At Cross Purposes (RP Log)

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Roleplay Log
13 Feb 2014

Cross was just on his way in from the docking ring and he passes through the habitat ring.

Senka spots you, nods, and falls into step next to you. "Captain," he greets you in a quiet and neutral fashion.

"Doctor," Cross nods in return greeting. He looks like he's had a bad night, but at least he's standing and walking now. "How is everything with Doctor Talbot?" hee asks quietly-- quietly because any volume above a whisper hurts his head.

"Captain," Senka replies quietly, "please accompany me to the infirmary, Sir. We have matters that require discussion and you require assistance."

Cross doesn't seem real thrilled with this request, because you know, he's a busy guy and he has to prep for the IG interview later, but his head does throb like a Ferengi playing the bongos. "Alright," he says tersely.

Senka nods and proceeds you.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
Being the sole medical facility on the station, the Infirmary was designed to accomodate a great many patients. Spacious and at least three compartments wides, the infirmary has a laboratory, examination and recovery room, and a surgery room. The lab is what most people see when they enter, and where the medical officer on duty is most likely to be perched, ready for any medical emergency.

Senka gestures you into the duty office.

Duty Office - Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]
The spacious office combines both functionality and elegance. An oak desk bearing an engraved caduceus, the emblem of Starfleet Medical, holds the desktop terminal. Two chairs, adjustable according to the body-type parameters of a number of different species, sit before it. The walls are lined with plates containing texts handwritten in a variety of calligraphic styles, while a modest bookshelf contains a number of medical texts, historical works and works of literature in several languages: Betazoid, Rihannsu and Vulcan among them. A coffee maker sits off to one side of the office in a small seating area containing a loveseat, a chair and a low table.

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]> Cross leaves for Duty Office - Station Infirmary.
Cross arrives from Station Infirmary.

Senka is preparing a hypo. He takes a moment to run a medical scan.

Cross enters the office, "I'm fine, Doctor. There's no need for hypos. I had a little bender last night and it'll wear off on its own." Despite what he says, there is still a significant blood alcohol content and evidence that he's drunk very strong alcohol even this morning.

"Captain," Senka says sternly, "I am a Vulcan, and tricorders do not lie. You are still intoxicated, and until I treat you, Sir, you are not fit for duty. Please sit down, sir." He gestures to the room, indicating your choice of the comfy chairs or the chairs in front of his desk.

Cross sits as instructed, opting for the comfortable chair. He doesn't argue with Senka, but really doesn't believe there to be an issue. "Did you have a talk with Doctor Talbot?" he asks again.

Senka is preparing a hypo. "I had already conversed with her by the time I commed you. She asked me to arrange an appointment with Major Ava, and that too was done by the time we spoke, Sir."

"I see," Captain Cross says neutrally. "Anything else I need to be aware of?"

Senka looks down at his tricorder and considers the readings. "Indeed. A moment while I adjust this dosage to compensate for the freshly consumed ethonol in your system." He makes another adjustment. "I would also like you to seek immediate psychological counseling, Captain."

Cross's eye twitches a bit at that, but he doesn't immediately object. "Based on what observations, Doctor?"

Senka answers the question dispassionately and logically, without any hint of criticism or reproach. "I have read your report, Captain. In the cause of insuring station security, you gave an order that directly led to the death of an officer. Since you proceeded to become heavily intoxicated following that event, logically, your intoxication appears to be an attempt at coping with your own feelings of guilt. In a junior lieutenant, this would not be a cause for great alarm save for the need to redirect the lieutenant's coping impulses into healthier channels. As a station commander, however, your responsibilities are wide ranging. Put another way, you cannot afford a ... bender, sir." The word bender is spoken somewhat awkwardly. "Your wife is also highly concerned about you, captain, and I am quite certain she can validate all that I have said and more besides."

If he is surprised that Aly has confided a worry in Senka, he doesn't show it. "And your recommendation is to see a counselor," Cross clarifies. "That will hardly fix anything. I still made a decision that resulted in the death of an officer." As he continues, his tone becomes more empassioned. "There's still a woman out there who is heart-broken and hates me for what I did. There will be a child that will grow up without his father, hating me just like I hated the people who killed my father before I ever got a chance to know him."

If Cross's statement evokes any sympathy in Senka, it doesn't show on his face as he quietly breaks down that reply. "I am not on the command track, Captain, but death is a risk accepted by all who serve. If the station were under attack, you could easily find yourself ordering Lieutenant Giellun to make a critical repair that cost him his life, or a repair team could be evacuated into space during a decompression accident while under fire. In Talbot's case, it is true that you knowingly gave an order that led to his death, but you are a captain, captain. It was your responsibility and no one else's, and if you had not given the order, multiple lives could have been lost including your own. If I can see the logic in this, being a mere doctor, I believe you will as well. So, yes, I want you to speak with Major Ava immediately."

"I speak with Major Ava all the time, I can assure you, Lieutenant, that is not a problem for me," Cross says as he stands up. "Are we finished yet?" He does not reply to Senka's lecture on command responsibility, but something in it does seem to have agitated him.

