BREAKING NEWS: Galaxy Alliance ends negotiations with the Dominion!

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PARIS, EARTH (INW) -The Chancellor of the Galaxy Alliance announced today that the terms of several attempted treaties with the Galactic Dominion were unreachable. After two weeks of negotiation at the Palais de la Concorde, neither side could come to equitable terms. In attendance were the Alliance negotiation team, led by Chief Negotiator and Senior Adviser to the Chancellor, retired Ambassador Savot of Betazed.<

"In my opinion, the Dominion asked too much of the Alliance in exchange for membership, economic, mutual defense, or non-aggression treaties, including the severance of ties to the Democratic Republic of Bajor," said Savot to the press this morning. "The Chancellor felt that isolating Bajor, with whom we have a close relationship, would betray our ideals at a fundamental level and send the wrong message to our Bajoran friends." Specific terms included the reversal of arms sales to Bajor, trade embargoes against both Cardassia and Bajor, and the removal of diplomatic presences on Cardassia Prime as well as ch'Rihan. The Dominion's concessions would have included protection of the Alliance border.

Talks broke down late last night, according to anonymous sources within the Palais, when it was clear the Dominion ambassador made no effort to compromise on certain terms that were deemed untenable by Ambassador Savot. Savot's team officially ended the talks in a brief session this morning, before they made their announcement to the press during the morning briefing.

The Dominion diplomatic mission will withdraw to Tzenkethi space before the end of the day, escorted to the Alliance border by Starfleet.

Tue Jun 7 03:27:42 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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