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Roleplay Log
24 Apr 2014
Holosuite 2: Meadow
Sunlight streams down from a clear blue springtime sky an hour or two after sunrise. The air is cool and pleasant without being at all cold, and a soft breeze ripples across the meadow. The rolling meadow has been carefully landscaped with protective hedges marking its distant outer boundaries. The long rolling hilly rectangle has been marked off inside the hedge boundaries with footpaths that wind around and between beds of orchids. Clearly, this outdoor space has been dedicated to showcasing this one flower. Orange, purple, yellow, pink, red, and lavender orchids grow in beautifully cultivated riotous profusion across the nearly half kilometer width and the almost two-kilometer length of the meadow. A pavilion stands in the center of the meadow, footpaths leading away from it in six directions through the orchids. The occasional bird casts a momentary shadow over the flower beds as he passes over head, its chirping a soft musical accompaniment to the person enjoying the orchids.

"I understand now why you consider Captain Kainon such a dear friend."

Senka says, "Explain"

Carey smiles. "Just a feeling. He's a good man."

Senka nods. "Kainon Essa has few friends in the upper echelons of command, because he often circumvents rules to accomplish his objectives, or he accomplishes them in ways that more scrupulous commanders consider roguelike. However, his results are often incontrovertible." A beat. "You will recall my discourse concerning Kainon's command style to Ensign Taxo."

Carey nods. "Yes. The captain and I barely spoke, but I feel a little sorry for him if he ends up with..." She breaks off and shakes her head. "Never mind. That was unkind."

Senka asks, "With what, Miss Carey. Please speak freely"

Carey blushes a little. "I was going to say with Mr. Taxo as a reformation project. But it was an unkind thought that shouldn't be said."

"While the benefits to Captain Kainon are, perhaps, not immediately apparent," he says dryly, "the benefits to Ensign Taxo could prove incalculable."

Carey grins. "True," she says with a chuckle. "The guy is irritating beyond belief, but I could have just as easily been in his position, so I shouldn't have said anything so ungracious, though."

Senka shrugs one shoulder. Softly and reflectively, he says, "If you are curious, I will tell you about Captain Kainon, Miss Carey."

Carey smiles and leans back on her elbows in the grass. "All right."

Senka steeples his fingers as he thinks about the other man. "To Kainon Essa, three things, and perhaps only three, matter most of all. His family, you may have met his sons, the Caitian R'ul and his son Kainon Jiral. His friends, who include his first officer Commander Travis LeBlanc, Admiral Alynn Astor-Cross, Admiral Jonathan Starr, and most recently, myself. and his crew. For any or all, he would give his life without stint or demurral. Equally, he would take the life of anyone threatening those parties without compunction or apology. All other considerations, Miss Carey, regulations, borders, treaties, diplomacy, other such abstractions, bear only ancillary consideration."

Carey's smile warms as she listens. You would not know it, but she is recalling the conversation she had with Vrillak about what she might have done had he been unwilling to be helped aboard the station. "As a result," Senka goes on reflectively, "the traits he respects most, in no particular order, are courage, loyalty, sound thinking, risk taking, and determination to, as he might put it, get the job done."

Carey nods, still with the same warm smile.

"My first encounter with him that necessitated more than the passing of a few words involved someone attempting to kill him. The person was acting under external duress, but he was the man's target. I pursued the individual in an attempt to thwart the attempt on the then commodore's life. It was an illogical effort, as I was unarmed and the would-be killer was armed, and more to the point, Kainon himself was armed and did, in the end, defend himself. Still, I judged it my duty to attempt to thwart the murder attempt before it could take place. When he thanked me for my participation, I came to understand that what others might call bravery and courage were traits he recognized more readily than other Starfleet virtues."

Carey sits straight up. "Wow," she says, wide-eyed.

Eighteen months ago," Senka goes on. Just how in hell he's come to narrate the history of his friendship with Kainon, who knows, but he's by gosh started and he's going to finish it, "Admiral, then Captain, Astor-Cross was abducted on her way home to Betazed on personal leave. I saw that Starfleet was taking no action in the matter, and it was to Kainon Essa I went. Not, I add, because he has known her for 30 or more standard years, for others can make similar claims, but because I suspected him to be fully capable of acting with what one might call a ... freer hand and in the absence of bureaucratic formalities. Orders or official sanction, for example." His tone is dry.

