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Roleplay Log
16 Feb 2014

[Commplant] Contacting Captain Cross...
[Commplant] Captain Cross is opening the channel.
[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Captain Cross.

[Commplant] Cross says, "Captain Cross here."

Pryus-Talbot takes a quiet breath, "Captain, I'd like to speak with you. If you have time."

[Commplant] Cross says, "Of course. Where are you at, Doctor?"

You say, "Currently, my quarters."

[Commplant] Cross says, "Would you like me to come there? I could stop by the promenade on the way and bring you a tea, if you'd like."

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head as she speaks, "No, would you like to meet me in the Coffee house?" She asks, her tone suggests that speaking to him is a challenge but she maintains calm regardless.

[Commplant] Cross says, "Of course, that would be fine. I'll meet you there shortly."

You say, "Thank you."

[Commplant] Cross says, "Cross out."

[Commplant] Communication was terminated by Captain Cross.

Saith & Soah Coffeehouse [Deep Space 9]
The smell of coffee and chocolate overwhelms the senses as you enter through the glass doors from the station's promenade, a little brass-colored bell attached high on the door dings whenever it is opened-- a purely novel gadget, surely. This is a small place, quite modest in appearance and setting. No more than three small tables sit overlooking windows to the bustling commerce area outside, windows that are partially obstructed by a display of boxes of tea and large bags of gourmet Rihannsu coffee.
Artwork hangs on walls, bookshelves between the canvases hold a variety of well-worn Rihannsu literature and wooden bins of custom tea and coffee varieties. A little further back in the shop, a glass counter showcases no less than a hundred different types of chocolate confections, from the mundane to the extravagant. A row of clear glass containers sit atop the counter, also filled with sugary treats. This is one of those hidden gems that most visitors will pass by without a second glance; the sweets are heavenly and the coffee is ground and brewed as you wait. There hardly ever seems to be more than a few people in the shop at any given time. It is obvious that a place like this is about more than its wares. It is about relaxation and companionship, it is about unwinding from a long day and laughing with friends.

Cross arrives from Promenade - Section B.
The door leading to Out slides closed.

Pryus-Talbot is sat in an armchair waiting for her order to appear, she looks a little tired and her eyes are surrounded by fine red dots. She watches the door.

Cross steps into the coffee shop and lets the door close behind him.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently. "Captain."

Cross says tensely, "Doctor." He nods to the Bolian and signals that he'll take, 'the usual' which is a Deka tea. As he steps over, he seems very mindful of the Doctor. "How are you doing, Kaitlyn?" he asks softly as he considers which seat he should take.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently still as he speaks, she understood his tension but that was what she wanted to talk to him about. "I'm still here, still going." She answers after a short pause, "I wanted to apologise for the way I spoke to you before, you did the right thing and it's taken me a while to come around to that conclusion. I don't I'll ever find out why he did what he did."

Cross shakes his head a bit, "I did what I thought I had to do, but I don't know if it was the right thing or not. I'll never know. I..." he trails off for a moment as he sinks into the chair next to her. "I would have a difficult time forgiving me, if I were in your shoes and I certainly don't blame you for that."

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head gently, "I didn't say I forgave you, I said I understood." She clarifies, "That man that laid on the biobed, drawn of life. Physically that was my husband but the person who got him in that state ... I don't know who that was."

Cross nods with understanding, but there is a confusion in his head about a lot of things. In any regard, he doesn't blame her for not forgiving her as he hasn't even forgiven himself. "That man who was in the hallways that I had to have beamed out into space was not the Ben Talbot that I knew and served with for six years," he says in simple conclusion.

Pryus-Talbot nods again, "I know, he seems he wasn't my husband for quite some time. I'm not even sure he was the man that asked me to marry him." She answers sadly, "You have to move on, I feel like he almost drove me to the edge of my sanity. Please."

Cross looks at the widowed woman directly with pain in his eyes. "I will, in time," he promised. "But you have to promise me that you will as well. I am worried about you."

