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Roleplay Log
9 February 2017
Holodeck One - USS ShiKahr
Klingon Dueling Platform [Qo'noS]
The large room stands several floors, or decks, tall, stretching out to at least thirty meters in height. The lighting in the room casts everything in a dull, deep red glow. Set in the center of the room is a raised platform, bearing the logo of the Galactic Alliance on it, scuffed and scraped from years of being walked upon. At each of the four corners of the platform are raised, ordinate lamps, marking off a non-physical ring of sorts.
Beyond the platform surrounding three sides is a cavea, housing seating for hundreds of yelling and cheering individuals, many of which are standing from their seated positions as they cheer. The audience is a mixture of Klingons and other humanoid races, most member species of the Galactic Alliance.
Hanging from the walls are a series of large banners. The first, and most predominant, of the banners bears the seal and colors of the Galactic Alliance, its slightly tattered bottom edges a testament to its age and wear. Exactly opposite to it in the room is another flag, bearing the seal and colors of Starfleet. Several other banners adorn the room, representing various member worlds of the Galactic Alliance, including Qo'noS and Earth. From the cavea hangs a number of additional banners, for various Klingon Houses of influence.

La'Vash is seated among the holographic audience, watching the sparring match between Ito and Ezran.

Jev strolls in carrying a plastic cup with ice coffee in it, capped with a straw. He climbs to the cavea area and invites himself to sit right next to the Captain.

A laugh from Ezran as he knocks the kick aside with his leading arm and lashes out with a quick jab towards Ito's shoulder. Injuring the joint would slow her down afterall.

Ito is smaller and faster more then likely then the bulkier Klingon and easily nodges, she steps behind him and tries to knock him forwards with a jab with her foot to the back of his left knee. "Missed me." She gloats.

Jev slurps at his coffee, watching with a mild passive interest. He presently seems more taken by the holoprogramming than the match at hand.

Ezran doesn't stop his movement, using it to continue past her. "I think you are gloating a bit soon," he notes. The movement from before continues as he dips, turning it into a leg sweep.

Ito laughs softly, and was about to say something smart, just as she's taken advantage of and lands on her back. One would say she's rather familiar with being on her back. With a muttered curse she flips back to her feet and tries to land a fist into the side of Ezran's solid jaw.

Jev whistles sharp and loud, projecting the sound with two fingers in his mouth. He pumps a fist in the air, "YEAH! BEAT HIS FUCKING ASS ITO!!" He shakes his cup, using the ice inside as a rattle.

Not that the hit does much more than cause Ezran to arch his eyebrow at the woman. "Bad tactical choice," he says with a smirk before he moves in, ducking and making a feint with one arm to follow in with the other in a jab towards her ribs.

Ito quickly sucks in her cut and slide behind him, hoping to once again knock the bigger guy to his knees where she then then knee him in the back and have him eat the mat. "Missed me." She says, glancing over her shoulder to see whom called her name, she gives Jev a brief nod and turns back to Ezran before he knocks her ass out.

Jev jogs the Captain's shoulder and whispers, "This is so exciting!" He throws his arms up as Ito lands a kick, "WOOOOO!"

A well balanced stance means that while it makes him stumble, he doesn't go down to the mat. "I think we should have the doctor restrict his caffeine and sugar allowance," Ezran notes dryly, recentering himself and snapping a kick at Ito's side

Ito goes unconscious.

Ito gets distracted by Jev again and looks over her shoulder, its too late Ezran takes advantage and down she goes. That last one got her hard.

Jev sits down and grumbles. He begins paying out credits to members of the holographic audience he had placed bets with.

Ezran crouches down to check on Ito while she's out, checking her pulse and breathing, moving her enough that her breathing isn't obstructed. "I don't know how you expected any different," Ezran notes

"Everyone loves an underdog." Jev replies. He crosses his legs and sets his cup down.

Ito eyes suddenly snap open while Ezran is above her and for a second though....Oh holodeck right. "Geee Commander, yours is not the face I want to wake up too." She murmurs, sitting up slowly and groaning. "I think you might have gotten a rib or two." She winces and gets to all fours, then slowly stands. "A good fight though, I landed a few good hits on you."

"You landed a good hit on me, the one to the jaw wasn't enough to make me move my head," Ezran says with a chuckle. "You should head to sickbay, or do I need to carry you?"

Jev has returned to admiring the scenery.

Ito looks up towards Jev. "Sorry I made you lose the bets." She calls, and then turns to Ezran and raises an eyebrow. "I think I can walk." She says with a snort. "You didn't break my legs."

"Then you should probably report there," Ezran says as he rises to his full height, brushing off his hands.

Jev glances back down to the arena and waves off the comment, "It's okay. I'll pick my credits back up once the holograms disappear." A beat. "You should get yourself to sickbay for patching up."

Ito nods her head slowly. "Yeah." She says then looks at Ezran. "You should as well, I landed a few good hits on you." She then glances at Jev. "How is Derek, I haven't seen him for a while?"

La'Vash stands and moves toward the fighters. "Very good," she says to them as she draws near.

"would you like to spar, commander?" Ezran asks with a chuckle

Jev shrugs, "Mr. Black is on a graveyard shift currently."

Ito nods her head. "excuse me lt Black." and with that she leaves for medical bay.

La'Vash moves into position before Ezran. "My combat skills and physical strength they are far from a match for your own," she says. "but the Jem'Hadar I have encountered they have never been very considerate of that particular fact." She gives the Klingon a respectful nod. "Besides, we can only improve through practice, yes?" she asks.

