BREAKING NEWS: Bajor submits secession bill

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IC Date: Sat Apr 9 2405

PARIS, EARTH (INW) -- In a surprising move, the council delegation from Bajor has submitted a Bill of Secession for consideration to the Senate Committee of the Interior. Members of the committee are considering the bill at the present hour.

"The time has come for Bajor to stand alone," the spokesman for the Bajoran delegation said. "Our council representatives, along with the First Minister, have carefully weighed all options, and the consensus has been that Bajor must move forward independent of the Alliance."

The bill calls for a hard, clean break from the Alliance, severing all ties to Galaxy Alliance. The bill also calls for station Deep Space Nine to be handed over to the Bajoran government for defense of the Bajor sector. Political analysts question if Bajor has the necessary resources to manage and defend the sector on their on with activity of late. This, among other issues, are expected to be the major points of discussion if the bill makes out of committee to the Council floor.

More details will be delivered as this breaking story unfolds.

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