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The following are short definitions/explanations for the different attribute rolls during character generation.


IQ - Intelligence Quotient

Indicates the intelligence of the character. Actual IQ is measured by your IQ times 10, i.e.- Someone with an IQ roll of 17 would have the equivalent of a 170 IQ.

ME - Mental Endurance

Measures the amount of mental and emotional stress the character can withstand. Can be used to save against mental attacks, etc.

MA - Mental Affinity

Show's the character's physical charm and charisma. Natural leaders, with an M.A. of 17 or higher, have a bonus to invoke trust or intimidation in others.

PS -Physical Strength

This is the raw physical power of the character.

PP - Physical Prowess

Shows the degree of dexterity and agility of the character. Characters with a P.P. of 17 or higher get a bonus to dodge, parry and strike.

PE - Physical Endurance

Demonstrates the character's stamina and durability, The amount of physical punishment, and resistance to fatigue and disease, are determined by P.E. A character can carry the maximum weight load for the P.E. times 4 minutes. Carrying the maximum weight while running or fighting can only be done for the P.E. times 2 minutes. P.E. ratings of 17 or higher receive bonuses to save vs. comas, death and toxins.

PB - Physical Beauty

This is an indication of the physical attractiveness of the character. A P.B. of 17 or better will be rewarded with a bonus to charm or impress.

SP - Speed

This is the character's maximum running speed. The SP times 20 is the number of yards or meters that the character can run in one minute.

HP - Hit Points

Hit points might best be thought of as 'life points' because they indicate how much physical damage (cuts, bruises, etc.) a charcter can withstand before he/she dies. When a charcter reaches 0 hit points, they are dead.

SDC - Structural Damage Capacity

When a character is hurt, the damage is first subtracted from his/her SDC points. SDC damage is painful but not deadly. It is only after ALL SDC has been depleted that damage is subtracted from Hit Points. Hit point damage is serious and potentially life-threatening.

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