Attacks at DS9

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BAJORAN SECTOR (INW) - A series of explosions rocked Bajoran Station Deep Space Nine last week, rendering the station uninhabitable and causing what can only be assumed to be trillions of dollars worth of damage. In the chaos that followed the explosion, hundreds of people have gone missing, and many are assumed dead.

Documents leaked to the Intergalactic NewsWire set the number of dead over 700, with over 400 of those active duty members in Starfleet. The number of wounded soars at over 1,000, with that number growing as each day passes. The Starfleet Public Affairs Office would neither confirm nor deny the report, but sources from independent aid organizations and within the Bajoran Government indicate these numbers are close to what they've been seeing.

Anti-Alliance Protesters and prominent critics of Starfleet and the Ministry of Defense quickly pounced on the event, issuing press releases condemning Starfleet's handling of the emergency and demanding a statement from the embattled defense agency. As of yet, no terrorist group has taken respon- sibility for the explosions. In a written statement, the Ministry of Defense assured the Alliance that it is rapidly investigating the incident and that citizens should be assured that they are safe, but that it does not comment on on-going investigations.

Inquiries to the Offices of the Galaxy Alliance Chancellor, Starfleet Security and the Bajoran First Minister were not returned by press time.

(Stardate: 78478.33 - Sat Jun 24 01:42:48 2400 Alliance Standard Time)

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