Bajor's First Ministers Resigns!

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IC Date: Mon Jun 9 2403

JALANDA CITY, BAJOR (INW) - Bajoran First Minister Krell Irik has resigned his office, following a successful Vote of No Confidence of the Bajoran Parliament. In a quiet and hasty ceremony held in the First Minister's office, in accordance with the Order of Succession as regulated by the Bajoran Constitution, Second Minister Jeeya Ritana has been sworn in as Acting First Minister. A special election has been called for by the Parliament to occur in forty-five days.

The Vote of No Confidence was called after several days of heated debate over the present economic and political situation on Bajor. The former First Minister Krell had been painted by his political opponents as nothing more than an Alliance lapdog; local political analysts and media commentators railed against his policies and demanded action. Mister Krell attempted to distance himself from the unpopular moves made by the Alliance government, but his previously close association with Chancellor L'vralus was the height of fervent discussion in political circles.

Provincial Parliamentarians from Dahkur, Kendra, and Lonar led the movement to force Krell from office earlier in the week. The recent poll data released by Universal Strategies Groups cemented their momentum, and with the outpouring of negative opinion flooding the communications networks of the legislature, it culminated in the successful vote this morning and Krell's resignation this afternoon.

Acting First Minister Jeeya addressed Bajor, citing her resolve to act as nothing more than a caretaker in the next forty-five days. Though she leads the opposition party in Parliament, she has indicated to INW that she has no interest in running for permanent placement in the office she presently occupies. "I am content to remain in support of our government, as decided by the citizens of Bajor."

Due to the news breaking this morning and this afternoon, no candidates have yet submitted their paperwork to the Bajoran Office of Elections and Records (OER). However, several political analysts predict the candidacies of Kendra Provincial Governor Petho Essa, Third Minister Enyo Jason, and the Emissary of the Prophets, Starfleet Admiral Ruao Sarjanna. At the time of this report, none of the proposed candidates returned a comment to our office.

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