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Amina Yassin
Character Overview
Status: Alive
Race: El-Aurian
Biographical Information
Date of Birth: September 2197
Place of Birth: Rigel III
Gender: Female
Parents: Casho Yassin (father)
Hani Yassin (mother)
Siblings: Four (Younger Siblings)
Spouse: None
Children: None
OOC Information
Played By: Iman


There was once a time of peace, when the only thing that was disconcerting were the various planetary governments and their endless power struggles. Amina Yassin remembers such times, born in September 2197 on one of the Federation planets, Rigel III. The firstborn and daughter to Casho and Hani Yassin, she grew up as a child aware of her heritage and the seemingly implied necessity to observe and listen. Like her parents, Amina's studies gravitated towards histories of races that still exist and even others which had long since ceased to exist. Whether by supernova, spatial object destruction, by the inhabitants own poor decisions or that of others, the possibilities are as varied as there are stars in the universe.

To others looking in at the familial unit, it may be said that they were pacifists given their tendencies to not be eager to fight in conflict. More because of their outwardly appearance tendency to be engrossed in history.

While not the only child, it cant be said that shes close to all of them. At the time of her late teen years, there were four others varying in ages from five years her junior to ten. One set of twins, and two sisters.

As she grew older, Amina focused her studies once becoming of age to attend University anywhere she chose. Choosing the University of Alpha Centauri for her secondary education, it was the first time that she had been away from the Rigel system extensively and more importantly, on her own. As a child, she had been biddable and inquisitive. As an adult, she began to have more drive into how things worked and why. What would be the results of certain actions if given time to observe?

Taking a major in anthropology, and a minor in science, what would she do with such talents is something of a mixed bag. Most of her people tend to listen and gravitate towards medical and scientific pursuits. It was always more beneficial and fulfilling to many members of her family who have made various avenues their life's work.

As such, shes inclined to follow in the same path - with differences. Looking to the past makes one understand the present and quite possibly the future. She takes a different track in observing people, places and events. It also means preparing ones self adequately?

With that focus in mind, her anthropology doctorate studies were undertaken far away from Alpha Centauri but there would be other science based courses that she could and would take later. For now, there was a period of time that she explored the ruins on Tagus III and even others nearer to the Rigel system.

When war with the Borg came to the United Federation of Planets, Amina had spent decades doing various jobs. Teacher. Social Worker due to her ability to listen to people. Scholar. Initially when the fighting broke out, she wanted to help any way she could. And, in her mind, staying on a planet was not prudent when the Borg could come at any time and destroy everything.

And yet there was a time where Amina did exactly that. Stayed on a planet. Putting her learned or inherent skills to use.

Eventually, there came a time that she was given a chance to go on board a ship. It was to help those recently affected by the Borgs progress and they needed every set of hands from the colony world that she had been on at the time. While not a medic, she was a quick study for first aid. Nothing more was needed to be frank about it. Either they would live long enough for the Alliance medical staff or Starfleet to arrive or they wouldn't.

As a member of a civilian ship, her duties were twofold - logistics to keep the ship running with regards to whats needed, how much, when and where and to make contacts on various worlds. In that aspect, the latter requirement was easier when one considers her abilities.

It was observed by this crew that people seemed to open up and talk with her. As a result, Amina never tried but it also allowed her to discover the most random things. That Bollian trader? He wanted bolts of silk to trade but not the cargo of ale that the Andorians were offering. With learning comes a responsibility to know when it may be necessary to divulge. More often than not, it wasn't necessary. In that, she would know far more than shed let on at any given time.

What had meant to be a brief interlude turned into a longer extended stay on the SS Flounder. It wasn't the prettiest ship nor was it the most up to date technologically but it got the job done. As the years passed, there were skills that she picked up out of necessity in order to survive and help as needed by the rest of the crew.

History was right about something: War changed irrevocably changed everything.

And as much things changed, they also stayed the same.

In the aftermath of the Borg War the alliances forged then began to fall apart. It didn't impact her. She could easily go back to the Rigel system or anywhere else for that matter, where being a teacher was always possible or take steps to become a scientist. That, is something she sorely wanted to attend the university for. And subsequently, Amina did return but not to Alpha Centauri.

Opting to undertake scientific studies with an eye to a doctorate, the next phase of her life would be in space and traveling among the star systems.

The additional wars that would come were important. There would be no denial of that from anyone in her family. All information, all records of what happened would be important for recording history among her people.

By the same token, Amina would never get too involved - by choice. Whether or not that will change is entirely up to what happens.

With the passage of time, she had taken up with another ship and crew to undertake a position as a ship logistics coordinator. Responsible for logistic matters when not being a scientist, it also meant that she could interact with various people regardless of place. Yet, she still longs for her own ship and with that comes the possibility of crew so that she can do what she wishes along her own timetable without having to be held by another's standards.


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