Bajor-Cardassia Tensions on the Rise

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IC Date: Mon Jan 9 2406

Bajor (INW) - Just hours ago, a stand-off between a Cardassian fleet and Bajoran Militia ships culminated in a tense and possibly deadly situation on the GA-CU border. According to witnesses and unencrypted communication traffic, the two militaries were escalating rhetoric over the SSB Kendra, a Bajoran civilian trade vessel docked at Trade Outpost Akleen when the Kendra forcibly undocked from Akleen and used its thrusters to ram the trade complex.

"The ship captain came on the radio and was calling for help and sending out distress beacons," recounts Bajoran trade captain Piol Tal. "The Cardassians were boarding the ship and taking hostages, I think. And that's when it undocked and just... bam. Ran right into the station."

Immediately after the Bajoran ship ran into the Outpost, the Madrasad responded by chasing the vessel at low speeds into unclaimed space where it fired on the ship several times and eventually locked a tractor beam onto it, despite the objections and attempted intervention of the Bajoran Militia.

"The Cardassian battleship just overpowered the freighter. Decimated it. I'd be surprised if there's anyone still alive on it," Piol said.

The SSB Kendra was towed back to Akleen. INW has been unable to confirm the status of the crew aboard the Kendra or any casualties aboard Outpost Akleen.

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