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Alkris of Ma'al
Alkris Bio.png
Vital Statistics
Race Klingon
Gender Female
Affiliation Galactic Alliance, ()


Physical Description

The five foot nine caramel skinned female Klingon before you has a toned athletic frame which starts with a broad set of shoulders that taper down to a narrower set of hips, as with most females of her race she has an ample bosom but this does not detract from her well maintained muscular body. Her skin is well kept and she has no facial scars but there are others across her body from a childhood of playing rough. Most noticeable is an arched slightly pale coloured scar that runs from the bottom of her ribs between her breasts before moving over the top of her right breast toward her collar bone.

She has clearly defined ridges that run from her slightly wide nose, over her head and down her back. Her face is well proportioned, with a slightly narrow forehead, jawline and chin; her cheek bones are considered to be high and set her dark brown almond shaped eyes deep. Her lips are a darker shade of caramel and lack a defined cupid’s bow but both lips share a similar thickness. As she talks her nasolabial creases are clear, most humanoids would call them laugh lines but Alkris does not and her teeth … would you really want to see a Klingon’s teeth?

A top her head falls chin length shaggy curly hair, its full volume but is a dull dark brown with a slightly hint of red. Her distinct brows lightly curve and slightly unkept that match the curve of her lower lid stopping neatly at the edge of her eye socket.


Early Life

On a warm November evening on Qo’nos 2388, N’mak of the great house of Ma’al celebrated the birth of his second child and his first daughter, Alkris by his mate Vixis. As the galaxy had just begun its steps into a new war, a civil war there was much honour to be had in glorious battles and N’mak was not going to let this opportunity surpass him. His first time in command was sure to be his last, as he was killed during the battle of Starbase 902 and left a pregnant Vixis celebrating in his honour. The children of N’mak had much to live up to and as the house expanded there were sure to be many challenges to face and warriors to be made.

As with every Klingon Alkris matured quickly and begun her training with the other young of her house, they worked hard to hone their skills so they may be worthy enough to be called a Warrior and trained daily in various styles of combat. Most became skilled with the use of traditional Klingon blades however the young female found herself more suited to unarmed combat, being very dexterous and using her non-dominant hand with the greatest of ease; as she practiced further she also picked up ambidexterity with small blades as well. During a heated sparring session with her older brother J’axa she was injured by a bat’leth as it slashed across her chest, she had fought valiantly and over time she recovered as her mother deemed it to be a mere flesh wound. Jak’tahla came to the young girl just before her 8th birthday, it gave Alkris with a sense of pride as well as filling out her boxier frame with more delicate curves to her athletic build accentuating the fact she as indeed female. As she continued through this phase her mood swings were violent and had to be forcibly controlled by intensive sessions of sparring to channel her anger into a more useful past time, improving her skills with use of a blade. The gorches that marked her skin were another visible sign that she would soon be ready to claim a mate and bring further honour to her house.


With the beginning and end of the Tzenkethi war came the loss of J’axa and a cause for further celebration of the house of Ma’al. Seeing this celebration also came with the decision to become a warrior in her own right and to join Starfleet where the chance of many great battle could be fought. As Alkris prepared to transfer to the Academy her mother made it quite clear to her she was not to have Jinaq bestowed upon her as she was yet to find herself worthy, the young woman was angered by this but begun her training none the less. She was to become a tactical officer to prove her worth in more honourable forms of confrontation, face to face as a security officer. During her shore leave after her first year she performed the Rite of Ascension in attempt to continue her path to greatness, with each step she passed through the pain with a quiet grunt staggering with each jab of the painstiks but this did little to reassure her mother. Her time at the academy passed with little incident, she excelled in hand to hand combat and hand held weapons but that was to be expected and she often took part in more physical extracurricular activities having a natural capability for wrestling, even challenging her male counterparts.

Toward the end of her time in the Academy Alkris journeyed to the caves of No’Mat to take the Rite of MajQa, her father came to her during her meditation. N’mak was a great warrior who had been pulled from Sto’Vo’Kor, he was sated on bloodwine but carried a warning for her. Dishonour will come to those who cannot control themselves and watch those who lay waiting in shadows. Upon graduating the standard academy curriculum she was made an Ensign and continued on with her studies at the Starfleet Tactical College. Vixis took the journey to Earth, waiting for her daughter to present her with Jinaq, a battered silver and gold necklace on the condition that she would return to Qo’nos in search of a mate her mother deemed to be suitable as Mistress of Ma’al. The two years at college passed quickly and she was made a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) to reflect her skill and development through her studies and improvements, she was assigned to the a Nova class vessel as a Security officer where she quickly took to her duties and made every attempt to actively report changes.

