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Saisha Elizabeth Adrinon
Rank: 2410 SF O-5.png
Affiliation: Starfleet (Starfleet Medical)
Assignment: USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402)
Title: Medical Officer
Department: Medical
Race: Terran
Age: 36
Birthdate: 2410, July 25th
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Separated (Alden Vallar)

Commander Saisha Elizabeth Adrinon is a serving member of Starfleet, specializing in surgery and medicine. She is currently serving aboard USS ShiKahr (NCC-73402) under the command of Commander Zye La'Vash as the ships Chief Medical Officer.



Roleplay Hooks

  • Saisha used to be a shy and introverted person, unable to start a conversation with a person unless she was somewhat familiar with them. The only exception would have been if she were treating them as a patient. Recent events have pulled her out of her shell a bit, and while she will still actively avoid large crowds of people, she is more likely to at least make polite conversation with a single stranger.
  • Saisha is primarily a surgeon but she’s done general practicioner work. She is not a skilled researcher because she tends to deal better with quick and impulsive decisions rather than logic based conclusions.
  • Because she is working for Starfleet, Saisha has had a lot of opportunities to visit different worlds and see new things. While she enjoys the occasional outing, she prefers to stick to familiar things and because of that won’t leave the ship she is stationed on very often.
  • While she isn’t very shy anymore Saisha does enjoy hobbies that she can do on her own. She has a decent collection of electronic books and logic based games. She has recently discovered chess and has made it her mission to become better at it.
  • She loves to cook, but doesn't get many opportunities to practice.

Important Personal Relationships

Alden Vallar - Saisha has known Alden Vallar for eight years and things have been complicated more often than not. No matter what seems to happen, it’s become clear that Saisha Adrinon can never seem to end things with the Betazoid officer for very long. They are currently not on the best of terms, but that has happened often enough before that one can’t be certain if things will remain that way.

Zye La’Vash - If anyone ever asks Saisha for a person she thinks highly of, the first name that will immediately spring to mind is Zye La’Vash. Saisha has observed the Selay woman move from Chief of Engineering to Executive Officer, leading a large ship into battle, to a Commanding Officer in her own right. She has tried to emulate the calm and collected demeanor that La’Vash has, but has failed every single time.

Dorian Jev - There is one person who is likely responsible for the recent change in Saisha’s general attitude and that would be the black, Trill Engineering officer. Constantly challenging her outlook on just about everything and pushing her to move outside of her comfort zone, he has quickly earned her respect, even though she still very often finds herself extremely annoyed at some of the things he says and does.

Life Events

  • 2410, Jul 25 - Birth (Stardate: 87563.58)
  • 2411, Jan 03 - Death of Mother (Stardate: 88007.42)
  • 2415, Aug 20 - Incarceration of Father (Stardate: 92634.82)
  • 2415, Aug 20 - Moved in with Grandfather (Stardate: 92634.82)
  • 2428, Sep 01 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy (Stardate: 105668.6)
  • 2437, Nov 24 - Birth of daughter, Isabella Keaxa Vallar (Stardate: 114898.74)
  • 2439, Mar 01 - Eloped with Alden Vallar. (Stardate: 116163.7)
  • 2442, Feb 13 - Separated from Alden Vallar. (Stardate:119119.2)

Service Record

  • 2410 SF O-1.png : 2432, May 15 - Attended Starfleet Medical. Participated in Residency Program as Post-Graduate (Ensign) (Stardate: 109370.79)
  • 2410 SF O-3.png : 2436, Sep 03 - Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (Stardate: 113675.35)
  • 2410 SF O-3.png : 2437, Mar 07 - The USS Agamemnon (NCC-92101) escapes the Temporal Anomaly, with a loss of 47 days of time (Stardate: 114179.79)
  • 2410 SF O-4.png : 2440, Oct 02 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. (Stardate 117752.17)
  • 2410 SF O-5.png : 2444, Apr 16 - Promoted to Commander (Stardate 124292.06)

Certifications and Citations

  • Medical Equipment Certification
  • Medical Triage Certification

Awards and Decorations

Fleet-and-marine-corps-medal.pngMedal-of-valor.png Bronze-star-2x.png
Golden-starburst.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry.png Purple-heart.png Defense-meritorious-service-medal.png
Meritorious-service-medal-2x.png Space-medal.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png Starfleet-commendation-medal-3x.png
Combat-action-ribbon-10x.png Starfleet-unit-excellence-ribbon.png Good-conduct-medal.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png
Row 1 Fleet and Marine Corps Medal Medal of Valor Bronze Star (x2)
Row 2 Golden Starburst Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry Purple Heart Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Row 3 Meritorious Service Medal (x2) Space Medal Joint Service Medal of Achievement Starfleet Commendation Medal (x3)
Row 4 Combat Action Ribbon (x12) Starfleet Unit Excellence Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Border Patrol Service Ribbon
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