BAJOR: Vote of No Confidence Held in Legislature against First Minister

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JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - The National Legistlature of the Democratic Republic of Bajor held a Vote of No Confidence in the First Minister this morning, with the majority of votes falling in Confidence in their leader. Two opposition parties banded together to assist their political rival in securing a confident vote, while the First Minister's own party delivered all of the negative votes when the motion was put to the floor. The Vote was scheduled in response to the announcement of the pending treaty with the Cardassian Union, led by several former Resistance members and their families, who strongly oppose assisting Cardassians with any of their economic problems.

The First Minister took to the floor of the legislature to plead with the members to see to reason in lending their closest neighbor a helping hand. "A vote against this treaty is a vote for eventual Dominion rule. Isolating ourselves will hurt us in the long run, and we need to look out for our interests by setting aside the past and moving into the future," she said in her speech. "I have no desire to diminish the brave and courageous acts of our forebears; the Resistance led to the freedom of our people, but I firmly believe that even they would see that condemning Cardassia also condemns Bajor."

The First Minister's Chief of Staff assured the press that the full treaty will be available for review later this week. The Cardassian Ambassador remains in closed conference with several senior staffers and members of the Bajoran Ministry of State to work on language and changes. According to the Chief of Staff, the treaty itself is "mostly completed, but we have one or two points of contention." He further mentioned that "there will be a surprise in the treaty that many Bajorans will approve of," but that he cannot disclose that information until both governments clear it for release.

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Tue Apr 19 19:44:42 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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