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Kaliq al-Malik
Position: General Manager
Title: Design and Construction Manager
Race: Terran
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance
(Stellar Dynamics Systems)

Kaliq bin Tariq al-Urd'misri al-Malik is presently the Design and Construction Manager at Stellar Dynamics Shipyards on Tranquility Station. A former Asiram Scholar, he received the bulk of his architectural education within the Romulan Empire's Garidian School of Architecture.


Kaliq, He who Creates, son of Tariq, of the Terran Sands of Egypt and Servant of the Sovereign God was born on the Terran colony of Cestus III in the year 2368. Having left the lands of their ancestors only four years prior, the Maliks were hoping to stake out their own life on the remote colony near the Gorn Border. Thanks to their remote location, Kaliq grew up with little disruption by the Borg War.

Kaliq was so named by his family because he was clearly set to follow in his father's footsteps. His father had quickly established himself on the colony as a construction engineer, rising in the few years to be the head of the colony's new constructions. Kaliq was expected to assist for much of his early life, and proved to be a surprisingly good architect. His mother, an irrigation architect for the colony's expansive food production facilities, helped to encourage the child towards the building trades. Even as he worked through his primary and secondary schools, and worked on the evening and weekends with his father, Kaliq dreamed of leaving his desert colony and making it out in the stars.

Kaliq performed exceptionally enough in his studies that he won a prized Asiram Scholarship, allowing him to study as an expatriate within the Romulan Empire. He was able to score admission at the Garidian School of Architecture on Garid, and excelled in his studies even as his grades reflected only mediocrity by the xenophobic proto-vulcanoid natives. Kaliq had a very difficult time on Garid, making few friends and typically remaining to himself as he studied mostly space station architecture. Nonetheless, he endured until graduation, when he was immediately removed from Romulan Space at the end of the government's agreement for education exchange.

With few connections in the galaxy, Kaliq sent applications to every shipfitter in the quadrant, and was finally able to score an internship at Stellar Dynamic Shipyards in Unclaimed Space. He rose to the occasion quickly, even as he was the junior-most member of their team, continually asking for more and more responsibility as he helped design ships and stations with the more experienced Engineers. Upon the conclusion of his internship, he was offered a position as a Junior Architect, which he gladly accepted, and helped in the process to move SDS, Mirobia and Eden Stations to their new locations outside of the Alliance.

With the Freedom War raging, Kaliq escaped SDS just as Starfleet blockaded the three stations, and rather than waiting out their sentries, decided to find new opportunities. He spent the next ten years bouncing around from one shipfitter or colony to another, in some cases acting as a designer, in others monitoring construction, in others serving as a consultant to colonial building projects. In architecture circles, he began making a name for himself as a talented construction engineer, designer and consultant.

They say when you find your 'village,' you always find your way back there. And so, as God would have it, Kaliq bumped into an Annalisa Pierson at one of the galaxy's construction expos. A few meetings later and he was packing up his things and returning home to Stellar Dynamics Shipyards, now on Tranquility Station, to head their Design and Construction Departments.

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