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Roleplay Log
27 Apr 2014
Duty Office - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The spacious office combines both functionality and elegance. An oak desk bearing an engraved caduceus, the emblem of Starfleet Medical, holds the desktop terminal. Two chairs, adjustable according to the body-type parameters of a number of different species, sit before it. The walls are lined with plates containing texts handwritten in a variety of calligraphic styles, while a modest bookshelf contains a number of medical texts, historical works and works of literature in several languages: Betazoid, Rihannsu and Trill in addition to those in Vulcan and Alliance Standard. A coffee maker sits off to one side of the office in a small seating area containing a loveseat, a chair and a low table.

Viewscreen: ** Sending request for communication to Captain Kainon.
Viewscreen activates and displays Captain's Stateroom [USS Excalibur NCC-90003].

Viewscreen: Kainon sits on his couch, reading over some paperwork. "This is Kainon."

Senka is standing in uniform behind his desk as the call goes through. "Senka here, Sir. If it is convenient, request permission to come aboard."

Viewscreen: Kainon looks up at the screen and pays full attention. "Hello, Senka. Unfortunately, right now wouldn't be convenient, I'm afraid. There are a couple departments running short staff drills to see how well we'd work with fewer people available. However, I could get in touch with you when they've given the green light."

Senka nods. "That would be agreeable, Sir." A beat. "I had contact with Jiral last evening. He seems most pleased at your return."

Viewscreen: Kainon gives a smile. "I was most pleased to see him when we returned. You'll know why when you decide to have children of your own. Best thing I've ever done with my life was become a father."

Senka nods. "I would like very much to father children, Sir. Children are most treasured in Vulcan culture especially since the loss of most of our population and our homeworld to the Borg in 2366. I look forward to having the opportunity to do so."

Viewscreen: Kainon holds up a finger. "But, it's important to do it with purpose and not just to do it. It's almost to the time where I've imparted as much in the boy as I can. He'll be figuring the rest out on his own soon enough. Children are much more than population replacement, if I heard what you were saying correctly."

Senka tilts his head slightly. "Only in part. Children have always been treasured in my culture as links to the future and as the recipients of knowledge and the creators of new knowledge. The only effect our reduction in population has had has been to make the passing on of our knowledge and culture even more of a priority than it was. As for myself, I believe I have much that I could pass on to children, and I believe that the proper mate is also a crucial part of the child rearing experience, would you not say so? ... I have never met Mrs. Kainon."

Viewscreen: "Sasha is the one person that's been able to keep me on an even keel for this long." There's a smile when speaking of his wife. "She, in fact, is the only person that I've met that's been able to look at me with a straight face when I've thrown my life into shreds. Helps that she's also a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. In fact, my ma told me it would take a doctor and a saint to be the one to marry me. I think I found both."

Senka nods. "I should like to meet this admirable medical officer at some point." He teases a bit. "You do seem to surround yourself with medical officers: your wife, Lynn, myself, Kame."

Viewscreen: Kainon chuckles a little. "I think it's the Prophets trying to tell me something. In fact, an old commanding officer of mine told me to make the medic my friend. They're the ones with the power to save or slide."

Senka says, "That being Captain Starr?"

Viewscreen: Kainon shakes his head. "Lieutenant Krotje. He was my platoon commander when I was on the Special Missions Team. The medic was his best friend. Unfortunately, his best friend was a half-kilometer away when the shell hit."

Senka nods, taking that in. "That is unfortunate," he says somberly. A silent beat and then, "In any event, I know with whom I will be fathering children, only at the appropriate time, of course. I believe, and it has been said, that she balances my character admirably, and she too would have much to offer children."

Viewscreen: Kainon raises a brow. "Just be certain that this is the right person. Having children is nothing to be half-hearted about. Can't put them back when they're shitheads."

Senka nods. "I am quite certain she is the correct person. I have known her a substantial length of time and I know her mind. Our children will be raised in the Vulcan fashion, though it is important to us both that respect for cultural diversity be instilled in them from the start. you see Sir, Vulcan society too has its cultural chauvinists, beings who believe that because we uphold logic, our species is better than others inherently. I do not believe this, and any children I raise will be taught the illogic of such thinking as well."

Viewscreen: Kainon lifts his head slightly. "I see. Sounds almost like a Romulan way of thinking. I've had many Romulan friends and they've all had that similar way of thinking. I just couldn't do it. And therefore, Jiral."

Senka nods. "It is not a prevalent mode of thought in my culture, but it does exist." A beat. "How," he asks, "have you overcome the difficulties of raising children while in military service, Sir? your sons seem most ... self-sufficient."

Viewscreen: Kainon nods slowly a bit. "Yes, well, as you know R'ull is adopted. He was already quite self-sufficient when I met him and Sasha. Jiral was raised to be such. He's been taught to try as hard as possible to solve his own problems and get on with what he can. He knows that I'm only a call away when he really needs me and that there is always someone near to help when needed."

Viewscreen: Captain Kainon taps a control on Desktop Terminal.
Viewscreen: Desktop Terminal beeps and goes dark.

Senka nods. "I have done what I am able to in order to look after your sons in your absence. Is there anything in particular I may do for you when you are next on patrol as regards the two of them?"

Viewscreen: Kainon grins slightly. "I know you have, and it's been greatly appreciated. Between their bullheadedness and their mother being around, I'm certain that we can get it taken care of without much ado."

Senka nods. "Of that, I have no doubt." A beat. "What would you say, Sir, is the most important lesson one can teach a child? I realize there are many from which to choose."

Viewscreen: "Always be on your toes," Kainon says confidentially. "Always expect the unexpected and don't let them think that you are behind. If you show strength and will yet let them know that you're willing to listen to their problems is the key to keeping the relationship with the kids the best possible."

Senka nods as his console beeps for his attention. "Thank you for sharing this with me, Sir. I look forward to seeing you later if time permits. There are several junior officers assembled awaiting physicals. So I shall take my leave of you, Captain. Senka out."

Viewscreen blinks and Captain's Stateroom [USS Excalibur NCC-90003] disappears.

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