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Region: Alpha Quadrant
Sector: Beta Ursae Sector
System: B'hava'el System
Galactic coordinates: -3853010535.0 -5193160.0 -968.73
Suns: B'hava'el
Moons: Baraddo, Derna, Endalla, Jeraddo, Penraddo
Primary Terrain:
Planet Type: M-Class
Planet Size:
Points of Interest:
Native Species: Bajoran
Official Language: Galactic Standard
Approximate Population:
Major Cities:
Affiliation: Democratic Republic of Bajor

Bajor is the sixth planet of the B'hava'el System and homeworld of the Bajoran people.




The Occupation

The Borg War

Galaxy Alliance


Present Day

Planetary Data

Composition and Structure

Native Species


The Bajorans are a humanoid race whose culture is much older than Terra's and was known to flourish over 25,000 years ago by Terran reckoning. Bajorans have a small upper nasal ridge on their faces, which is the main difference between them and humans.



The Bajorans are a very spiritual people and their sense of spirituality is so strong that they have developed a very strong will due to their faith., Their history has produced many great architects, artists, builders and philosophers. They have only recently been allowed to rebuild their culture, after three decades of Cardassian Occupation. Cardassia claimed Bajor in 2328 and annexed Bajor to the Cardassian Union in 2339, occupying the system until 2369 when the Bajoran Resistance finally drove them out. The Bajorans requested Federation assistance in rebuilding their civilization, and in running the space station the Cardassians constructed and left behind. Most Bajorans with a highly developed faith are also devoted to the rebuilding of their world.

Galactic Influence

Points of Interest

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