Keeping her promise to her mother was going to be difficult, but she made several visits back to her home world over the years, before tasting the blood of a male known as Drex. He was well thought of and challenged her ideas on what was honourable, from a minor house he would join Ma’al given if he was confirmed as an acceptable mate by the Mistress. Vixis gave her ‘blessing’ and asked Alkris to bring much honour to the house, the pair were married on Qo’nos in a traditional Klingon ceremony followed by raucous celebrations with the consumption of many vintage bottles of bloodwine as they moved away to consummate their union. After four years of service she had made mistakes but also learnt from them, she had the chance to hold her ground and prove her worth to superiors with the following of a commendation and later promotion to Lieutenant. Swiftly she was reassigned to another flagship in the fleet with the position of Chief of Security, a welcome challenge in its own right. She established things without hesitation and held contempt against those who lacked drive and ability, she was a hard task master and that was quickly recognised by her staff who either hated her or changed their ways. Shortly after her reassignment Alkris was hit by a miscarriage, her first attempt to raise offspring had failed and this was a massive blow to her. Privately she confided in Drex who did his best to comfort her at a distance, she built a façade that protected her from the pain - calling her unborn child weak and unfit to bear the name Ma’al, even though in her mind it tore her to pieces.

Trying to reaffirm her warrior mentality Alkris relived her Rite of Ascension on the ship’s holodeck, it was little over ten years since she had initially performed the rite but it helped her regain her poise and reminded her that with success comes pain that shapes a warrior. Years later the Entropy returned to Spacedock where it then went on for a refit causing the Klingon to be reassigned as a general Tactical officer and beginning to head into command and operations. Drex took up residence on Spacedock between his runs as Captain of an Alliance vessel, the pair had been trying for some time to expand their family with little results for their efforts. She actively sought conflict situations whilst her husband was away, difficult security details with the Admiralty – anything to keep her mind away from the failure she was to her house. Ten years had passed since her marriage to Drex, they had formed a bond she never thought she could with another and they were completely honest with each other even though it pained her to be so open and vulnerable. Receiving another letter of commendation regarding her shaping the stations security team she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, shortly after she returned to Qo’nos midway through her second pregnancy.

Alkris was hopeful and her mother was proud that she may see a grandchild and another heir within the house of Ma’al, but it was not to be. A month before she was due to give birth when tragedy struck again, the reasons for the loss never really sunk in and all that managed to claw its way into her mind was the failure. Drex tried his best to console her, the pain ran deep and she was given a period of leave with the offer of counselling her through the loss. Shortly after returning to duty several months after the loss of her child she was encouraged to retake the Rite of Ascension by her mate, surrounded by her colleagues and love. As the painstiks pushed her on, she heard a voice of doubt; a single voice that was louder than all the others. Another officer vocally challenging her rite to ascend, their own ignorance enraged her. All the pain and hurt she had harboured for so long was unleased on an unknowing victim, someone who was supposedly there to support her through her pain. Everything coursed through her, hate, pain and fear; it urged her on with each stroke of her fist against his face. She had to be prized from him by three security officers, it was like her actions where in slow motion and lasted a lifetime. The three officers pulled her from the body, she flailed sending her limbs out in all directions and her head thrown back to bite on the neck of another. The officers would survive which was fortunate for her due to the lesser charges that would be raised against her.


On finally being detained, she was processed and prosecuted. Alkris was dishonourably discharged and sentence to two years on Rura Penthe, not only was she cast out from Starfleet but she was also stripped of her honour within her house and shunned. Her husband remained loyal and supportive to her in her fragile state of mind and she begun to serve her time, she made a special effort to keep out of trouble and focus on her physical fitness. Little over a year into her sentence news came that her beloved husband had died during a challenge that had been made against her honour, now she had lost the one person who understood her grief because he wouldn’t accept another disrespecting his mate. An inmate begun to play on her grief until Alkris could no longer restrain herself, she lashed out causing a minor injury by Klingon standards but this run in added another year to her time. Knowing that she would need to comply with mandatory counselling for her grief and aggression, the woman did as she was told as if it was another order from command. She took a more social stance in her daily activities and gained a placement within a work scheme, as well as the level of trust that came with it. It would have to be done if she wanted to leave this living Gre'thor.

The guards saw a marked improvement in her behaviour and undertakings, her counsellor suggested that she put forward a parole request for the last 6 months of her sentence and Alkris gladly did so. Even with her overly assertive request the board approved her parole on the grounds that she met the demands of her officer, seeking employment and a safe living environment. So begun her return to the apparently civilised world, she was still pained by the loss of her husband and planned to honour his death upon leaving in the hope that she had not tainted him on the path to Sto’Vo’Kor. She promised to never again be subject to the trap of militarised ideals that fail to teach understanding of cultural differences, but to regain honour with her family and prove she is the true warrior she had trained to be.




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