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Ael'Ihhuein i-Mhiessan t'Sahehn
Vital Statistics
Rank Commodore
2410 SF O-6a.png
Title Commanding Officer USS Enterprise
Race Rihannsu
Gender Female
Affiliation Starfleet, (Exploration Command)

Ael'Ihhuein i-Mhiessan Adamson t'Sahehn (born September 2353) is the Rihannsu-born Chief Operating Officer & Creative Director of Janet Laurels Galactic Living, a position she has held since 2402. In late 2416 Ael'Ihhuein had announced in a press release of the establishment of s'Sahehn a governmentally neutral Hfihar located near Lake Cataria on the planet of Betazed. Currently Ael'Ihhuein is serving her 4th tour to the Gamma Quadrant



Ael'Ihhuein was born the only child of her family, a traditional Rihannsu family living near the religious capital of Mhiessan, named after the elements that chose her parents, Air and Water she is the daughter of Nn'khiy i-Theijhoi t'Tei (Priestess of the Ihhuein at the Mhiessan Temple) and S'harien i-Ra'tleihfi tr'Llaehnn (a Ilnetha'aihrifv merchant), she was raised with a healthy passion for the arts and is a talented painter and musician who spent most of her youth either learning about spiritual affairs from her ri'nanov and partaking in hunting practices with her di'ranov.

As a deeply spiritual Rihanna, Ael'Ihhuein spent several years studying at the temple on ch'Rihan as her earliest aspirations in life was to be a Priestess of the Ihhuein shrine the element of which is closely associated with her life. These aspirations of being a Priestess changed eventually due to pressures from her ri'nanov to continue a career in the Kiith, due to her talents in the spoken word and that certain grace she always carried with herself. She spent several years studying in a prominent Rihannsu University studying Psychology and Sociology. When the Alliance was formed, Ael'Ihhuein was traded with the Federation in an attempt to form closer bonds, she opted to add to her higher education through an Earth University and applied to Starfleet where she had chosen to stay, not for outward desire to do so.

Her integration into Starfleet life has always been a struggle for her. She came to them deeply afflicted with her Rihannsu Xenophobic nature, she always has some air of superiority about her that, while not blatant, is still an underlying tone of her behaviour. She's passionately religious and dutifully faithful to her Elemental faith and specifically to the Ihhuein. Her strong affluence with water has even manifested itself to a minor reluctance of Flames.

Service Record

Medals awarded

Distinguished-service-medal.png Defense-superior-service-medal.png Citation-for-conspicuous-gallantry.png Silver-palm.png
Meritorious-service-medal.png Space Medal Alliance-intelligence-medal-of-achievement-3x.png Joint-service-medal-of-achievement.png
Combat Action Ribbon (x5) Command Service Medal Starfleet-unit-commendation-ribbon-3x.png Good Conduct Medal
Milky-way-exploration-ribbon-abg.png Exploration-service-ribbon.png Border-patrol-service-ribbon.png Installation-service-ribbon.png
Intelligence-service-ribbon.png Bajoran-service-ribbon.png Third-tzenkethi-war-ribbon-c1.png Starfleet Academy Citation for Academic Distinction
Row 1 Distinguished Service Medal Defense Superior Service Medal Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry Silver Palm
Row 2 Meritorious Service Medal Space Medal Alliance Intelligence Medal of Achievement
(with two silver award stars)
Joint Service Medal of Achievement
Row 3 Combat Action Ribbon
(with four silver award stars)
Command Service Medal
(with three silver award stars)
Starfleet Unit Commendation Ribbon
(with two silver award stars)
Good Conduct Medal
(with one gold and three silver award stars)
Row 4 Milky Way Exploration Ribbon
(with Alpha, Beta, and Gamma devices)
Exploration Service Ribbon Border Patrol Service Ribbon Installation Service Ribbon
Row 5 Intelligence Service Ribbon Bajoran Service Ribbon Third Tzenkethi War Ribbon
(with one campaign star)
Starfleet Academy Citation
for Academic Distinction


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