Answering to Security (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
15 Feb 2014

[Commplant] Incoming communique from Lieutenant Commander Sirac.
[Commplant] Opening channel...
[Commplant] Channel now open. Linked to Lieutenant Commander Sirac.

You say, "Yes?"

[Commplant] Sirac says, "Hello, Mrs Talbot?"

"Yes," She repeats with a sigh.

[Commplant] Sirac says, "My apologies. I understand you are grieving right now, but I must ask you a few questions about the incident involving your husband in an attempt to find out what happened."

Pryus-Talbot exhales softly but gives an unseen now, "Where would you like to speak?" She answers, "Actually I have to go, I'll come back later if that’s okay?" She tells someone calmly.

[Commplant] Sirac says, "I am in Security Right now, if that would suit you?"

"Thank you," She answers before moving away from the coffee house, "Yes, I'll be there shortly."

[Commplant] Communication terminated.

Station Security [Deep Space 9]
The entrance to the security area is simple but effective. Around a small bend is the passage to the brig section. Through a small corridor then a secured door is the local armor for security personnel.

Sirac is currently just sitting behind the desk. A tea set was on said desk, with a freshly brewed pot and two cups there, his computer terminal set up as he waited patiently

Pryus-Talbot steps through the doors to security, she looks a little bedragged, her eyes are slighltly red with the spotting of burst capilaries. "Commander." She nods holding her elbows in each hand, her fingers slipping to the sleeves of her shirt.

Sirac looks up at this and stands immediately, as was polite. He steps around the desk and guestures to a seat, intending to guide her "Thank you very much. But before we begin are you capable of this? It is urgent, but i understand if you wish to wait longer." he notes, having an understanding of human emotions.

Pryus-Talbot shakes her head and puts out a hand palm facing out as if calling him off, "I'm fine, let's just get it done." She answers quietly as she moves towards a chair, "I have my own answers to find, perhaps you- might be able to help."

Sirac nods "Very well then." he returns to his seat, and guestures to the tea "Together then. Together, we are stronger." he agrees "Would you be able to tell me of your Husbands' actions and activities in the say, last week or so before this tragedy? Did he meet with anyone unusual or start acting different?"

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, as she thinks back, "I am awaiting on his last psychological evaluation from the Excalibur. He was distant and evasive, this concerned both myself and Cross." Her eyes close as she mentions the Captain and she pauses, "He denied any problems, said the station wasn't safe. He wanted to be reassigned and wanted me to come."

"Did you agree with him or try to reassure him?" asks Sirac, recording this quietly via text as he typed. "When did this occur specifically? Any incident that happened just before?"

Pryus-Talbot moves a hand up to her face and strokes from her brow down to her cheek. "Err ... It wasn't long after we reassigned, it was maybe a couple of days before ..." She stops mid-sentence. "I wasn't aware of any incidents, our duty rosters meant that sometimes contact was few and far between. I- I- told him that I was there to respond to injuries, that was my role and I wasn't going to move away from where I was needed. He kept saying the baby and I were all that mattered." She stares off across the office as she says her last words.

Sirac blinks at this, and nods. He reaches into his desk and pulls out a tissue box, offering it to her. "I see. Hmm." he remarks "A couple of days only hmm? I think I have all the questions I need answered. If you recall anything you think may be important, please do let me know. And of course, I will let YOU know."

Pryus-Talbot looks at the tissues and then back to the Vulcan. "If you are aware of all the circumstances, you will forgive everything." She says quietly.

Sirac nods "I cannot contemplate your loss. But I /am/ sorry." he admits solemnly.

"He said that to me, he was planning something and I didn't know it." She sighs, "Engineering are already looking for possible deleted personal logs at my request."

Sirac nods ever more slowly "And of course, you had no reason to suspect what he wished to do. If you had, would you have tried to stop him?

Pryus-Talbot nods gently, "Of course, I would give anything to have him back and not have to be here." She answers her words tinge on being cold.

Sirac remarks quietly "Many would wish the same thing. Thank you very much ma'am. I have no other questions for you."

"If you could keep me notified on what you find, I would appreciate it." She adds as she stands again.

"I will as soon as it can be released." he promises.

Pryus-Talbot nods gently and leave.

The door leading to Promenade slides open.

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