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Adamson is a Starfleet officer who served during the 24th and 25th centuries.

Kenneth R. ir-Adamson tr'Sahehn
Captain tr'Sahehn in 2396.
Captain tr'Sahehn (2396)
Rank: Rear Admiral
2410 SF O-8 SVC.png
Title: Chief of Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Starfleet
Spouse: BADM Ael'Ihhuein i-Mhiessan Adamson t'Sahehn



Early Life & Childhood

Aboard the evacuation ship SS Billy Ruffin, his mother went into labor while the ship was en route to the refugee rendezvous point of Andoria on New Year's Day, 2367. The Borg assaulted and captured Earth, while his family sought refuge under the nervous protection of Starfleet. Named Kenneth by his father Edward and his mother Julianne, he grew up amongst the many Terran refugees who migrated to Betazed. His childhood was subjected to the single-minded nature of telepaths, and this caused his behavior to evolve into speaking his thoughts. Duplicity was no longer within his nature.

His formative years were spent within the Betazoid educational system, and an open-minded education seemed to be exactly what Kenny Adamson needed. Though he was always at a disadvantage with his telepathic friends, he never allowed that to discourage his friendly nature and extroverted personality. Despite his inability to listen in on their secret conversations, he never held their talents against them, nor did he feel any malice toward their perceptions of his thoughts. He simply grew up learning how to speak his mind, and up until his entry into Starfleet Academy, it worked for him.

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet appeared to be a slap of cold water to Midshipman Kenny Adamson. Though he selected the fascinating world of engineering, he was unused to having to hold his tongue at the right times. His demerits racked up enough to almost expel him from school. It took an understanding instructor and quality time in curbing his loose nature to conform to Starfleet discipline. In his final year at Starfleet Academy in 2389, he graduated with a master's degree in Spaceflight Engineering and the commissioned rank of Lieutenant, junior grade.

Life as a Starfleet Officer

Lieutenant Adamson was immediately posted to the USS Bonneventure as its chief engineering officer under Commander Nathan Hunt.


Reserve Activation


Aces & Eights

Following his discharge from Starfleet due to an altercation with an Orion trader, Adamson tried to carve out a living as a freighter engineer for nearly a year. After parting ways with that freighter, he transferred himself to Oblivion Point where he began seeking capital to start his own business, known as Aces & Eights, Ltd.

Personal Life

Adamson has had a long-time ongoing relationship with Branch Admiral Ael'Ihhuein i-Mhiessan Adamson t'Sahehn not long after their initial meeting aboard USS Astraeus. That relationship has culminated in marriage as of 2428. As a consequence, Adamson has joined the House of Sahehn (s'Sahehn) and has legally changed his name to Kenneth R. ir-Adamson tr'Sahehn in according with Rihannsu tradition.

Starfleet Service Record

Stardate Rank Assignment Notes
60609 Y-M4.png Starfleet Academy Accepted and enrolled as plebe.
61497 Y-M3.png Starfleet Academy Completed freshman year of training, promoted to Midshipman Third Class.
62499.2 Y-M2.png Starfleet Academy Completed sophomore year of training, promoted to Midshipman Second Class.
63507.47 Y-M1.png Starfleet Academy Completed junior year of training, promoted to Midshipman First Class.
64501 2373 SF O-1Y.png Starfleet Academy Commissioned into Starfleet as an Ensign (Bachelor of Science). Applied and accepted into two-year master's program for Spaceflight Engineering.
66857.24 2373 SF O-2Y.png Starfleet Academy Promoted to Lieutenant (jg) (Master of Science).
66857.24 USS Bonneventure Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer.
67211.7 USS Guadalcanal Transferred as an Engineering Officer.
67447.94 2373 SF O-3Y.png USS Guadalcanal Promoted to Lieutenant by VADM D. J. Jorgensen (Starfleet Bureau of Personnel [BuPers]).
68286.3 USS Zhukov Transferred as an Engineering Officer.
68828.76 USS Enterprise Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer.
70422.13 USS Zhukov Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer.
70439.2 2373 SF O-4Y.png USS Zhukov Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by VADM Jorgensen (BuPers).
71374.65 USS Nautilus Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer (Plank Owner).
71772 USS Enterprise Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer.
72229.45 2373 SF O-5Y.png USS Enterprise Promoted to Commander by VADM Jorgensen (BuPers).
73921.91 USS Indefatigable Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer.
74495.9 2373 SF O-6Y.png USS Indefatigable Promoted to Captain by ADM Jacob Hathaway, Commander-in-Chief.
74987.7 USS Shutsugun Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer.
76549.31 USS Defiant Transferred as Chief Engineering Officer.
76746.57 2373 SF O-6aY.png USS Defiant Selected for admiralty candidacy by ADM Hathaway. Relieved of engineering department duties. Defiant to host new flag of CDRE Adamson.
76736.01 2373 SF O-7Y.png N/A Promoted to Branch Admiral by VADM Jorgensen (BuPers), per direction ADM Hathaway.
76736.01 N/A N/A Honorably Discharged from Starfleet, placed on Inactive Reserve.
76894.52 2373 SF O-7Y.png USS Akagi Reactivated commission by order of ADM Hathaway. Assigned as Engineering Operations Officer to ADM Ruao Sarjanna, CINCBAJFLEET.
78001 Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Assigned to Starfleet Corps of Engineers as Head of Research & Development.
82889.34 2373 SF O-8Y.png Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed as Chief of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers by ADM Corion Rel, Commander-in-Chief.
82810.88 2373 SF O-6Y.png USS Excalibur By order of ADM Ruao, Chief of Starfleet Operations, reduced in rank to Captain as a result of Article 15 session and formally reprimanded for violation of three articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
82810.89 N/A N/A Administrative Discharge from Starfleet, placed on Inactive Reserve.
88867.46 2410 SF O-7.png Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Reactivated commission, ADM Ruao vacates previous decision on her authority and promotes to Branch Admiral. Appointed as the Chief of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.
91539.53 2410 SF O-6.png N/A Honorably Discharged from Starfleet at permanent rank of Captain placed on Inactive Reserve.
101332.5 2410 SF O-6.png USS Excalibur Commissioned reactivated and assigned as Chief Engineer of USS Excalibur.
105515.59 2410 SF O-8.png Starfleet Command Promoted to Rear Admiral and appointed as Special Projects Officer (SPO) to the Chief of Starfleet Operations. Placed on Active Reserve status.
112896.78 2410 SF O-8 SVC.png Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Appointed as Chief of Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Removed from Active Reserve status.

Medals & Citations Awarded

Defense-superior-service-medal.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry.png
Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png Space-medal.png Command-service-medal-2x.png Good-conduct-medal-2x.png
Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-ab.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png Installation-service-ribbon.png
Bajoran-service-ribbon.png Breen-war-ribbon.png Freedom-war-ribbon.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon-c1.png
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