Nodding, Senka replies, "Since you converse regularly with Major Ava, Captain, I trust you will find it no difficulty in arranging an appointment with her to speak about this as well then. I find your cooperation in this medical matter most commendable, sir." He injects you with the hypo's contents. "Once your symptoms abate, there is one other item I wished to bring to your attention."

Cross says, "Consider my symptoms abated." He rubs the hypo site, even though it's not necessary to do. "What else did you need?" Senka runs an additional scan on you at your verbal report.

"I asked a direct question," Cross states firmly. Of course the medication is a wonder, a marvel of modern medicine, but it isn't /that/ good. The effect isn't instantaneous and will probably take an hour or two at least-- with typical detoxifying effects, one would guess. "My current situation aside, if you have a concern, I need to know what it is."

Senka appears unphased. "In your report, you made the following statement concerning Commander Talbot which I wish to bring to your attention for clarification. You stated," and he quotes word for word: "I'm unclear how a Starfleet officer can decline treatment for a neurological condition that threatens the crew around him or why that information wasn't available to me upon his transfer." He follows with, "I wish to clarify that point to you if it remains unclear at this time, Captain."

"It is still very much unclear at this time, Doctor," states Cross with slow, steady response. He's not mocking Senka, but using the same intonation. "Did you have knowledge of this condition?"

Senka steeples his fingers before him. "I had cause to conduct 3 separate physicals on 3 recent occasions for Talbot, Sir. In two of them, I found no evidence of any neurochemical irregularities whatsoever. You could not have been informed of any condition upon his transfer to your command, because neurophysiologically, no condition existed, Sir. Only in the last physical did I find any evidence of such imbalances." It's obviously only the start of his answer, and he stops to let you take that in.

Cross digests that information while beads of sweat start to form on his brow from the detoxification effects. He reaches for the chair that he just vacated and lowers himself into it. "Alright. So.. there was no condition when he first transferred. But there was later-- wait. Why would you need to scan him three different times in such a short period?"

Senka watches you take your seat, his scanner out and activated. He answers the question. "The first physical was conducted upon our return from the joint mission to rescue Captain, now Commodore, Astor-Cross and her fellow prisoners. The second was a mandatory intake physical required by medical regulations governing the transfer of officers. The third scan was the one he requested."

Cross raises his eyebrows and looks at Senka with alarm. "One he requested?"

Senka nods, raising an eyebrow as Cross demonstrates his seeming lack of awareness of this fact. "As I stated at the beginning of my report, Sir, he came here and requested a physical. He would not give any satisfactory explanation, though he was not required to do so. Anyone may request an exam at any time for any reason."

Cross shakes his head a bit as he tries to understand the sequence of events. "He came to you, asked for a physical, you found an imbalance. Was it treated?" His heart-rate is elevated and he's starting to feel physically ill from the detox effects, but he ignores them and presses on.

In response to something he sees on his still active tricorder, Senka changes hypo settings and medications, wordlessly giving you another injection. "An analgesic, Sir, which should combat the elevated cardio agitation and any possible side effects of nausia that your physiological indicators suggest you to be experiencing." A beat. "The lieutenant commander," he goes on in response to the question, "declined treatment, Sir."

Cross asks immediately, "And how would his neurological imbalance have manifested itself in his actions or personality?"

Senka considers that. "On the one hand, the answer may seem apparent given subsequent events. However, on the other hand, if you are asking how this imbalance could have been predicted to manifest itself, I did not detect any readings sufficiently deviated from normal so as to suggest an impending psychotic episode or other impending health risk. if I had, I would have relieved him of duty immediately. His readings could have been caused by any number of factors, and because he was lucid and competent, medical regulations required me to abide by his expressed wishes. I instructed him to report any subsequent symptoms to me forthwith, and he left. I cannot speak to what happened after he did so."

Cross seems sufficiently satisfied with that answer, but shakes his head a bit as he thinks about the sequence of events. "IG will undoubtedly request to speak with you."

"Undoubtedly," Senka replies. This prospect doesn't bother him in the slightest.

Cross nods about that confirmation and then stands up again. "I'm going to go up to my office. Is there any problem with that?" He asks, to make sure Senka isn't going to object. He'd do it anyway with any other doctor, but Senka is about as easy to move as a mountain when he doesn't agree with you.

Senka shakes his head. His final statement is delivered in a calm and unruffled tone with no hint of any negative associations. "None, Sir. A minor clarification, however. When we spoke of your seeking psychological counseling, we spoke in terms of 'suggestion' and of my 'wish' that you do so. Often, such language is used in standard as a means of hedging, most distasteful to a Vulcan. I am gratified that you will be speaking with Major Ava so soon. However, for the sake of clarity, Sir, I am obliged to affirm that that is a direct medical order. I shall make a note of it with Medical and with the major." He adds ssemingly somewhat self-depricatingly, "though again, I am certain that you understand its necesity, Sir and shall comply with it at the earliest logical opportunity."

"I am certain that your communication was received as intended, Doctor," Cross says with a nod before heading toward the door.

Senka nods. "Very well. Thank you for seeing me, Sir."

Station Infirmary [Deep Space 9]> The door leading to Duty Office slides open.

Cross leaves for Station Infirmary.

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