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Andorians are natives of the planet Andor (known as Fesoan to the natives). They were one of the founding members of the UFP. Andor is a hot, dry world with very little surface water, and a gravity of 0.90 T. Physically, they are blue-skinned humanoid bipeds with white hair and knobby antenna on the crown of their heads. They lack visible ears. They have characteristics of both mammals and insects. They are all ambidextrous. Like mammals, they are warm-blooded, bear their young live, and have an internal skeletal structure to which their muscles attach. Like insects, they have a limited exoskeleton that gives them extra damage resistance from attacks.

While the eyes of an Andorian are actually color blind, their antenna have very good color receptors in them, and also hold their hearing apparatus. Their mechanisms for color vision and hearing are so good, they give Andorians the advantages of infravision and ultrasonic hearing. The antennae face forward and cannot rotate, causing Andorians to hear better from the front and sides than the rear. Each of the two antennae stalks are susceptible to damage and injury. Any hit will cause intense pain to an Andorian. If one stalk is destroyed, the Andorian can still "see" but at a loss of what was before. If both stalks are destroyed, the Andorian becomes deaf and colorblind.

The history of this race was once a violent one, based on war and conquest. While they will fight if challenged, or even challenge a foe themselves if they feel it to be necessary, they will never quarrel without a good reason. Also, they tend to remain quiet and listen to discussions until there is something with meaning to say. Andorians are not usually very boisterous.

Andorians believe in family above all else, even public duty. Their marriages consist of groups of four. These marriages are very complicated, and involve a great deal of ritual. Their families are very large, due to the fact that they are very prolific as well. They are exceptionally good at communications and navigation.

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