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Alistair Taam
Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Galaxy Alliance

Alistair Taam (born (9 October 2386) is a Betazoid singer, songwriter, actor, author and holovid presentor.

Taam's childhood and early adulthood were marked with personal misfortunate and addiction. After successfully exiting rehab, he achieved fame in the Alpha quadrant for his debut album "Felicium Dreams." Although he had previously been cast in various holo-music videos, his first major appearance was in the holo-music vido for the smash hit "Dabo Face" by former girlfriend Madam Lala.

Alistair is noted for his eccentricity and his controversies in the media, including his dismissal from HMV for dressing up as a Skull fleet captain and controversies while presenting at various award ceremonies. His prior drug use and promiscuity influenced his musical material and public image.


Early Life

Alistair was born in Rixx, Betazed, the only child of politician Anara Elizabeth and musician Reginald "Regi" Alvia. Alistair's parents separated when he was six months old, and he was raised by his mother, living a relatively isolated and lonely childhood. When he was 6, Alistair's mother remarried into the highly political and noble Taam family to the youngest child Conrad Taam and due to their higher political status, she chose to take her husband's name. By the age of 16, Alistair had left home because of differences with his mother's new husband and he began using recreational drugs such as: Felicium, Tropolisine and Impedrezene. He had a very strange relationship with his now adoptive father Conrad Tamm, who often brought the teen to Orion cat-houses during political trips.

Alistair attended Karawati's School of Performing Arts College, a comprehensive school in Rixx. He made his theatrical and musical debut at the age of 17, playing the role of "Lestrad" in a school musical production of "Death of a Noble." which prompted him to become a performer. He began working as a backup singing and applied to study at the Medara Conti Academy. When he was accepted, his step-family funded his tuition for an introductory year, with the potential funding for three additional years. He joined the academy at the age of 18, but was later expelled during his introductory year for his bad behaviour and use of drugs. Afterwards, Alistair had small musical gigs across Betazed.


Felicium Dreams Tour

Alistair's first significant musical performance was that the Rose concert hall in the Rosaean Resort Hotel on Risa. Although his show wasn't packed, his performance attracted the attention of an agent, Nikolaus Gr'aal from Orion. That year, he also made his Orion debut as the opening act for the popular female Deltan musical Trio "Fate's Offspring."

By the time he was 20, he took his first one-man show to San Francisco (Earth), where he performed pieces from his debut album "Felicium Dreams" which was a performance art piece giving an honest account of his Felicium addiction. The following year, he launched his first quadrant-wide tour. His lyrics drew on embarrassing incidents in his own life and the tabloid press's treatment of him in relation to the Taam family since he became more well known.

Personal Life

D'brasy Awards

After a string of high-profile relationships, Alistair Taam developed a reputation in the press as a philanderer and his dating life "won" him the D'brasy "Shagger of the Year" award two years in a row. There has been rumours the award will be renamed "The Alistair Taam Shagger of the Year Award" in honour of his winning two years in a row. Most notably he dated orion actress Ta'la Daise for three months and Deltan singer/songwriter "Madam Lala." The first met in mid 2408 when she was filming the music holovid for her hit single "Dabo Face" where he was filming a cameo appearance.

Substance abuse and legal issues

Alistair is a former Felicium and sex addict and recovering alcoholic. He has had numerous run-ins with the Galaxy Alliance security forces, having been arrested 13 times. During the time of his addiction, he was well known for his debauchery. Alistair was ejected from Morn's Place on Deep Space Nine, after severe public intoxication. He has told the media that he's been abstaining from drugs since early 2408. On 16 September 2408, Alistair was arrested on suspected battery charges after he allegedly attacked a PNN paparazzo who blocked his way to catch a shuttle at the an San Francisco Starport on Earth. On 17 September, he was released from custody after posting 20,000 credit bail. Holovid footage of this incident was later sent to PNN. Former girlfriend and best friend "Madam Lala" later defended his actions and offered insight to his outburst, posting on P6 that, "If you cross the line and try to put a lens up his crotch, he'll kick your ass."


  • Felicium Dreams - 2406
  • To Orion and Back - 2407
  • To the Next Quadrant - 2408 In Recording

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