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Ael'Dhael i-Ramnau t'Tai
Rank: Riov Riov
Title: Riov, RMV d'Talla RMIN-28700
Race: Rihannsu
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire (Galae)

Ael'Dhael i-Ramnau t'Tai is a Galae Military Commander, gifted Scientist and Engineer, and former member of the Kiith Diplomatic Corps. Her long professional history has spanned the civilian and military realms, and she is a veteran of the Borg War, the Breen War and the Galaxy Alliance Freedom War. She is currently the commanding officer of the RMV d'Talla RMIN-28700.


Starfleet Intelligence Profile

This information is considered ICly available for Starfleet Command officers

Starfleet Intelligence considers Ael'Dhael to be an enigmatic, if ineffective, Commander in the Galae. As compared to most of her peers in Galae Command, Ael'Dhael started her career as a Scientist and Engineer, and has served in the Kiith (or Romulan Diplomatic Corps). As such, she is considered unpredictable as compared to other more traditional Romulan Commanders. However, it is this background that also makes her ineffective: Intelligence sources state a succession of Political and Diplomatic officers have been assigned to the RMV d'Talla, and serve to actively undermine her authority. Starfleet Command believes her unorthodox background is considered a shortfall by the Tal Shiar, who keep her under close supervision in her missions. This reduces her crew's loyalty and effectiveness.

Ael'Dhael served with distinction in Starfleet during the Borg War as a starship weapons scientist, as a Diplomat to the Alliance after the Romulan secession, and as a naval science officer in the Galae during the Breen War. She is believed to have held senior positions in Galae Weapons and Starship Design, as she served a term as a civilian at Vorta Vor Shipyards (which Starfleet believes also provided weapons research to the Galae) and was assigned to something called the Tagor Project, involving some sort of radical new starship design that has since been abandoned by the Galae. She was also loaned to the Alliance Defense Force as a personal representative of Praetor Mandukar'us during the Freedom War and served as an Exchange Officer to Starfleet aboard the USS Defiant as its Chief Science Officer.


Ael'Dhael was born in the small city of i'Ramnau, ch'Rihan to a family of the lower house of Tai. The Tai family has always been decorated as a highly scientific family, whose members had contributed much to Rihannsu Scientific Technology. The di'ranov of the house was a Stellar Cartographer, who returned home to ch'Rihan when his father had died. His ri'nanov was a biotechnologist who worked at the ch'Rihan Sciences Afvien'llais.

Ael'Dhael's early life was shaped firmly by her di'ranov, accenting the tough ideals of the Rihannsu. She was taught about all sorts of different sciences by the different members of her family from the time that she was able to understand stories, all the way until she left home. She was taken to some of the most amazing Stellar Scientific phenomenon in Rihannsu space, as well as the various geological areas found on ch'Rihan and ch'Havran. Not only this, but she was also brought up with the ideals of the Galae members in her family.

This continued on until she reached the age of adulthood. Although she had been very used to Space Travel, she was never taught how to pilot a vessel. This is when she decided to head off to one of the many Rihannsu Phi'lasasam. She took as many of the scientific classes as possible, as well as all the standard Galae classes. Just leaving the Afvien'llais, she tried to get a position on a Galae Scientific vessel. Imagine her joy when he was accepted.

Working hard upon her Science vessel, she helped to catalog and scan various stellar phenemon found within the Empire's territory. Throughout the years she slowly rose in rank, and worked as hard as possible to advance Rihannsu Sciences.

About this time, The Galaxy Alliance formed and her entire xenophobic life was shattered. Forced to work with a number of different species, she slowly became more tolerant of others as she worked in Starfleet. In fact, by the time the Rihannsu suceeded from the Alliance, she was already applying for a position in the Kiith, instead of her normal sciences job. Spending a number of years in the Kiith services, helping relations between the Alliance and the Rihannsu Stelam Empire, she started yearning for her old Scientist days. Returning to ch'Rihan, she began her work in a small observation outpost orbiting the planets.

News of Starfleet slowly crept into the Empire's space, depicting the Breen War. After the announcement of the Rihannsu joining the war, Ael'Dhael knew she had to rejoin the Galae. Leaving the research station, she was reassigned to one of the Galae's Warbirds in their sciences department. She worked hard to bring the glory of the empire upon the Breen with her expiraments in making Rihannsu technology more efficient.

After the 18th fleet left the warzone, Ael'Dhael has returned to ch'Rihan for the time being. She now waits for a new assignment in the Galae, one that can continue to help her scientific appetite, yet still bring glory and honor to the Rihannsu Stelam Empire!

Service Record


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