BREAKING NEWS: Tzenkethi Coalition joins the Galactic Dominion!

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AB-TZENKETH (INW) - The Tzenkethi Coalition has joined the Galactic Dominion as a full member. The Autarch spoke to her citizens from the balcony of the Palace of the Stars within Capital City, addressing that the needs of the Coalition and the Dominion are perfectly aligned. She said, "We should be pleased to be the first Alpha Quadrant race to join with a powerful ally; one that will thrust our grand Coalition to the forefront of the Galaxy."

As a result, the mutual defense and trade treaties previously established with the Cardassian Union and other neighbors have been suspended pending a full review by the Dominion, represented by an unassuming male of short stature named "Maron." Maron was introduced as the Ambassador of the Dominion, who praised the Tzenkethi for having a foresightful leader and "brings a new day to all Tzenkethi, who have long lived in the shadow of the Alliance."

Reaction from neighboring governments has so far been negative or neutral. The Cardassian Union has complained that the loss of trade with the Tzenkethi will have a significant impact on their economy, as a major trade partner. The Democratic Republic of Bajor has offered a brief statement, informing their citizens that their "government has recently bolstered their defense in preparation for Dominion activities within the Alpha Quadrant, and the Defense Force shall continue to uphold its primary objective in risking all for the Republic."

At the time of this report, neither the Galaxy Alliance nor the Beeraxi Confederation have made any statements.

Fri Apr 1 22:21:12 2439 Alliance Standard Time

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