Pryus-Talbot nods with the faint mark on her lips, "I am, I saw M'hrr. He helped, I feel guilty for being more ... affectionate than I should have been but he helped." She looks down at the floor and moves her hand to brush away her hair from her face, a soft sigh espaces her parted lips, "I don't know if I can resume my posting. I have told Senka I was waiting for the Inspector General, but I don't know if I can continue within Starfleet."

Cross says, "I know that Commodore Cei is aboard DS9 and she does want to talk to you. She's doing a very complete investigation and I know that she'll uncover answers if there are answers out there."

"That's fine, I will answer anything she has to ask me." Kailyn answers, "I was considering returning to the academy to study investigation and the judicial system ... but I'm unsure if I just want to distract myself further." She shrugs slightly.

"If you decide it is something you want to pursue, I would be happy to write a letter of recommendation," Captain Cross offers.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Astor-Cross arrives from Promenade - Section B.

"I have nothing left here, I am pregnant and on my own. I don't know what to do, Senka offered me light duties," Kailyn pauses again, "But I don't know. People usually avoid talking to me in fear of me bursting into spontaneous tears, I have none left. I don't have the drive to become a CMO, its not something I want to do."

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Cross is seated talking to Doctor Pryus. He seems emotionally invested in the conversation and doesn't pay much attention to the coming and goings of others in the coffee shop, "One step at a time," he says. "No one is expecting you to return to full duties. Take as much time as you need. You'll know when the time is right to return or move on."

The door opens and Aly walks in and right to the counter. The Bolian smiles and says, "Hey Commodore. Long time no see. The ususal?" Aly nods, "Yes please." After a few minutes her coffee is ready and she makes her way to a far table so she is out of the way and not intruding.

Pryus-Talbot runs her hand over her face with a nod, "I know." She replies, "I'm sure I'll know when I'm ready, I've got at least another 7 months to work something out."

Cross says, "I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you and I hope that you'll let me know if there's anything I can do to help in the meantime."

"Thank you for taking the time to see me, I thought you might be relieved to hear I wasn't going to seek revenge." Kailyn attempts to joke but realises the inappropriateness of it. "Sorry."

Cross shakes his head a bit, but does not comment on that. "Take care, Doctor." He stands up then sees Aly sitting in the other corner of the shop. "Oh, Doctor, have you met my wife, Aly Cross?" he asks, pointing over at the other Betazoid.

Pryus-Talbot glances across to the Commodore, "I don't think we've been properly introduced, we've met in passing when there was an emergency in the Temple." Kailyn answers quietly nodding to Alynn

Astor-Cross heard her name and looked up from the PADD she was reading and smiled at both Adam and the other woman.

Cross smiles just a touch and nods to his wife, "Aly, this is Doctor Kailyn Talbot," he says just loud enough for Aly to hear.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently toward Aly again, "Perhaps we can talk further when you have the time Doctor Cross, there are somethings I wish to discuss with you."

The door leading to Out slides open. Senka arrives from Promenade - Section B.

Astor-Cross smiles and nods to Kailyn, "Of course. Anytime." She smiles at Adam and then back to the other woman. She sips her coffee.

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Cross nods at the women's idle chit-chat and then excuses himself, "Well. I should get back to operations. If you need anything, Kailyn, like I said, please let me know."

"Damn you," the Bolian ejaculates when Senka walks in. "I do carry out now? You running a competing stand from your office and getting your supplies from me?" "One Romulan latte," Senka orders neutrally. "I mean! You have a coffee machine and--" "The one latte and an eclair will be sufficient." Senka takes his things and nods to tbe Bolian. He glances around as though unsure where to sit.

Pryus-Talbot collects her cup from in front of her and looks toward Aly, "Would you like to join me?"

Astor-Cross smiles at Kailyn, "Sure." She picks up her own cup and moves to where the other woman is sitting.

