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Roleplay Log
02 May 2014
Vrillak's Finest Clothiers [Deep Space 9]
The spacious interior of the shop is lit by soft, subdued lighting. Display cases containing ready-made wears run the length of the shop, creating a series of long, narrow aisles. Fitting rooms are located in the rear of the shop along with the tailor's workspace where custom items are made and alterations done. A pair of comfortable-looking chairs sit near the front counter which features a register and credit scanner. When the proprietor isn't making clothing items, he is usually to be found here, talking to potential customers and showing them samples of various materials.

Vrillak is putting away bolts of moonworm silk near the back.

Carey clearly didn't stop off at her quarters, as evidenced by the fact that she's still cradling the kivas in one arm. Her face is a little flushed as if recently and vigorously washed, though. She seats herself near the front of the shop and watches quietly, gazing at the bolts of beautiful silk while her unoccupied hand strokes the silky fur of the stuffed toy in her other arm.

Vrillak finishes putting away the last bolt. "What are you going to make with that," Aelia asks? "Well, I'd start with clothing."

Carey chuckles quietly. "It would make beautiful formal dresses. Especially with some lace and precious stones for accents."

"It would, at that," Vrillak murmurs. I just don't know of any Trill who'd want a dress made from it.

Carey smiles, still cuddling the little animal almost unconsciously. "You never know, do you?"

Vrillak chuckles. "Too true. The last Trill I met was an old lady who wanted me to know she was watching me." He smiles.

Carey arches her eyebrows and then laughs. "Well, if we're thinking of the same Trill, she does see keenly in more ways than one."

Vrillak smiles. "She thinks, for some reason, that I have this nack for getting information. I dare say she's very suspicious of me as a rule, though she did once ask me to mend a gorgious dress."

"That's because you *do* have a knack for getting information," Aliyah says dryly, "and anything else you put your mind to, case in point..." She holds up the stuffed kivas.

Vrillak chuckles. "Well, she could smile every once in a while. A very hard woman, Moriah Azli Seryl. Very hard."

Carey shakes her head gently. "She does smile. I don't know her well, but I know that much."

Vrillak nods. "Well, maybe she has some unfortunate encounters in her past with my people. The odd thing is that for some reason I quite like her."

"She's hard not to like, I find," Aliyah says with a smile, "not that I tried not to." She pauses and then adds thoughtfully, "I met her on my second day aboard. I was still a crazed bundle of nerves and was pretty terrified to be meeting such an important person already, especially in that state. But she was very kind to me."

Vrillak asks, "How did you happen to meet her?"

Carey's smile becomes more thoughtful as she continues combing her fingers through the kivas's fur. "Well, I was on the promenade, talking to Senka during off-duty time, and still getting used to the idea that he didn't actually expect formality from me at all times." She grins. "Our conversation caught Admiral Seryl's attention. She was on her way to the coffee shop, and she invited both of us to join her."

Vrillak listens. He likes a good story.

"I realized right away that they knew each other already, and it didn't take long for me to realize they were...are...friends. So I was prepared to be seen and not heard, if you know what I mean, but was just glad and thankful to be included rather than wandering aimlessly about feeling out of place. Besides, something drew me to her. Something in her face and in the way she noticed anyone and everything. But she drew me out in conversation, asking how I came to choose a medical career and why I hadn't gone on to get an M.D. I told her that I love to help people, but didn't feel comfortable doing so in a leading role. She encouraged me at a time when I needed it, telling me not to be afraid to take the lead when the time came."

Vrillak nods. "Yes, that is good advice," he murmurs thoughtfully.

Carey smiles and nods. "I remembered it when the time came."

Vrillak asks, "When was that?"

"Oh, while you were away for that long trip you took," Aliyah says lightly.

Vrillak nods. "You should tell her that her advice proved useful."

"I hope I get the chance," Aliyah says more thoughtfully. "I've actually been thinking about that already lately, and pondering over some kind of small gift to go with it."

"Thinking about what, my lady?"

Carey shrugs a little. "Just her, I guess. And that I would be able to tell her that now."

Vrillak gazes keenly at you. "You have a lot of respect for Seryl, I can see."

Carey smiles and nods. "She reminds me of Elana in a way I can never quite put my finger on."

"The Betazoid lady who was sort of a grandmother to you?"

Carey nods again. "The only grandmother I ever knew, actually. My biological grandparents died in the Borg War." She pauses and then adds, "I loved Elana dearly, and also deeply respected her. She wasn't rich or influential, but she carried herself with dignity and pride, and gave me the foundation for a better life by teaching me everything she could."

Vrillak nods. "And Seryl?"

The smile touches Aliyah's lips again. "Maybe it's that Admiral Seryl has that same dignity about her. And that she also taught me a good deal...most of it, maybe, without being aware."

Vrillak asks, "About leadership?"

"Leadership, yes," Aliyah says, "and responsibility, when it belongs to me and when it doesn't, and how to accept that, even if I don't like it."

Vrillak follows up, "And how did she teach you so many of these lessons, my dear?"

Aliyah shakes her head gently with a rueful smile. "Just in the course of duty," she says simply.

Vrillak nods, one hand stroking his chin thoughtfully.

Carey watches you, taking in this gesture and mood she's never seen from you before.

Vrillak smiles. "Well, everyone respects someone, I suppose. You could do worse."

Carey smiles back. "Much, much worse. And who do you respect?"

Vrillak smiles. "That kind of respect? No one still alive."

"Who did you, then?" Aliyah amends, her tone gentle.

Vrillak shakes his head gently, not answering that one. he smiles.

Aliyah looks regretful, but inclines her head and doesn't press further. "I'm glad there was someone, though," she says. "Everyone needs someone like that at some point."

Vrillak heads for his backroom.


Carey is standing with Aelia to the side of the shop, showing the other woman something on a padd which is screened from view by their heads bending over it. As her hand moves, scrolling through things, Aelia is giving her either tiny nods or shakes of the head.

Vrillak reemerges from his back room to see you back. He smiles at you and Aelia. "Give me your opinion on something, my dear."

Carey grins and tucks the padd away, turning. "Okay."

Vrillak hands over the small garment.

Carey spreads the shawl out in her hands, looking at it. "Wow, this is gorgeous," she says with admiration.

Vrillak smiles. "You think so?

"I do!" She smiles as she carefully refolds it.

Vrillak nods. "Well, you did mention a gift. So give it to her. It's from you."

Carey grins. "I'm almost afraid to ask, but how much? And don't say 'nothing.' I want to help you eventually get that ship of yours completely repaired."

Vrillak smiles. "Pay me whatever you think it worth, then. I'm sure it'll be enough."

Carey has just paid you 75000.0 credits.

Vrillak smiles, taking the credits. "Perfect. Now it really is from you."

Carey smiles. "From us."

Vrillak nods. "Fair enough. Now, I'm after something to eat."

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