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Aidon Sibias

Rank Lieutenant
Title Executive Officer, SBR Faikaru
Race Bajoran
Gender Male
Affiliation Bajoran Navy

Sibias was born on the date April 14, 2378, on Starbase 902. He is one of the two only children of his generation along the Aidon line. His only brother, Aidon Flin, is only 5 years younger. Their parents were both in the Fleet, as medical examiners, however, Sibias had is own ideas. Flin had, however, decided to follow after his parents.

As a child, Sibias often liked to trek through the jefferies tubes, partially because he thought it was a thrill, and also because he had found a secluded space in which he could be by himself when he wanted to. The only person to really know of where it was were his parents...and maybe the occassional engineer that came through the area on maintenance tasks.

As he grew older, he eventually grew out of having his own hiding spot, and more so found the arbortorium to be more relaxing than the tubes, even watching holo-vids (action, adventure, the likes). He had come to know 902 as his home, though sometimes he had went on trips to the planet below, and others with his parents. At age of 11, however, the place he called home would dramatically change.

The destruction of Starbase 902 had left Aidon and his family homeless, however, his parents were stationed a medical Starship to provide aid to those that were wounded in the battle between the Resistance Movement and the Alliance. Sibias would then help people get settled as best he could, and even in some cases, relocate to Bajor for those that were beamed off by surrounding Starfleet ships.

Aidon would remain on a Starship for quite sometime, and he would continue his schooling there, and continue doing what he likes doing best...helping others. At the age of 17, he was accepted into the Academy with his parents consent.


Medals Awards/Citations
  • Hand-to-Hand Certification
  • Security Certification
  • Unrestricted Line Officer
  • Weapons Certification
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