Carey grins slightly at your tone. "What happened?" She leans forward slightly with interest.

Senka's fingers remain steepled. "I presented him with a series of options, and when he heard the one that was best, he agreed. He ordered me to report to his Bajoran cruiser within 5 minutes to depart. We had no orders, and as a Starfleet officer, I was technically in violation of Captain Cross's standing orders by leaving his command without his permission. I could have been acquitted on charges, if one argued that Kainon's then authority as the commanding officer of the Bajoran defense forces was paramount, but I did commit a court-martial offense in leaving my post without authorization. I asked him whether he wished me to at least liaise with Fleet in the matter, and his response is one that very much typifies the man that he is." he quotes in his same impassive tone, though his inflections take on those of Kainon for a moment. "Bah, screw Starfleet. They'll find out soon enough."

Carey's hand flies to her mouth to cover an astonished laugh. "Okay then," she says, lowering her hand and folding both in her lap.

Senka goes on reflectively. "The annals of the service would record, if they did so at all, that that mission was one involving several starships and many personnel, and so it did at the end. But for the first three weeks of that month-long mission, it consisted of Kainon and I and his skeleton crew tracking down her vessel, facing down pirates to regain possession of it, and returning it to this station. We took aboard a full crew at this station and were notified of Starfleet assistance. Still, when we arrived at the place where Astor-Cross and several others were being held, Kainon was the one, disguised by myself and Dr. kame to appear as a Trill and together with Commander Travis LeBlanc, who transported to the location to affect the actual rescue and the neutralization of her captor's guard forces. He could have easily been killed, and he was wounded, but he would not countenance anyone else going. Nor would he allow me to go. That, Miss Carey, is simply who he is."

Carey nods, looking impressed.

Senka nods back. "We returned to this sector with all hostages, and all have recovered. I spoke with Kainon privately before leaving his vessel, and he told me that for what I had done, he considered me a friend. I do not believe he uses that word lightly. Since that time, Miss Carey, he has been my friend."

Carey nods again, smiling. "Yes, you do seem to have the qualities he respects most," she says reflectively. "I guessed that before you told me all this."

Senka raises an eyebrow. "Guessed what," he asks, seeking clarification.

"Well," Aliyah says, twining a strand of her now loose hair around her finger thoughtfully. "I've seen you demonstrate nearly all the qualities you tell me Captain Kainon admires, just in our work here. Maybe not so obviously as going on an unauthorized and dangerous mission did, but still."

Senka lets the compliment pass. "While I was concerned for T'Lila, I was quite certain that she would come home, because I was certain of Kainon's abilities and tactics as a commander. One might term it faith. I think of it as a logical supposition based on known data. One that was proven correct." A long pause as he thinks. "Had she died out there, Miss Carey, my one consolation would be that if Kainon could not bring his ship, and her, home, then no other commander could have either, a position I believe to have merit."

Carey nods even as a slight shiver passes over her at that thought.

Senka goes on to a lighter note. "You perhaps wonder about my gift of Aldeveran whisky in such a quantity." He considers it. "A month ago, I told him in a letter that I was certain of his ability to return and that as surety of this, I would stock a supply of Aldeveran whisky from his preferred supplier. I did so, and as he did indeed return home, I presented it to him this evening in the manner you observed. It was quite logical," he adds.

Carey chuckles. "Oh, really?" But her tone, too, is light and teasing.

Senka nods. "Indeed," he murmurs. "Now, perhaps, you understand."

Carey nods. "I do." A short pause. "And I respect Captain Kainon even more for his way of thinking. I think similarly about certain things."

Senka asks, "Such as?"

A smile tugs at the corners of Aliyah's mouth again. "I'm not afraid to be unorthodox. That will probably land me in trouble one day, actually. But I think that even if it does, if I have reason to believe I'm right, I won't mind too much, or at least will get over it. I also respect loyalty, and find anyone who doesn't show it difficult to even get along with. I have no family, but a threat to anyone I care for or feel responsible for makes me a lot more willing to take risks than I otherwise would be."

Senka nods. "You and Kainon Essa would understand one another well then."

After a moment of companionable silence, Aliyah says, "Thank you for that very kind commendation."

Senka nods to you. "It was earned," he says. Then he rises. "I should rest before my next shift. Excalibur may be on leave. I, however, am not.”

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