And Now His Watch Has Ended (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
9 September 2016
Main Bridge [USS Equinox NCC-73020]
<< Yellow Alert >>
Sitting atop the Pulsar-class destroyer is the main bridge, which serves as the command and control center for all of the ship's operations. This bridge layout for this class starship is simple and straightforward, while boasting the latest in modern design. The walls are of light gray, while the carpet is of a darker charcoal. The standing consoles are a color of brushed steel accented with reflective onyx highlights, while the security railings are of a slightly brighter brushed aluminum.
Circular in design, the bridge is divided into three separate areas: the aft section, which sits at the highest elevation, has aft-facing consoles built into the entire bulkhead; the central section, which houses the chairs for the commanding and executive officers set beneath the upper level railing and the forward-facing operations and tactical consoles to port and starboard respectively; and, the lower section where the helm sits squarely in the center before a massive, floor-to-ceiling viewscreen that is built into the forward bulkhead.

La'Vash gets to her feet and stretches. "Mister Jev, you have the watch," she says as she secures the command station.

Jev nods with wide-ish eyes, "Aye sir."

La'Vash leaves for Deck 1 - Command Module.

Jev eases himself into the Captain's chair and gets nice and snug.

[Commplant] Incoming communique from USS Gowron NCC-90603.
[Commplant] Transferring...
Viewscreen: ** Transfer successful. Signal standing by.

Viewscreen activates and displays First Officer's Quarters [USS Gowron NCC-90603].

Sitting in the Captain's chair with a leg slung over the arm rest, Jev grins, "CHIEF!" he exclaims enthusiastically.

Viewscreen: Dors blinks several times as he sees Jev in that position, then shakes his head and looks again. "Jev...? I finally found a few minutes to rub together and I wanted to give you a call and check on you... Are you all right? Is everything okay over there?"

Jev lounges /deeper/ into the chair, "Chief! Everything's great, look!" He waves his hands around the empty Bridge, "I'm the officer of the watch!"

Viewscreen: Dors just arches a brow as he looks to the picture of Jev and that bridge on his viewscreen. "You do realize that everything you're doing at this very moment, everything you're saying, is being recorded for posterity through the ship's Flight Data Recorder?"

Jev blinks blankly at the viewscreen. He delicately removes his leg from draping over the captain's chair and puts it on the floor. He slowly sits up straight. He whispers, " you think anyone /actually/ watches those things?..."

Viewscreen: Dors nods a couple of times to that question. "Every time something goes badly snafu, they turn to the Flight Data Recorder to determine what in the heck went wrong..."

Jev waves a hand dismissively and places his leg back over the side of the chair, "Then we have nothing to worry about, because /I'm/ the officer on watch!" he nods firmly and crosses his arms. "So - how have you been Chief? I haven't heard from anyone from the old crew -- well, I got letter from Dr. Senka, but that's /it/. How are you holding up?" He waits a beat, then grins, "Miss me?"

Viewscreen: Dors nods. "You're the officer of the watch, which means you're responsible should anything go snafu, and the first thing they'll review is the Flight Recorder Visual for the Bridge..." he says, looking concerned. "We're holding up all right here, for now. I've just been doing everything I can to hold the ship together and get these new crew working together like a well oiled machine. We had quite a trial by fire..." he says with something of a sigh. "I just wanted to call and see how you were doing before returning to the mines down below. I hope you do realize the Recorder has cameras in Engineering as well?"

"Don't worry about it, Chief. I got this well covered," insists Jev. "And we're going fine over here. We haven't had any major damage. Ken gave us the p. cloak, and new shield emitters - probably because he trusts me - new Chief, she's alright! complaints." he smiles.

Viewscreen: Dors nods once to that, but his fears do not look allayed. But as the commplant goes off in his ear, there's not much he can do. "Jev, they're in need of me in Main Engineering. I'm glad to hear that you're doing well and I'll check up on you again once I can put a couple more minutes together," he says gently, putting on a smile. "Dors out."

Jev rotates himself in the chair, upside down and grins, "See ya Chief!"

Viewscreen blinks and First Officer's Quarters [USS Gowron NCC-90603] disappears.

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