BREAKING NEWS: Cardassian and Bajor sign Treaties!

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CARDASSIA PRIME (INW) - The Cardassian Union and the Democratic Republic of Bajor have announced that an Economic and Mutual Defense Treaty has been signed. The First Minister of the Republic and the Prime Councilman of the Union announced in a joint statement that for the first time in their respective histories, Bajor and Cardassia have entered into a period of "warm friendship."

The terms of the treaties come with very favorable circumstances for both governments, including:

  • - The cedeing of Cardassian territory to Bajor, including three additional star systems near Valo, where the Bajoran shipyards are already located.
  • - The opening of the borders to Bajoran Defense Force and Khardasi Military vessels under a new joint military command to be determined.
  • - Free trade between Bajor and Cardassia that will allow all civilian vessels entry without restriction for trade purposes.
  • - Tax-free incentives for Bajoran and Cardassia business to perform services and conduct transactions in their respective territories.

The markets are already responding favorably on this news, with the Cardassian-held companies up 4% over the previous month since the dissolution of the treaties with the Tzenkethi. According to some analysts, the news of Cardassian interests being protected by the Bajoran Defense Force (considered a far superior fighting force) is welcome news under the current political climate.

Political pundits on Bajor on both sides of the spectrum are not happy with the news, calling for investigations into possible misconduct by the First Minister. Members of the Legislature are rebuffing those calls, stating that the First Minister has been in constant contact during the negotiations and that the treaties hold long-term benefits for the Bajorans. "The Emissary has stated unequivocally that this is the Will of the Prophets, and those who would disobey their Will should look inward for the solution, and not through political maneuvering. We must stand united on this front," said the Vice-Chairperson of the Legislature, Eka Pel Johanna, KCB.

The Alliance Deputy Minister of Trade, T'Releya, applauded the treaty announcements during a press conference this afternoon; "This is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for Bajor and Cardassia. This historic occasion should be met with open arms and not closed minds."

The Treaty goes into effect within the month, though the borders are now open to trade ships as of tomorrow morning.

Tue Jun 7 03:23:30 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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