An Afternoon Chat (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
30 Apr 2014
Promenade - Section B [Deep Space 9]
This part of the promenade is not quite as congested as the primary concourse, yet people course through the passages at a steady flow.

Senka is sitting at a table near one side of the promenade, a padd before him and a cup of Romulan latte cooling near his left hand.

Dihon makes his way around the promenade when he spots the Vulcan. He steps over to the table. "Good afternoon, Lieutenant." He's assuming it is afternoon.

Senka looks up from his padd. His mental shielding is in place, so only occasional emotional hints may leak through. If the Betazoid is particularly perceptive and aware of such things, he'd recognize that the Vulcan is using a blended mixture of Vulcan and Betazoid mental techniques. "Lieutenant," he murmurs in flawless Betazoid, "you are well?"

Dihon nods in reply, "I am, and yourself?" he replies in Betazoid. He does recognize the techniques.

Senka nods. "I am also well, Lieutenant Dihon. Your vessel's arrival has afforded many aboard station the opportunity to reconnect with friends and comrades in the service."

Dihon nods, "And to make new friends. It was a timely return. Do you enjoy working on the station?"

Steepling his fingers, Senka considers the question. "While enjoyment is an emotional response, I nonetheless find the work intrinsically rewarding and challenging. One has opportunities aboard an open port such as this that would not come to a medical officer aboard a starship."

Dihon considers that thought. "yes, I can see how that would be alluring. And all the new people you get to meet."

Senka nods. "Indeed. The civilian population is ever in flux." After a beat, he turns it around, still in Betazoid. "And yourself, Lieutenant Dihon, do you enjoy service with Captain Kainon Essa?"

Dihon nods to his new Vulcan friend. "Yeah, the Captain's pretty great. Easy to get along with. May I ask how you two became friends?" He asks in Betazoid.

Senka reflects on that. Part of it is a consideration of just how much to tell a fairly junior officer about his captain. Then again, it's Kainon. The Vulcan begins. "We met when he served and lived aboard this station. At that time, he was a commodore and in charge of Bajoran Defense Forces Security and Intelligence. Our initial encounters were unremarkable, and at first, I was uncertain how to interpret his personality. I would say that we came to one another's attention for the first time when I attempted to prevent someone from killing him. While Kainon was well able to defend himself and did not, in fact, require my assistance, he noted that I chose to put forth the effort, though I was unarmed." The Vulcan adds, "It was logical, of course."

Dihon thinks about that for a moment, and nods. Logical to him too. "Makes sense. And now you're best friends forever?"

Senka raises an eyebrow. "I am not certain of the meaning of that phrase. I should add that the mission that, if I may borrow an expression from our Terran colleagues, sealed our friendship, was when we combined our efforts in a most unorthodox and not entirely authorized rescue mission of a flag officer and mutual friend. It was a high risk mission for both Kainon and myself at separate times and in different ways. Following that mission, he refered to me as his friend. Unlike many beings, particularly humans, who use that term too loosely, his definition of friend seems much closer to Vulcan in its narrow scope. That is to say, a term not lightly bestowed. Ergo, I also call him friend. You may have been puzzled," he reflects, "by my gifting of your captain with a substantial quantity of alcohol on the occasion when you first encountered me."

Dihon smiles, "I had wondered, but a gift between true friends is nothing light. It was a kindness you paid him. I understand."

Senka nods. "Your situation in the Valo system was described as hopeless by more than one colleague aboard this station. However, I was logically certain, given my knowledge of your commanding officer's methods and personal inclinations, that your ship would return to port. I was certain that Kainon would outthink, outwhit, outmaneuver and where necessary, outfight the Cardassian forces opposing your vessel. I witnessed your entire final engagement on sensors. The whisky was merely a statement of my own logically induced certainty which was validated." A beat. "Did you launch the tricobalt devices from your station, Lieutenant? If not, what was your role during the engagement?"

Dihon tries to remember back, "I didn't, I believe another officer did. I had been indisposed with other duties, and was only on the bridge towards the end of the engagement."

Senka nods. "In any event, your return was not in doubt."

Dihon smiles. "Of course not. We are lead by an amazing person."

Senka nods. "While the emotionality of the term amazing is something I cannot logically subscribe to, the intent of the statement is one with which I can agree without reservation."

Dihon nods to you. "Of course. If I recall, you are the station's chief medical officer?"

Senka nods. "Chief of medical and science divisions, that is correct."

Dihon nods, "Do you have a lot of doctor's under you?"

Senka says, "I have a most competent and capable lead nurse. Beyond that, my medical staff is limited."

Dihon nods, understanding. "Do you have any family nearby?"

You say, "I have no living relatives."

Dihon ohs. "Oh no. I am so sorry. May I ask why that is?"

Senka nods. "Certainly. My father was killed during the Federation action on Setlik III in 2362 during the Cardassian conflict of that period. My mother was killed when her transport vessel was ambushed and destroyed by Orion pirates in 2375. The remainder of my extended family was lost when Vulcan was destroyed during the Borg incursion of 2366."

Dihon nods to the man. "I am very sorry to hear that. You seem reasonably emotionally adjusted."

Senka raises an eyebrow. "I am a Vulcan, Lieutenant. The events of which I speak are a minimum of 50 years in the past. logically, there is no reason why I would not have accepted reality."

Dihon nods to you. "That is very true. I didn't realize it had been so long. May I ask what you did before you joined Starfleet?"

Senka nods. "I earned doctorates of medicine and in xeno-linguistics. I practiced medicine as a civilian on the frontiers of the Galactic Alliance until 2420, when I decided to enter Starfleet."

Dihon nods, "Sounds exciting. What made you enter Starfleet?"

Senka steeples his fingers. "I concluded that my tallents and interest in practicing medicine would be better utilized in a service where medical ethics and agreements are adhered to."

Dihon raises an eyebrow, "Where did you practice that they weren't adhered to?"

Senka says, "I served aboard many private freighters and on a number of outposts of various corporations and confederacies. Often, pay was in arears, and I was not living in an environment that obviated the need for currancy. Also, I was often asked to perform procedures in ways that negated sound medical practice or ethics.""

Dihon hubs. "Interesting."

"And yourself, Lieutenant? What actuated your decision to join military service?"

Dihon hmmms, "Well believe it or not, I went to medical school. Hated it when people died, but graduated and got licensed, then went off to Alaska to work in private security for a couple of years. That I liked, and that's what made me decide to join Starfleet."

Senka says, "You chose to pursue security work rather than medical. Is that correct?"

Dihon nods, "It is correct."

Senka nods. "Who is the chief of security aboard Excalibur?"

Dihon thinks about that for a second. "Lt Rayner. Who is chief of security here?"

Senka says, "Lieutenant Commander Sirac. A competent security commander."

Dihon nods to the nice vulcan. "Well doc, I'm afraid I gotta get back." He stands from the table. "Thanks for the chat."

Senka nods. "A pleasant evening to you, Lieutenant Dihon." Senka also stands, turning towards the infirmary.

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