BREAKING NEWS: Starfleet marines murdered on Bajor

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IC Date: Sun Mar 6 2405

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) -- Four Starfleet marines are dead and at least a half-dozen more are injured after a large demonstration outside of the Starfleet Marine Corps compound in Jalanda City. At this hour, Starfleet investigators report evidence that Bajor's radical Alliance for Global Unity, otherwise known as The Circle, may be responsible for the deaths.

"At this time, though the crowd was approaching riotous behavior, we do not believe their intent was to seek out and kill Starfleet personnel," a spokesperson for Starfleet Security said in a statement released earlier today. "Our investigation shows that extremists used the demonstration as a guise for this despicable crime."

The Alliance for Global Unity has not officially claimed responsibility for the murders.

Though it was thought to be a victory for Bajor, many Bajoran citizens responded to the dismissal of the suit against the Planetary Election Agency with fury as they felt the PEA should never have interfered in a Bajoran election in the first place. "This delay -- caused by nothing more than a political farce -- has cost Bajor dearly," one member of the crowd said.

The demonstrators were speaking out against "Alliance occupation" of Bajor, making it the largest anti-Alliance demonstration to date.

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