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Did you mean Ambrosia Trasera?

The Kingdom of Eden
Registered Name: Ambrosia Incorporated
Doing Business As: The Kingdom of Eden
Type: Corporation, Privately Owned
Owner: Ciprino Croda (Missing)
Trex Trasera
Headquarters: Kingdom of Eden, Beerax IX
Primary Services: Recreation and Tourism
Trade and Freight
Scientific and Medical Research

Ambrosia Incorporated is a Beeraxi quasi-governmental corporation with business permits to operate in the Galaxy Alliance and Democratic Republic of Bajor. Best known for their quirky and often eccentric way of doing business, the company refers to itself as The Kingdom of Eden and structures itself reminiscent of an ancient Terran monarchy. The corporation owns and operates two-fifths of Beerax IX's provinces, the Duchy d'Ambrose resort and the orbiting Kingdom of Eden Station.


Company Divisions

Ambrosia Incorporated operates three distinct business units: tourism and recreation, trade and supply, and scientific research.

Tourism and Recreation

Ambrosia's primary business is that of recreation. To this end it operates a number of recreational facilities and services designed to attract vacationers and capture a portion of the booming tourism industry. The Recreation Division operates the following facilities:

* Castle d'Ambrose A beach-side resort upon the planet Beerax IX. The Castle is refurbished to offer all the modern amenities while remaining as close as possible to its classic Human roots. Guests to the Castle can utilize any of its themed Guest Suites or stay in the nearby castle town, and can look forward to a relaxing use of its Library and Banquet facilities, luxurious spa and gymnasium and extensive congregation areas. The Castle also serves as the Seat of Government for the Eden Province of the planet Beerax IX and is one of the facilities that houses employees of the company.
* Duchy d'Ambrose Ambrosia Incorporated governs a small province in the southern hemisphere of the planet Beerax IX. As a tiny peninsula, d'Ambrose holds luscious beaches and beautiful green plains. The only signs of civilization are the Castle d'Ambrose and its nearby castle town, accepting both new residents and visitors.
* Kingdom of Eden A station in orbit of Beerax IX. It is decorated as though it were an ancient Terran castle town, with amusements and resort attractions including a roller coaster that extends out into space.

As its primary source of activities, all members of Ambrosia's senior leadership and operations staff are members of the recreation division. Employees within the Recreation Division include events staff, entertainers, facilities, vacation services and hospitality, as well as Ambrosia Incorporated's accounting, operations and human resources staff.

Trade and Supply

Both to support its extensive recreational facilities and thanks to its position as a part of the planet Beerax IX, Ambrosia operates a sizable logistics and supply organization, including:

* Kingdom of Eden Created after the loss of Mirobia Station, the Kingdom of Eden serves as the main civilian docking port for the Beerax Sector and a central location for traders to meet and sell their goods to each other and on the surface of Beerax.
* Trade fleet The Trade Division operates a sizable fleet of freighters ranging from tiny warpshuttles up to some of the largest freighters in the galaxy.


The Scientia Division of the Sciences is a fully-featured scientific research organization focusing on astrophysics and the biomedical Sciences. It operates:

* Research fleet Scientia operates a small fleet of research vessels that can be used to investigate subspace phenomena. The fleet's flagship is currently the CCV Scientia II.
* Health Facilities Affiliated with the Galactic Red Cross, Scientia operates an emergency medical ship as well as medical facilities aboard a number of its vessels and Kingdom of Eden Station, serving patients as an emergency, long-term and general practice care facility.
* Contract Research Scientia can be contracted to investigate unknown phenomena by both private and public entities, and has a long track record of results. In the past, Scientia has performed Geological Survey work for the Alliance Science Council, spacial phenomena investigation for a number of corporations and biomedical research for the Galactic Red Cross and the Alliance Ministry of Health and Medicine.

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