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Aoni Suna
First Officer
Galaxy Alliance
Melissa O'Neil

Aoni Suna, is the first officer aboard the Bajoran vessel SSB Paisamia. She is also charged with captaining the CCV Midnight Calling during trade runs to GA space, especially during the Dominion war when the Paisamia was not permitted to and from GA space due to traffic and trade restrictions. She is a fairly attractive Angelite, with an obvious chip on her shoulder towards any male.



Aoni Suna was born the third daughter and the fifth and last child of Lilit Suna and her husband Ritel. Lilit had never planned to have so many children, but she was bent on having three daughters. But, the male gene in her husband had prevailed two too many times, giving her two sons first before her third girl, Aoni. Lilit also had aspirations to go into politics, hoping one day to be one of the six governing Mistresses, or maybe even the Elected One. This drive for power was instilled in her daughters, even young Aoni. The family was well off financially and politically, Aoni's great-grandmother was one of the governing Mistresses, and her grandmother was once next in line, should she ever be called, although she never was.

Growing up, Aoni was rightly taught how men were second class citizens, and only women could rule and make judgements; men were too stupid and could not be trusted to make the right choices. Time after time she saw how this was true, even in her own brothers. Following along with her sisters, they would tease the boys, and of course have them do all the housework, the cleaning, the cooking, while they three would talk about their conquests. Being a few years younger than her sisters, Dira and Pora, Aoni didn't understand some of her sisters' stories. How they would take multiple lovers, use some of the local males as nothing more than play things or toys. She wanted to understand, wanted to know their desires, wanted to be like them.

When she was fourteen, on one of her many trips alone to the spaceport, there was very little crime in the capitol city, so this wasn't generally an issue. Aoni marveled at the architecture of the place, but moreso, she loved watching the ships come and go. Unlike her mother's dreams of politics, Aoni dreamed of being the captain of one of those flying behemoths, travelling the stars, seeing new places. This trip however, she was met by a stranger from another world. He wasn't like the men of Angel I, he was much more confident, but she knew how to treat men. She flirted with him, like she had seen her sisters do to others, teased him, taunted him. She had no fear, men were less than women after all. This man, however, was not an Angelite, he was a skeething, treacherous, Terran. Handsome to some, and oh so confident in himself, he played along with Aoni, let her think she had the upper hand. But, before Aoni knew it, he had tricked her into joining him in a back room of the spaceport. Aoni was taken aback at first, how dare this man be so presumptious, he even tried to force himself on her. She had fight in her though and wasn't about to give up. She managed to escape relatively unharmed, but the psychological damage was done.

Aoni never told anyone about that day, she kept it bottled up inside, she may never trust men, one bad apple in the mix maybe, but to Aoni, her feelings toward men only solidified. Her mother sensed a change in Aoni, but she took it only as an understanding of the male's place in the world and nothing more. Aoni became cruel to men, however, no longer teasing or even a desire to play with them, she merely tolerated their presence, and used them for their only remaining purpose, as labor.

When she was eighteen, and against her mother's wishes, Aoni sought out on her own, booking work and passage on one of those many ships she saw, leaving Angel I and her family behind. While her mother wasn't pleased with Aoni's choice to leave and pursue a life away from home, she accepted it. Aoni still comes home from time to time, when she can, but her desire to captain her own ship one day, keeps her quite busy.

Subject Notes


Average height for her race, Aoni stands at just under six feet tall. Her long black hair cascades over her shoulders and down her back. She is a buxom beauty with curves in all the right places. With high cheek bones, sparkling blue eyes, and naturally tanned complexion, she is a beauty to behold.

Dressed in all black, Aoni is wearing a simple low-neck T and form fitting pants that accentuate the curves of her backside and her fit legs. Around her waist is a slightly tattered black belt clasped with a silver ring buckle. Draped over her shoulders is a long leather trench coat that brushes across the floor as she walks. To finish off the ensemble, her feet are adorned with tasteful calf-high leather boots.

Personal Vessels


  • Rhedogo Perjan - Owner and operator of SSB Paisamia (BVR-82966), a Stellar Dynamics Poseidon Class Heavy Freighter operating out of B'hav'el.

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
Briefings and Spores, Oh My! (RP Log) 23 July 2016 Aoni, Danek, Li, Raven, Reid, Temple
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