Aces & Eights, Ltd

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Aces & Eights, Limited
Registered Name: Aces & Eights
Type: Limited company
Owner: Kenneth R. Adamson
Headquarters: Oblivion Point
Primary Services: Commercial Shipfitting

Aces & Eights, Limited is a privately-held limited company based on Oblivion Point in unclaimed space. It is a heavy manufacturer, specializing in commercial spacecraft and starships. It was formed as a result of private funding in 2415, and structured as a limited company or limited liability company with private shares/equity held by various individuals. The largest shareholder and current owner is former Starfleet engineer, Kenneth R. Adamson.





The current line of cargo ships/freighters follows the same fundamental design in "elegant transport." Each cargo ship is designed not only to maximize transport efficiently, but also stun the senses. Each cargo ship has a finished/polished look to it, in spite of its primary function.

Light Transports

Medium Transports

Heavy/Max Transports

Luxury Craft

  • TBA


In addition to being a whole ship manufacturer, A8 specializes in providing ship and shuttle components.


Shield Generators

Cloaking Devices



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