BREAKING: Bajor rebuffs treaty negotiations with the Dominion

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STARBASE DEEP SPACE 9 (INW) - The Chief of Staff to the Deputy Chief of the Bajoran Defense Force for the Navy has announced that talks between Admiral Eka Ruao Sarjanna and the Dominion diplomat, Waran, broke down. The Dominion sought the endorsement of the Emissary of the Prophets, reportedly in an attempt to sway her support for a treat between the Dominion and Bajor. The First Minister of the Republic, currently en-route to Cardassia to sign a Trade and Defense Treaty, has communicated with INW via prepared statement, saying that "Eka Ruao has the full support and confidence of this office in handling the Dominion diplomat accordingly, and as such, Bajor will follow the Will ofthe Prophets via their Emissary. The Prophets have communicated that now is not the time for any treaties with the Dominion, and only if the Prophets bid it in the future, will Bajor entertain further discussions. As of now, we stand with our allies."

Representatives of the Dominion have withheld comment on this story, in spite of repeated attempts to obtain a substantive response.

INW will update this story as it develops.

Sun May 29 02:20:24 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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