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Armstrong's List of Not-So-Well-Documented Player Commands

Some of these commands are known, others are pretty obscure.

Finding RP

  • crowds - Finding people grouped in rooms
  • crowds2 - Finding people grouped on space objects
  • @users - A less-graphic version of WHO, great for VI players.
  • who/t - @who, sorted by connect time, showing current ltitle information
  • who/i - @who, sorted by idle time
  • who/e - A short and sweet @who
  • who/b - @who using your BuddyList
  • who/d - @who, showing @doing messages

Mail & Lists

  • @subscribe-all - Does exactly what it says it does. Brace yourself.
  • @sort-subscribed - For those that need more order in their life.
  • @ranm - Read All New Messages. You can read your mail like Data.
  • @mailscan - I know I read that somewhere...
  • @edit-sig*nature - Make a mail signature
  • @sig*nature - Place your mail signature in the current mail

RP Related

  • @compauth - RP flair (requires you to set your command authorization string)
  • @edit me.comp_auth - Set your command authorization string. Set it to something like: Whiskey Tango Foxtrox-Three-Nine-Three.
  • @cpg - The Original Caitian Players Guide
  • @appearance/@outfit - Setting up a wardrobe
  • @phys - Check out how how beautiful someone is
  • @physedit - Control what other people see about you on @phys


  • @time
  • @ictime
  • @rl2sd
  • @sd2date
  • @sd2rl
  • @set-tz - Set your timezone


The below commands are optimized for screen readers:

  • engtext - engstat (console command)
  • liftmontext - liftmon (console command)
  • evatext - evastat (EVA command)


  • @census - Lists available races and stats
  • @deadstat - List of deadmanned ships
  • @ftell - Toggles your finger notification setting, which sounds way kinkier than it is
  • @globals - List of all globals available
  • @lbio <player> - View a bio page-by-page.
  • @ltitle me is <title> - Sets your title in your finger information
  • @pageblock - Block a player from paging you. Not as extreme as @gag.
  • @pageblocked - List of players you have page-blocked.
  • @pagelock - Toggles your page flag (P_OK)
  • @registerme - View and change your registered email address.
  • @stats - Information on the game core, server, player, and objects
  • @tech*nobabble - Fun with big words
  • @techno-threat - More fun with big words
  • @diceroll <type> - Rolls a dice to the room
  • @poon/@viewpoon - Umm... right.
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