Ezran nods, moving back from the commander and sliding into a comfortable combat stance, hands low and out to his sides, palms open. "When you're ready, commander," Ezran states, allowing her to lead

"Defend," the Selay says simply, then steps forward. She's not strong, but she's quick. She strikes with a punch at the security officer's right shoulder.

Jev watches with a mild interest.

Ezran moves smoothly, hands coming up to grasp her arm. Left hand behind the wrist, right hand on her hand, directing the attack out wide right of his body. "At least you didn't go for the jaw and hurt your hand," Ezran says with a chuckle. He moves to shove both hands out towards her own shoulder.

Jev winces.

Being off balance due to Ezrans deflection of her own strike, La'Vash is unable to avoid his counterstrike. She takes the blow directly, her narrow build and light weight offering no real resistance or absorption. Her feet actually leave the ground as she is knocked backward. She lands on her back and slides a few feet across the floor head-first. When she stops, she remains motionless for a second, then slowly sits up and regards Ezran. "This it is why i do my fighting with a phaser," she remarks, then climbs to her feet.

Ezran gets out of the combat stance, "Not a bad thing to work on your hand-to-hand though, not with the likes of the Jem'hadar around."

Jev just sits there.

"Quite so, Commander," La'Vash agrees. "But at the moment, I believe I will check in with the medical staff to be sure something it wasn't knocked loose. It has been... a very long time since I was last tossed across a room." She offers Ezran another respectful nod, this one almost low enough to be considered a bow, then moves toward the exit and acknowledges Jev along the way. "Good luck, Lieutenant," she says to him as she passes.

Jev quirks a brow, "Good lu---" he glances over to the security chief and shakes his head, "Oh! uhhh... n-no thanks........"

Ezran says, "Are you sure, Lieutenant. I promise to not slam your head into a bulkhead," Ezran says with a very feral looking grin.

Jev sighs and stands. He walks to the center of the ring. "So uh, what do I do?"

Ezran blinks slowly, "You have truly had no combat training prior to now?" he asks, arching an eyebrow.

Jev maintains a loose and relaxed stance with his arms at his side. "I mean. Some? At the Academy - or whatever..." A beat. "So do you like try and kick me or something and I have to slap at you, or...?"

"Just try to hit me," Ezran says with a chuckle

Jev furrows his brow. "No way! You first."

Ezran shakes his head, "As you wish," he says before he turns and snaps a kick out at Jev's stomach.

It's like he didn't even try to move - or didn't see it coming. The Trill doubles over and makes some sputtering sounds, nursing his stomach with his hands. He manages to cough out as he gasps for breath, "Is...that..all you got?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that? You don't seem to be prepared," Ezran says as he considers the man.

Jev stabilizes his breathing after a few moments of standing bent over with his hands on his knees. Finally he stands up again, "What's to prepare for? I've met stronger breezes on Risa."

Ezran shakes his head, moving in quickly to sweep Jev's legs out from under him if it works. "You should get to sickbay," he says after the attempt

Jev was a bit more on his toes this time. He steps back and sort of feebly sends the back of his hand hurling towards the security officer.

Ezran blocks the attempt and uses his other hand to give a quick jab at jev's nose

Jev's head flies back and he cups his nose with his hands. He frowns hard. "You mother fucker! Not the face, god damn it." He lifts his fists into a proper boxing stances and takes a couple dedicated steps toward Ezran and throws out a fell formed right cross, attempting to connect with the Klingon's temple.

Ezran turns his head with the hit, shaking his head to clear it before he grins. "Not too bad, lieutenant," Ezran says before he hops back a half step, turning into a spin kick that is aimed at Jev's sternum.

Jev ducks under the kick, and takes a small step to the side. He uses the opportunity to send a body punch with his left fist to the side of his opponent.

Ezran moves aside to avoid the punch, attempting to grab Jev's arm to twist and throw him to the mat with a shift of his weight.

Jev expels a hard breath as his back meets the hard surface. He nearly promptly scrambles back up, teetering. "You sissy." He prods the Klingon, but something in his face and voice shows this to be no more than the sort of banter Ezran might expect from one of his own. He moves towards Ezran again and practically hurls himself at the Klingon, headbutting him.

A snicker at the headbutt, barely fazed before he draws back and gives his own headbutt.

Jev furrows his brow and just takes a step to the side. He attempts to use the missed momentum of Ezran's manuever against him by sending an uppercut to his falling chin.

The punch connects and he jerks his head to the side, turning into another uppercut of his own.

After the uppercut connects, Jev wobbles to one side. Then steps to the other. Then stumbles back onto his ass.

Ezran backs off and into a balanced stance when Jev goes down, "At least there wasn't a bulkhead involved."

Jev blinks and looks around the setting. Eyes shift to Ezran-ish. Jev is deciding which of the five Ezrans is the real Ezran as he talks. "Featherweight," he calls the Klingon, before laughing.

Ezran says, "Petty Officer Jones, take the lieutenant to Sickbay," Ezran says to one of the security staff that is in the training. Said non-comm minion comes over, "Let me give you a hand, sir," the kid says"

"Get off me you prick!" Jev waves off the NCO and pulls himself slowly up. He waves to Ezran as he wobbles out unassisted. He blows a kiss to Ito as he leaves.

Ito gives Jev a dirty look when he blows a kiss at her then glances around. "Class over I guess."

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