Senka begins crossing the room towards Astor-cross. He stops, waiting for the seating arrangement to clarify itself between the two Betazoids.

Pryus-Talbot looks toward Senka and smiles softly, possibly the first time since she had received the news, "Please join us Senka." She offers quietly before sipping her now cool Jestral tea.

Senka nods, crossing the room. "I did not wish to presume," he murmurs taking a chair. "Though the seating is admittedly limited." "Yeah," the Bolian balls. "So's the seating in your office, but I heard from Thalav that you served chai to the Inspector last night. Just come to work here, already." you both sense Senka's faint amusement. He's missed this Bolian pest.

Astor-Cross settles into the chair with her coffee and smiles at the Bolian, "I don't know if I've missed him or not but he sure does make life interesting."

The door leading to Out slides open.
Cross leaves for Promenade - Section B.

"He is a constant reminder to me of the value of logic," Senka replies.

The door leading to Out slides closed.

Pryus-Talbot continues to sip from her cup glancing between the pair, she remains quiet for the time being.

Senka turns to Pryus-Talbot. "Doctor," he says. "I am pleased to see you engaging in social activities. Are you well?" The concern is genuine.

Pryus-Talbot raises her brows as she lowers her cup, "I kissed a Caitian? Does that class as well?" She answers quietly. "I am trying my best."

Senka raises an eyebrow and answers in a dispassionate tone of voice that verbally masks his surprise, "That would depend on the identity of the Caitian and the circumstances surrounding the kiss in question."

Astor-Cross continues to drink her coffee, listening to the conversation going on.

Pryus-Talbot twitches her nose and sighs softly, her fingers run through her hair. "It was M'hrr ... he has a family and children. And grandchildren, it wasn't a good idea." She answers quietly and holds out her wrist which has a thin delicately knotted collar that is being warn as a bracelet. "He is a good friend, but I don't want to break up a family, I'm not ready to commit myself to someone else so quickly." She sighs softly, "Everything is so raw, I know he means the best. I just missed the warmth of being held." Her eyes close a moment and she sighs again more quietly.

"What is the meaning of that emblem?" Senka gestures to the bracelet.

"Its a Caitian collar, it was a gift from him before he left the Excalibur." Kailyn answers.

Senka nods. "Indeed," he murmurs. Senka steeples his fingers. "Logic suggests that you were not being invited to participate in a romantic dalliance. I am aware that gestures of physical affection are commonplace across many species as a means of providing solace during times of emotional hardship." He adds, "of course, I could be quite mistaken."

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "I know, he only wants to help. He was the first person I told I was pregnant after you told me." She replies quietly, "We talked a lot whilst we served together, it's a shame he is so far away." She smiles slightly and looks into her cup before sipping it again.

Senka's gaze moves to Astor-Cross, where it stops as he sips his latte.

Astor-Cross senses the stop in the conversation, "I'm sorry. Did you say something to me?"

"No," Senka says gently. "We had merely completed the discussion of the topic."

Astor-Cross nods slowly, "Oh. I'm sorry. My mind is elsewhere at the moment."

Senka contemplates his untouched eclair. Finally, nodding, he slides it in Astor's direction and continues sipping his latte.

Pryus-Talbot sets down her now empty cup and runs her hands over her knees.

Astor-Cross takes the eclair with a smile and then turns to Kailyn, "I am sorry. You invited me here to join you and I have gone off into my own little world. That was very rude of me."

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head gently, "No it's fine. I am well versed in being in my own world, there is no need to apologise."

Astor-Cross looks at the woman and asks, "How far along are you?"

Pryus-Talbot thinks a moment and glances at Senka, "I must be close to 4 months now. About 3 and a half?"

Senka nods. "3.61 months precisely."

Astor-Cross nods, "And you have had a check up recently?" Yep, that good ol' doctor mode kicking in.

"I have daily vitamin doses, but I don't think we've had a full workup." Kailyn answers quietly.

