B'hava'el System

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B'hava'el System
Region: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Beta Ursae Sector
Galactic coordinates:
Planets: Bajor I, Bajor II, Bajor III, Bajor IV, Bajor V, Bajor VI, Bajor, Cajara, Andros, Bajor IX, Bajor X, Ba'Syladon

Syladdo, Bajor XII, Bajor XIII, Bajor XIV

Suns: B'hava'el
Moons: Baraddo, Derna, Endalla, Jeraddo, Penraddo, 5 other moons
Asteroid Fields:
Space Stations: Deep Space 9
Controlled By: Democratic Republic of Bajor

The B'hava'el System is a star system located in the Alpha Quadrant and the location of the M-class planet Bajor, homeworld of the Bajoran people, the Galaxy Alliance station Deep Space 9 and the Bajoran Wormhole.

The B'hava'el System - Beta Ursae Sector

B'hava'el • Bajor I • Bajor II • Bajor III • Bajor IV • Bajor V • Bajor VI • Bajor (Baraddo) (Derna) (Endalla) (Jeraddo) (Penraddo) • Cajara
Denorios Belt - Deep Space 9 - Bajoran Wormhole • Andros (2 moons) • Bajor IX • Bajor X (Ba'Syladon) (Syladdo) (3 moons)
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