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Mika Bailey
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 2410 SF O-2.png
Title: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Starfleet


When Earth was able to be reinhabited, Asha Misken moved away from her parents and back to New York City, a place where her parents had occasionally called home prior to the Borg invasion. Ashas parents had both served on various starships through their service to Starfleet, but Asha had not followed in their footsteps. Asha, though a smart child, was more artistic than scientific and found that the Starfleet life was not for her. Instead she found a life for herself in the artists community in New York. After studying at a renowned art school, Asha was able to create and sell beautiful pieces of artwork, her specialty being watercolors.

In early 2400 Asha met the young entrepreneur, Marcus Bailey. The handsome Marcus was smart and business savvy and a hopeless romantic. The two fell head over heels for one another. After a short courtship, Asha and Marcus were happily married. The young couple stayed in New York City where they had their first child in 2402, a son they named Matthew. The young family was joyous and prosperous, Marcus was making a name for himself in the intergalactic markets while Asha was becoming a well known artist. Their joy continued when, in 2406, Asha gave birth to a daughter, Mika.

Mika grew up in a happy family. Her parents, though often busy, always made sure to have time for their children. Asha and Marcus allowed their children to grow, explore, and make their own mistakes, learn their own lessons. Because of this, Mika and Matthew, were inquisitive children. Both enjoyed art and music and loved when they would take family trips to the museum. At an early age Matthew took an interest in writing, something he would continue to pursue throughout his teenage and adult years, until in 2425 he became an award winning novelist.

Mika was always a happy and joyful child and grew into a happy and joyful adult. Always an optimist, Mika never let anything stand in her way. Though she enjoyed the arts as much as her brother did, she also enjoyed learning about her fathers business ventures. Her favorite thing was learning time tables and logistics. Being inquisitive, she always wanted to learn why things worked the way they did and how it was possible to make sure that things got where they were supposed to go when they were supposed to get there.

The young girl always enjoyed every visit that she received from her mothers parents. She reveled in the stories about being on starships and visiting other planets. When she became of age, Mika decided to take the leap and follow in her grandparents footsteps. At eighteen, Mika enrolled in the Starfleet Academy. While at the Academy, Mika was met with a lot of unknowns. Her optimism seemed to be a hinderance and some wondered if she would be able to hold an actual officers position. Throughout her time at the Academy, Mika proved that she could defuse situations and lead even when her attitude was an optimistic one. Establishing herself as one of the top graduates within the Operations division, Mika graduated from the Academy and has moved on to her first assignment.

Service History

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