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Ava Kiona
Rank: Major
Title: Station Counselor
Assignment: Deep Space 9
Race: Bajoran
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor (Bajoran Defense Force Militia)
Spouse: Kanadi Ava

Militia Major Ava Kiona presently serves as Station Counselor and Medical Doctor on Deep Space 9. She is married to Rikon Defense Force trade officer Kanadi Ava.


Ava Kiona was born to two wonderful parents on Bajor during the years of the Galaxy Alliance, in 2382. She was the second child of three, in the middle, with an elder brother and younger sister. Her father worked at Starfleet Academy as an instructor and her mother was a homemaker, and so she lived on base with her family for many years, and received instruction on base during her early school years. The early interaction with other races cemented her acceptance of them. However, during the riots of 2389, her mother took her and her siblings to family in a neighboring province. Her father stayed behind to assist, and was killed during the attacks.

Her mother then had to work for a living, leaving the family in the care of her grandparents as she learned a trade and sought employment, which she hadn't had to do prior to the incident that left her family without a father. And her mother went into nursing, so that she'd feel she could help save other people in the future. Kiona, torn with losing her father and being thrust into this new life, had to go into counseling to deal with her issues of loss. And then the counseling continued, being a good outlet for her to sort through her feelings on life as she grew into adolescence.

She got good grades in school, leading her to want to go into a medical program, and she did, working to get a counseling degree, as well as a double major in nursing. When Bajor broke off, she joined a military program to coincide with her schooling, and upon graduation, was inducted into the Bajoran Defense Force.

RP Logs

Log Date Participants
New Friends and Counselling (RP Log) 10 February 2013 Ava, Roberts
Personal Demons (RP Log) 8 January 2014 Ava, Shintu
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