Senka nods. "Given your leave and your absence from the station in recent weeks, that may be advisable."

Astor-Cross nods, "That is what I was thinking. With the stress and grief that you have been under lately, it would be best to do a full workup on both you and the baby."

Pryus-Talbot presses her tongue against the top of her palette, "When would be the best time to get it carried out."

Astor-Cross looks at Senka and then back at Kailyn, "When ever you feel up to it, but don't put it off too long."

Senka raises an eyebrow. "I am available presently."

"I'm free any time really, so there is no time like the present." She replies to Senka.

Astor-Cross nods and then asks, "Which of us would you prefer to do the work up?"

Pryus-Talbot shrugs slightly, "I don't mind, you're both professionals." She answers.

Senka looks to Astor-Cross, raising an eyebrow.

Astor-Cross nods, "Senka can do the work up and I'll go along for support. How's that?"

Pryus-Talbot smiles faintly and nods, "That sounds fine, thank you Aly."

Setting his empty cup aside, Senka stands. Gesturing to the pair of you, he heads for the door.

The door leading to Out slides open.
Senka leaves for Promenade - Section B.

Astor-Cross smiles softly, "Anytime" She stands and waits for Kailyn.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]'
Being the sole medical facility on the station, the Infirmary was designed to accomodate a great many patients. Spacious and at least three compartments wides, the infirmary has a laboratory, examination and recovery room, and a surgery room. The lab is what most people see when they enter, and where the medical officer on duty is most likely to be perched, ready for any medical emergency.

Senka gestures the two of you to the general ward.

Senka leaves for General Ward - Station Infirmary.

General Ward - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to this room is set with two different walkways around the top of this semi-hexigonal compartment. Several biobeds face inwardly, as rays of a sun, towards a central laboratory table. Monitors also are sprinkled about this room for access to lifesigns and patient information.

Senka activates a series of scanners. Pulling a hypo, he gives you an injection. "Your daily injection."

Pryus-Talbot nods and lays back on the bed keeping her hands at her sides.

Senka examines the various sets of scanner data about you and the baby.

Astor-Cross frowns slightly, "Kailyn, you are a doctor yourself, yes?"

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "Yes."

Astor-Cross looks at Senka and then the woman, "Do you come in every day for the injections?"

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "Yes, I missed some after ... but since then I am up to date." She trails off.

Senka adds, "Since her child is half human, the injections provide needed vitamins and trace elements the infant's metabolism requires."

Astor-Cross nods, "I understand that, but could you not give yourself the injections? Or do you come in every day to make sure you have some sort of human contact?"

"I didn't want to self-medicate in a state of distress."

Astor-Cross shakes her head, "If the vials were prefilled or the hypo was preset, there would be no reason for overmedicating. However, if you prefer to come and see Senka every day, then please continue to do so."

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head gently, "I am happy to treat myself from now on, if Senka is in agreement with my progress."

Astor-Cross holds up a hand and says, "Please do not think that my asking or making the suggestion was something I wanted you to do. If you want to continue to come here, that is fine. I don't want you to feel presured into doing something you don't want to do."

"In any event, we are finished for now. I wish your next physical to occur in 4 standard weeks," Senka says.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently and sits upright, "Does that mean everything is okay?" She asks straightening out her shirt and tucking her hair behind her ears.

Senka nods. "I detect no complications at present. However, I shall monitor you closely. Cross-species pregnancies can be delicate."

Astor-Cross smiles and notes, "At your next visit, you should be able to determine the sex of your baby, if you wish to know."

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "Thank you both, I should get some rest. It's been a long day with a lot of travelling." She replies.

Senka nods. "That would be advisable."

Pryus-Talbot stands from Biobed1.

Senka nods, turning and exiting.

Senka leaves for Station Infirmary.

Pryus-Talbot looks towards Aly, "Thank you for coming with me."

Astor-Cross smiles and nods, "Anytime, I mean that."

Pryus-Talbot waves slightly as she leaves.

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