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Alliance Medal of Honor
Starfleet Personal Decoration
Awarded by
Alliance Chancellor
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Starfleet Cross Alliance Medal of Honor
None, highest honor

The Alliance Medal of Honor (abbrev.: AMH), also known simply as the Medal of Honor, is the highest military honor within the Galaxy Alliance, awarded for personal acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty. This medal is awarded by the Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance in the name of the Alliance Council, and is issued to members of the Alliance military only. This medal is classified as a Starfleet personal decoration and is first in the order of precedence.



This medal finds its origins in its predecessor award used by the United Federation of Planets, known as the Federation Medal of Honor. In mid-2367, during the formation of the Galaxy Alliance, many of the former Federation's traditions were carried into this new organization, including those of its military body, Starfleet. Though it was originally known between 2367 and 2369 as the "Council Medal of Honor," it was renamed to the Alliance Medal of Honor by the Alliance Council in 2370.

The Alliance's first recipient of this medal was then-Rear Admiral Ruao Sarjanna of Bajor in 2371.


There are two versions of the Medal of Honor presently authorized for wear on the uniformed armed service of the Galaxy Alliance, typically Starfleet uniforms. The first version is one worn around the neck, and the other is a smaller service ribbon worn with other similar awards worn on the right breast of the uniform.

Full Medal

The full medal is a gold five-point star with trefoiled tips, surrounded by a gold laurel wreath, surmounted by the Starfleet Delta Shield. In the center of the star lies the Seal of the Galaxy Alliance. On the reverse of the star are the words "THE COUNCIL TO" with a space for the name of the recipient.

Neck Ribbon

Since its inception in 2367, the Medal of Honor has been attached to a blue colored silk ribbon, approximately 30mm in width and 550mm in length. The center of the ribbon displays three four-point white stars, representing the original three signatories to the Alliance; the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, and the Rihannsu Stelam Aevumith. The Medal of Honor is one of three medals that can be worn from the neck; the others being the Commander's Degree of the Legion of Merit and the Legion of Honor.

Service Ribbon

The Alliance Council authorized a smaller ribbon to be worn in lieu of the full medal and ribbon. A service ribbon was created in 2367 to accompany the presentation of the full medal. It is the same blue as the neck ribbon of the full medal and carries the three white four-point stars, with two on top and one on the bottom. According to the Ministry of Defense, the display of the Medal of Honor service ribbon is to be placed first or top position in the order of precedence and should be worn for any situations or occasions requiring less than full dress or mess dress military uniforms.

Additional Awards

In the event that a Medal of Honor recipient should find him or herself receiving an additional Medal, uniform regulations state that an additional ribbon is to be worn. Award stars or other devices or attachments are not authorized to be worn with the service or neck ribbon on uniforms on any Starfleet uniform.


A special flag for Medal of Honor winners was designed in a contest in 2371, in advance of the presentation of the first award. The flag is a blue field with the three white four-point stars in the same formation as on the neck ribbon. The top, bottom, and end of the flag is lined with a gold fringe.


Determination of a Medal of Honor awardee goes through a very stringent process, beginning with the nomination of a military member through the chain of command, to a council of selection, a decision, and finally, the presentation.


Nominations for the Medal of Honor are accepted via the same process as every other personal decoration available from the Galaxy Alliance; they are nominated by written instrument from their commanding officer. Alternatively, nominations can be submitted directly from members of the Alliance Government; a Councillor, a Minister, or the Chancellor. All nominations are funneled into the Starfleet Bureau of Personnel's Recognition Review Board (RRB). The RRB performs a majority of award investigations to vet and confirm the claims made by the nomination. Once the RRB has completed its report, that report is submitted to the awarding authority (Chancellor) for final decision.


Due to the nature of the Medal of Honor, a public presentation ceremony will often be conducted in a formal setting (Palais de la Concorde) or a historical setting (Starbase Deep Space 9). The incumbent Chancellor must be present to conduct the ceremony and convey the Medal to his or her chosen recipient. The recipient's family and friend are given priority seating for the event, and many Alliance dignitaries will likely be in attendance for the duration. After the presentation ceremony, there has been a reception or celebration to extend the festivities on such an occasion.

Authority and Privileges

Authority to convey the Medal of Honor is outlined in Alliance law, specially section 66 of the Galaxy Alliance Public Code #47:

The Chancellor may award and present, in the name of the Council, a medal of honor of appropriate design, to any person while a member of the Armed Force of the Galaxy Alliance who has distinguished him or herself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty.

Privileges and Courtesies

Any recipient of the Medal of Honor is conferred special privileges by law and by tradition:

  • Recipients are automatically entered on the official roll located at the Palais de la Concorde.
  • Recipients are further provided with additional pay stipends above their base pay.
  • Recipients may be transported via military craft to any destination within the network of Starbases, Outposts, and other installations where a Starfleet duty station is located. Recipients are not authorized to divert any Starfleet vessel or craft to a destination not within said network.
  • Recipients dependents are eligible for admission into Starfleet Academy without regard to the nomination and quota requirements.
  • Recipients are automatically invited to all future inaugurations of the Chancellor as well as the subsequent balls and parties officially conducted by the government.
  • Recipients are rendered salutes in the archaic style (hand to eyebrow) by all uniformed military personnel as a matter of respect and courtesy, regardless of rank or status.


bold typeface indicates person is still on active duty.
  1. Admiral Ruao Sarjanna - Awarded on Stardate 49827.44 for her "gallant leadership in bringing USS Shutsugun back to Alliance space from the Delta Quadrant."
  2. Captain Sheila J. Palmer† - Awarded posthumously on Stardate 69022.65 for her "ultimate sacrifice in ensuring her crew's survival" during the Freedom War.
  3. Branch Admiral Teral Danek† - Awarded posthumously on Stardate 116198.69 for his "gallant actions in the face of death" while under fire from the Galactic Dominion.

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