A Prayer for Prophet Healing (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
21 Feb 2014
Temple Sanctuary - Bajoran Temple [Deep Space 9]
Candles and low lighting shine keep the shrine lit here. A pathway, lined with wall sculptures and red carpetting lead up to the shrine at the end, for worshipers to pray and seek guidance from the Prophets.

quietly, Roian Los walks in to the worship sanctuary. He settles down, out of the way and sighs. His eyes close as he brings his legs in to criss-cross, arms floating upwards in a meditation pose.

Roana is sitting quietly in prayer, and for once, her mind is actually focused. But it isn't calm, it's just very, very focused in its worry, and that worry is all focused on one person, an older woman, Trill, with kind, wrinkled grey eyes and silver hair. She tries to get past the worry, into compassion, but it just isn't coming.

The Betazoid is open and receptive to the thoughts being bounced off by Roana. His mind shifts slowly as he takes in who Roana is worried about, and a wave of saddness over comes in. He knows of whom she is thinking, having met her before. Slowly, Roian stands and walks quietly over to the Prylar, hand clasping gently on her shoulder; a soft smile on his face that tells her he knows. "May I join you Prylar in pray for your grandmother?"

Roana looks up as she feels the hand on her shoulder, and she smiles at the Betazoid with the blue eyes. "How did you?" She laughs, or tries to. "Oh yeah, the telepathy thing." She takes a deep breath, looks to the candles on the shrine. "I'd really like that, actually," she says. "Do Betazoids...do you have certain prayers?"

Settling down next to Roana, Roian nods "My species believe in deities, yes. However.. I am a man of the Prophets." He says gently.

Roana smiles softly. "I'm glad to hear that," she says. "I mean, I'd be totally fine with the Four, but I definitely am better at the Bajoran prayers. You'd hope so, anyway," she says, glad that they're alone. The more orthodox of her parishoners would have clutched their pearls. "Her name's Moriah, my grandmother's name. She's..sick, but they don't know what's wrong yet. I know the doctors will help her but...I'm just scared," she admits.

Roian nods quietly "I have heard the report logs, but sadly I do not know alot." He says empathically, smiling warmly to her "I do not have long, but I will go with you in a silent prayer to the prophets." He adds.

Roana might still be scared, I mean, it's her grandma, but she feels much less alone. Like she's less of a single candle in a dark dark night. "Thank you," she says simply, gratefully, and she resumes her previous position, arms akimbo, bent at the elbow, palms out. Her breaths grow slow, deep, and her mind slowly fills with the almost chant-like prayers for healing.

Roian settles back down, mimicing her but stays silent as she chants the prayer, instead option to pray in silence.

Roana finally ends the chant, opening her eyes to the flickering candlelight. She feels calmer, at peace, and as if their prayers have enacted some good. "I...thank you. You have very soothing prayers."

Roian smiles "I hope the Prophets answer your prayers Roana." He says as he stands upright, hand clutching her shoulder softly "May the Prophets guide you Prylar, may their hand heal your grandmother." He says soothingly.

Roana nods and closes her slightly cool hand over his. "Prophets bless you for your prayers, and for you," she says in return, and in blessing.

Roian smiles kindly "Thank-you" He says, turning his hand to squeeze hers "Good day Prylar." He adds, turning to leave.

Roana offers a slight squeeze of her hand in reply. "Good night," she says as he exits. "And thank you. A million thank yous, even," she adds. One isn't good enough.

Giving her a sly smile, Roian nods his head again and quietly exits the temple.

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