan features, "How have I not."

The door leading to Habitat Ring slides open.
Vrillak arrives from Inner Corridor - Section A.
The door leading to Habitat Ring slides closed.

Roana purses her lips. "Don't think I've heard much about that one? But maybe that's a good thing." She looks to Shintu, sees he is being gentlemanly and helpful, and smiles. "I am going to finally get some dinner, but I am going to get this down to an art. So don't be betting the farm against me," she says with a chuckle. "Nice to meet you, and seriously, the Temple's welcome to everybody, even if you just need a quiet place to just....be.....and talk with whoever or whatever. So if you're going to be stationed here, the door's always open. Except after compline and before morning prayer most days, and then it's not. But anytime besides that."

Vrillak enters from the habitat ring and begins crossing towards his shop.

The Terran nods gnetly "I was actually about to head off for my quarters." He says quietly, smiling to her. "You just missed an rather interesting incident between some Orions, Bajorans and Nausicaans." He says with a laugh.

"That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke,"Emily adds with a raised brow and a smirk.

"Well if it involved domjot," Vrillak says, having caught the last bit, "I'm sure it was the Nausican rigging the wheel."

Grinning, Shintu chuckles "Mostly a few Bajorans being idiots and Nausicaans being drunk." He glances to Vrillak, the smile and warm features disappearing as he nods to him "Evening." he says flatly to him before looking back to Emily "So where you heading?" He says warmly again Vrillak is used to the hostility from just about everyone and ignores it, smiling instead at the pleasant prylar.

Roana gives a little wave to the Cardassian tailor, chuckling at Shintu's definition of interesting. "It was quite a time, but I made some very nice Orion friends," she says. "And I invited them to Temple!" She grins, quite pleased. "How are you tonight?"

Emily looks about, "Am I the only one who had no idea we had a temple?"

Vrillak smiles. "A pleasant day thus far," he tells the Prylar. Spotting Emily, he smiles broadly. "Ah, my best customer." A polite bow.

Shintu nods to the temple "Right over there, actually." He says gently, grinning at Emily.

Roana looks over to Emily with an eager smile, making her look even younger. "I'm Roana Kyle, the Pryor. And everyone's welcome there, really, Bajoran or not," she says, and she makes sure to include Vrillak in that statement.

"I doubt I'm much welcome in a temple," Emily replies with a shake of her head. Looking to Vrillak she winks, "Ah my favorite ego booster." "Well," Vrillak avers, "I have to have something to do when I'm not hemming pants."

Shintu hmms quietly and leans in to give Emily a kiss on the cheek "Night dear." He says lightly as he turns to walk back towards the habitat ring.

Roana scowls and shakes her head. "Seriously, what kind of Prylar did they have here before? I'd be happy to have you come in, even if it's for a cup of tea and a chat." She smiles. "We make very good tea, and we don't even charge for it." She gives Shintu a little wave as he departs.

"Night," Emily waves to Shintu before returning her attention to Roana, "You had me at 'tea'. I"ll be in to see you."

Vrillak smiles at the prylar. "I'll make it a point to do just that, my dear."

The door leading to Habitat Ring slides open.
Shintu leaves for Inner Corridor - Section A.
The door leading to Habitat Ring slides closed.

Vrillak says, "Meanwhile, I have a Nausican wedding suit to finish."

Emily tilts her head, "Oooh....I wanna see..."

Roana claps her hands together in unmitigated girlish glee before she tries to look somewhat restrained. It doesn't really work. "Wonderful! I can't wait to see you both. Maybe even I'll get some pastries." She waves to the tailor and the Vulcanoid as they go off to see what's probably an interesting suit.

Vrillak says, "No, you really don't, my dear. Ugliest damned things since the Tellarites discovered postmodernism."

Vrillak smirks, "But the commission is a fine one."

The excited glee she can sense and see coming off the woman causes Emily to beam ear to ear, "You...I like." She turns to Vrillak, "Aww doubt it. Come on." She drags his sleeve.

Vrillak sighs. Looking at Roana he says, "If she needs prayers, I'll send her down the way."

The door leading to Vrillak's Finest Clothiers slides open.
Williams leaves for Vrillak's Finest Clothiers.
Vrillak leaves for Vrillak's Finest Clothiers.

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